[E–pub/Kindle] (סומכי : סיפור לבני הנעורים על אהבה והרפתקאות) Author Amos Oz

PURO AMOR Funny heartwarming heartbreaking and worth the read It was able to capture an extraordinary and poignant experience in a little the read It was able to capture an extraordinary and poignant experience in a little s life Though I no longer recall in detail my first experiences of romantic love as a child this tugged "at my heartstrings reminding me of something familiar and at the "my heartstrings reminding me of something familiar and at the time making me wish I could remember moments in my own childhood in such fine detail I didn t realise this was going to be a id s book but it was only short always the attraction and besides it caught my attention I have to say I took a shine to the protagonist protagonist far too grand a title for our eleven year old narrator who we only ever now as Soumchi a nickname given to him by his classmates I remember being eleven I got my first nickname then It only stuck for a year and then we went to the big school and as there was another boy there with a similar sounding nickname mine got dropped and it was another couple of years before I acuired my second which did stickI was about the same age as Soumchi when I fell in love for the first time too and I have to say I related completely with his pubescent angst Not uite sure I was uite as gullible as he seems for starters I would ve nown if my uncle had tried to foist off a girl s bike on me but then again as this book is set just after the end of World War II he can I suppose be forgiven for being a bit innocent And he is Why else would be let his supposed best friend con him so easilyAs it s a id s story events unfold a little too conveniently he loses the bike but acuires a train he s forced to give up the train but acuires a dog the dog runs off and he finds a pencil sharpener he gives the pencil sharpener away and discovers love That aside I found the characterisations good and everyone is believable even the minor characters And I liked too. Un microroman emoţionant despre călătoria frumoasă şi dificilă de la copilărie spre adolescenţă narat cu toată forţa şi delicateţea lui Amos OzSumki e un băiat de 11 ani din Ierusalimul înc. Parents won t let him Soumchi barter s the bike for a bit of Aldo s train set and on his way home finds himself on GOEL S TURF GOEL IS AS s turf Goel is as smart bully By the end of the day Soumchi feels he s lost mostly everything and the story has the feel of the folktales under the official folktale type heading trading away one s fortune But this is not a book about a lost bicycle It s a book about the strange twistings and turnings of s a book about the strange twistings and turnings of and about the blessing of coming into contact with the possibility of new and different and tenderer inds of connection At a certain point in the book Soumchi meets Engineer Inbar the father of his beloved Esther Inbar invites Soumchi to his home The conversation between Soumchi and Engineer Inbar is well extraordinary in its simplicity and narratively uite brilliant The conversation is a turning point I won t say too much about it Only that in this conversation disagreement does not as it generally seems to in Soumchi s world turn into violence or name calling Below is one of my favorite uotes Engineer Inbar responding to Soumchi Only you ll have to try to persuade them to see matters in the same light The days of the bible alas are over and done Ours are a different matter altogether Who on earth nowadays can turn walking sticks into crocodiles and beat rocks to make water come out Look I brought these sweets back last week straight and beat rocks to make water come out Look I brought these sweets back last week straight Beirut by train Try one Go on Enjoy it Don t be afraid It s called Rakhat Lokoom Eat up Isn t it sweet and tastySoumchi has lied to Inbar and it isn t clear to me if Inbar Więcej czerwieni (Lipowo, knows it but I have the feeling he does and that his in a way is the voice of the author coming through But whonows All I now is this is a short exuisite tale of childhood a fable of sorts in which Soumchi loses a bicycle a train and a dog and finds something much valuable. îi aduce lui Sumki nenumărate răsturnări de situaţie dar nu tocmai cele visate de temerarul biciclist Băiatul va simţi ce înseamnă trădarea frica ruşinea abandonul Iar seara va descoperi iubir. ,

סומכי : סיפור לבני הנעורים על אהבה והרפתקאות

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That the ending the first ending there s a second one he says we don t need to read isn t too neat that made it slightly believableA charming wee book and a book I would ve appreciated at about that age but I d ve never have lent it to any of my mates Wow This book is beautiful funny sweet sad slyly funny sensitive There are moments the book seems to be written with a sense of modesty in the face of a and difficult to understand world But With Sunning Narrative with sunning and perhaps a bit of a swagger Soumchi is a short novel narrated by a boy living in British occupied Jerusalem after WWII He is socially awkward to a degree I think his emotional awkwardness and way of viewing the world are deeply influenced by growing up with so many adults broken by the holocaust Not only is he socially awkward but he s in love with a girl Esther and he nows it s not acceptable to feel that ind of tenderness and so he tries to deny his feelings to himself and others and treats his beloved as one fears an 11 year old boy in this position might Soumchi like all Jewish fools is wise beyond his years Home isn t safe for him and neither is school He has an artist s temperament he s a young poet or poet in the making and at home and at school pretty much wherever he goes he s bullied neglected or misunderstood But his imagination great imaginary adventures takes him away from the pain of every day lifeWhen his uncle gets him a bicycle Soumchi thinks his problems are over He ll travel far away leaving behind all of the hurt But as it turns out his problems have only just begunThe rest may be spoilery I m not sure but if you re cautious about these things probably best to stop hereThe adventures begin with a visit to his friend Aldo who is wealthy and very wily when it comes to business deals and desperate to ride a bicycle his. ă ocupat de britanici după al Doilea Război Mondial Bicicleta primită în dar de la unchiul excentric care l răsfaţă promite să fie începutul unei aventuri minunate După debutul spectaculos ziua. ,