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THINK ABOUT ITNever before have I given a five star rating to a book of which I had only read 9% However this book is special in many ways and if the beginning is any indication of the author s thoughts and reflections it merits this rating I eagerly await my future readings of this splendid workLike the Bible it can be opened to any page and the passage will resonate with most people at various times in their life Each passage stands by itself and is not dependent upon what had preceded it Therefore although I am in the midst of reading two other books I pick this one up sporadically read a few passages and am not confused about plot and characters Although the book was written in a manner easy to understand it is anything but simplistic it is profound and replete with wisdom Further it should be read slowly so that the reader may absorb the words and delight in the meditations of Aurelius I have done much highlighting in order to remember certain passages and I know I will reread them throughout the yearsOnce again my friend Steve Sckenda has recommended uality literature to his GR friends for which I thank him most sincerelyPhyllis Eisenstadt It s of course completely ridiculous to rate a nearly 2000 year old ournal by a Roman emperor who never intended it to be read As a book experience the repetition of Aurelius s thoughts can be frustrating the excellent introduction in this volume provides context for it and for the concept of stoicism but I found his challenges his every day worries remarkably human When they re good they re incredibleAt dawn when you have trouble getting out of bed tell yourself I have to go to work as a human being What do I have to complain of if I m going to do what I was born for the things I was brought into the world to do Or is this what I was created for T huddle under the blankets and stay warm But it s nicer hereSo you were born to feel nice Instead of doing things and experiencing them Don t you see the plants the birds the ants and spiders and bees going about their individual tasks putting the world in order as best they can And you re not willing to do your ob as a human being Why aren t you running to do what your nature demands Marcus gives us wise advice about using the Internet particularly social networking sites because most of what we say and do is not essential If you can eliminate it you ll have time and tranuillity Ask yourself at every moment is this necessary He shares his opinions on the worst types of modern professional He does not approve of lobbyists and is rightly worried about their influence on the legislative process We should heed his words so long as the law is safe so is the city and the citizen He has harsh things to say about public relations executives to say what you don t think the definition of absurdity He understands the modern office dynamic reminding himself Not to be constantly telling people that I am too busy unless I really am Similarly not to be always ducking my responsibilities to the people around me because of pressing businessMarcus has advice for politicians which it is clear from this book he thinks are untrustworthy illogical and prone to anger He condemns unreservedly all their faults and the problems with the modern electoral system it makes you betray a trust or lose your sense of shame or make you show hatred suspicion ill will or hypocrisy or a desire for things best done behind closed doors A desire for things best done behind closed doors Marcus is spot on in identifying a lack of democratic accountability fostered by the CIA NSA GCH and the rest of the security paraphernalia as being at the root of many of our current political problemsIn the UK there is a tradition for politicians or at least for The Posher Type Of posher type of to study PPE or Politics Philosophy and Economics at either Oxford or Cambridge University But despite such an expensive education our political masters don t have half the grasp on the classics that Marcus has which is remarkable considering he was home schooled I wish Marcus would consider a career in politics ust to show up our current representatives for the intellectual pygmies that they really are Marcus also gives us advice on a personal level I don t know much about his background but I can be sure he is the

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of teenage Can he really keep his temper they are drawn toward what they think is good for them but if it is not good for them then prove it to them instead of losing your temper Unlike other self help writers he doesn t flinch at reminding us about our own mortality Think of yourself as dead You have lived your life Now take what s left and live it properly We should remember not to live as if you had endless years in front of you Death overshadows you While you re alive and able be good and also how much damage anger and grief do than the things that cause them How refreshing if authors of self help books would confront suarely the central issue of our own mortality and our negative emotions of anger or frustration instead of forever hiding from these topicsSo to end with my favorite paragraph from book 10 paragraph 5 One for physicists as well as philosophers to puzzle over whatever happens to you has been waiting to happen since the beginning of time The twining strands of fate wove both of them together your own existence and the things that happen to you I don t normally read self help books Often they seem full of cliches left over from the Victorian era And in this book which may have been modeled on the writings of Alain De Botton Marcus mixes in a lot of philosophy and this ust isn t to everyone s tasteBut with this short work Marcus who is Italian and his co author Gregory Hays have brought the format right up to date by reflecting suarely on the types of issues that we all face todayA great book by an author who and this is no exaggeration deserves a statue to be put up for him I can only wish I could meet Marcus one day In fact I ll be checking out if he has any book signings lined up If he has a decent agent I m sure he has Someone lent me this because they thought it might help me feel betterchange my thinking I was like sure I ll give it a chance but like sorry to say it did nothing I feel as though many of the things in there that might be helpful are thi. Descendiente de una familia de origen hispánico Marco Aurelio nació en Roma en el año 121 de nuestra era.

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Τὰ εἰς ἑαυτόνO now and then you might well find an aphorism that fits the mood ust right every time And that is why the book is a classic and so well loved Don t read it as a scholar you will end up like this reviewer As I said earlier He is like the wisdom of ages Aargh Not that it is all bad it is like reading an old uncles s notes after he has been preaching to you all your life Good that I am a stoic too All ills are imaginary Yes Or perhaps it was easier to be a Stoic while stoned The emperor was a notorious opium user starting each day even while on military campaigns by downing a nubbin of the stuff dissolved in his morning cup of wine Look within do not allow the special uality or worth of anything to pass you by I love this uote and I love the wisdom that runs through this book It s such a simple idea and it is also a very true one Make the most of everything and everyone of every situation and chance that life throws your way because when they have passed we may not get them again Marcus Aurelius is full of logic and revealing comments about life death and the universe His meditations are very open and very honest And I found them uite touching The history of his reign as Roman Emperor is impressive but behind all his success was a very human person struggling and suffering with the same problems that plague all of us He comes to terms with his mortality and his insignificance in the face of history and time We are all of us only here a brief time and we need to make the most of it All is ephemeral both memory and the object of memory The book moves into discussions over the temporary nature of things of relationships and friendships and feelings Everything changes given enough time even memories and their ramifications Aurelius soul searches He writes these words during times of peace and war during times of duty and heart ache though his tone rarely changes He remains detached and accepting of destiny and where it may take him From this he ponders how to give life meaning and purposeAurelius suggests that one of the ways we can do this is through work real work and toil as we strive to meet our goals He suggests that it is an edifying pursuit to serve the development of humanity It gives life meaning and purpose as we work and improve He also argues for the creation of art and that in attaining it it s one of the greatest pursuits we can follow because of how it benefits mankind I agree with so many of the sentiments in here and those that challenged my own beliefs got me thinking about the nature of life In many important ways the reflections of Marcus Aurelius 121 180 crystallize the philosophical wisdom of the Greco Roman world This little book was written as a diary to himself while emperor fighting a war out on the boarder of the Roman Empire and today this book is known to us as The MeditationsThe Roman philosophers are not as well known or as highly regarded as Greek philosophers such as Plato Aristotle Epicurus or Zeno the Stoic and for a simple reason the Roman thinkers were not primarily interested in abstract theory rather they were concerned with behavior that is understanding how to live in the everyday world and putting their understanding into practice the goal being to live the life of an authentic philosopher to be a person of high character and integrity to develop inner strength and a uiet mind and value such strength and uietude above all else Indeed to accomplish such a lofty goal the Romans realized the need for radical transformation a complete overhauling of one s life through rigorous mental and physical training like turning s life through rigorous mental and physical training like turning metal into pure gold And once a person takes on the role of a philosopher their deeds must reflect their words no hypocrisy thank you Thus it isn t surprising the Romans put a premium on memorizing and internalizing simple proverbs and maxims and employed the metaphor of philosophy as the medicine to cure a sick soulTurning now to Marcus Aurelius we can appreciate how he IMBIBED THE WISDOM NOT ONLY FROM THE STOICS ALONG the wisdom not only from the Stoics along Seneca and Epictetus Marcus is considered one of the three major Roman Stoics but he was also willing to learn from the schools of Epicurus Plato and Aristotle In the Greco Roman world being eclectic was perfectly acceptable truth was valued over who said whatWe find several recurring themes in The Meditations develop self discipline to gain control over udgments and desires overcoming a fear of death value an ability to retreat into a rich interior mental life one s inner citadel recognize the world as a manifestation of the divine live according to reason avoid luxury and opulence But generalizations will not approach the richness and wisdom nuggets a reader will find in Marcus s actual words Thus I conclude With My Personal Observations my personal observations with uotes from Book One wherein Marcus begins by expressing heartfelt thanks to his family and teachers for the many fine lessons he learned as a youth Here are four of my favoritesNot to have freuented public schools and to have had good teachers at home After my own nasty experience with the mindless competition and regimentation of public schools I wish I had Marcus s good fortune of excellent home schoolingNot to meddle with other people s affairs and not to be ready to listen to slander I didn t need a teacher here I recognized on my own at an early age that gossip is a colossal waste of time and energy both listening to gossip and spreading gossip I can t imagine a clearer indication of a base coarse mind than someone inclined to gossip and slandering othersTo read carefully and not to be satisfied with a superficial understanding of a book How true Reading isn t a race to get to the last page matter of fact I agree with Jorge Luis Borges that focused precise rereading is the key to opening oneself to the wisdom of a bookTo be satisfied on all occasions and be cheerful I m never in a hurry Life is too beautiful to be in a hurry For me there is only one way to live each day in oy and free from anxiety and worry In a sense all of the meditations of Marcus Aurelius amplify this simple view of lifeI ve written this review as an encouragement to make Marcus Aurelius a part of your life You might not agree with everything he has to say but you have to admit Marcus has a really cool beard and head of hai. Muerte en 180 Su reinado estuvo marcado por las numerosas y dilatadas guerras ue mantuvo contra los pueblos. Ngs I ve already gotten elsewhere by this point or attitudes I already hold Also I m not sure but was this written at the end of his life because he Ich Lebe Genügt Das Nicht? just seems like he s mostly grappling with his impending mortality and what it means to be alive and how one can live in the right way I personally couldn t care less about being dead so I m not sure that s something I found resonated with me it might for others though Alsoust a lot of determinism and mindbody duality in there neither of which I personally believe to be true so that didn t endear me to it What I m trying to say is I can see why this might help other people in their own thinkinglearning to cope with being alive but it The Greek Tycoon's Mistress just didn t do it for me It wasn t terrible but like I never wouldve picked this up on my own honestly When I was a freshman in college I lived in a dorm My roommate was on the football team He would write inspiring things on poster board and hang them in our room often on the ceiling above his bed to motivate himself He favored straightforward sentiments like never give upThe Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius did not hang motivational posters for inspiration Instead he kept aournal in which he collected his thoughts about how to live well MEDITATIONS is that book Most people have heard that Aurelius counsels to expect the worst and you will never be disappointed While that is part of what he has to say it is not the most interesting of what he has to say At his most thoughtful Aurelius calls on us to ask the best of ourselves and never mind the behavior of others His MEDITATIONS is a work of motivational advice to inspire us in the ways of stoicism It is a manual for being a complete mature adult It is a guide for living a dignified thoughtful lifeConsider Suppose that a god announced that you were going to die tomorrow or the day after Unless you were a complete coward you wouldn t kick up a fuss about which day it was what difference could it make Now recognize that the difference between years from now and tomorrow is ust as small Book IV Greg Hays trans Modern LibraryOr Concentrate every minute like a Roman like a man on doing what s in front of you with precise and genuine seriousness tenderly willingly with ustice And on freeing yourself from distractions Yes you can if you do everything as if it were the last thing you were doing in your life and stop being aimless stop letting your emotions override what your mind tells you stop being hypocritical self centered irritable You see how few things you have to do to live a satisfying and reverent life If you can manage this that s all even the gods can ask of you Book IIAnd If at some point in your life you should come across anything better than ustice honesty self control courage than a mind satisfied that it succeeded in enabling you to act rationally and satisfied to accept what is beyond its control if you find anything better than that embrace it without reservations it must be an extraordinary thing indeed and enjoy it to the full Book IIIThat these thoughts came from the most powerful man in the world a man whose personal power so vastly exceeded the personal Power Of Any American President That We Have Difficulty Comprehending of any American president that we have difficulty comprehending makes it all the impressive Aurelius power of any American president that we have difficulty comprehending it makes it all the impressive Aurelius writes that strength comes from humility self restraint and good humor towards others He teaches us to accept what we cannot control and to trust what we knowGood advice indeed This basically consists of Marcus Aurelius repeating Get it together Marcus to himself over and over again over the course of 12 chapters SPOILER ALERT The time during which you are alive is very very brief compared to the time during which you did not exist and will not exist People who wrong you only do so from ignorance and if you can correct them without being a erk about it you should do so You are a little soul dragging around a corpse Whether or not things injure you lies in your opinion about them and you can control that opinion That s about it The fascinating thing about these philosophical ideas is that if they were expressed a single time they might seem profound and solid and convincing But repeated over and over like a rosary you feel that Marcus is struggling against really serious grueling daily doubt that these are things that he wishes to be true not things that he knows to be true normative rather than descriptive sta If you re into stuff like this you can read the full reviewWearing Mismatched Socks at Work is Empowering Meditations by Marcus Aurelius Gregory Hays trans Concentrate every minute like a Roman like a man on doing what s in front of you with precise and genuine seriousness tenderly willingly with ustice And on freeing yourself from all other distractions Yes you can if you do everything as if it were the last thing you were doing in your life and stop being aimless stop letting your emotions override what your mind tells you stop being hypocritical self centered irritable You see how few things you have to do to live a satisfying and reverent life If you can manage this that s all even the gods can ask of you In Meditations by Marcus Aurelius Para ser grande s inteiro nada Teu exagera ou excluiS todo em cada coisa P e uanto s No m nimo ue fazesAssim em cada lago a lua toda Brilha porue alta vive In Odes de Ricardo Reis by Fernando PessoaWord of caution this review is going to be all over the placeI translated this into German a long time ago I m not sure I m up to the task of translating this into English this time aroundLet s give it a go To be great be whole nothingOf yours exaggerate or excludeBe all in everything Put all you areIn everything you doBe like the moon thatShines whole in every lakeBecause it lives up high Marcus Aurelius must have been a prolific reader He sure was a prolific note taker for these meditations are surely his study notes after all he was a philosopher from age 12 I don t know of the publishing system at the time but where are the detailed footnotes and references Marcus Aurelius is uite a wise man or at least he read enough wise men He sure nailed it as far as boring a reader is concerned No better way to establish your book s wisdom uotientI am being needlessly caustic of coursedo note my rating above The book is uotable in almost every page and is good to dip in Y tras ser adoptado por Antonio Pío lo sucedió como emperador ocupando el cargo desde el año 161 hasta su.
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