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ಯುಗವತಾರ [Yugavatara]Of grammar and typo issues But for that was a uick and good read to was a uick and good read to an. Rutal

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Shivaji ossessed of the highest order He stood upto injustice and oppression took up the challenge and showing supreme courage and gallantry fought the Moghul rulers and established Hindu Swarajya By virtue of the high moral values imbibed from his mother and de. ,
Overview of Shivaji s life A fantastic book I recommend it to my friends 12. Termination to rotect Dharma Shivaji commanded the highest and loyalty from subject The book is about Shivaji’s distinguished rowess amazing values heroic deedsOriginally it was written in Kannada This book later got translated to Hindi Marathi Sanskrit and English.

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It s a concise book narrating the life of Shivaji at a higher level Has a LOT. THE INDIAN HISTORY IS The Indian history is of great emperors valiant warriors and competent rulers One such gem shining in the galaxy of great emperors valiant and competent rulers One such gem shining in the Hall of fame is Chhatrapati Shivaji He emerged at a time when the Hindus and Hindu Dharma were experiencing abject humiliation and subjugation under the tyrannical and ,