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القرآن الكريمNo of this book You may wonder why no with this book Well Turn to page 54 of this book and read the fourth chapter verse 34 and put yourself in my place when you discover this books permits the male to beat the woman just because she is not a male Here is the whole verseIf you fear high handedness from your wives remind them of the teachings of God then ignore them when you go to bed then hit themWhat Hit them You mean I a man hit a woman No hitting is acceptable under any circumstance regardless of what a woman doesNo "OF THIS BOOK GOOD RIDDANCE IT S THE KORAN "this book Good riddance It s the Koran if ike me you are not religious you should still read the Koran since it is such a big part of this world If for no other reason than to have some sort of understanding into what everyone is talking about and fighting over and if you are religious if you are Christian or Muslim you HAVE to read this so that no one else can tell you what it says if you rely on others they can mislead you whether purposely or not down the wrong path to understand the true message of this collection of stories I won t rate it because it s a holy book and since when can you judge a holy book Plus I m Jewish it s not my place to judge the ur anI found it interesting to see all the things we Jews and Muslims have in common It helped me understood way better what I was readingOnce and for all if you seriously think being Muslim is about hating people then it means you haven t read the ur an or that you re not even trying to understand *What Being Muslim Truly Means *being Muslim truly means Noble ur an is Arabic with Meanings translated to PortugueseBrAmazing interesting and free OF MISTERIESISLAM GOES STRAIGHT TO THE misteriesIslam goes straight to the based on science and The Consummation of the Ages (A.D. 70 and the Second Coming in the Book of Revelation) logicBi sm All h ar ra m n ar ra m in the name of God the Merciful the Compassionate A book forife a book for the next Winter Pilgrims life a book for all eternity unspoken by man engulfed by humanity but indiscribable of any earthly tongue I cannotet you understand it but i can invite you to feel it Before you read on it is important that you read and understand thisTHIS REVIEW IS WRITTEN BY AN ATHEIST I DO NOT SUGAR COAT NOR DO I WRAP MY OPINIONS IN COTTON TO PROTECT THE DELICATE ANDOR EASILY OFFENDED RELIGIOUS READER IF YOU FOLLOW THE ISLAMIC FAITH AND GET OFFENDED WHEN YOUR HOLY BOOK AND RELIGION RECEIVES CRITICISM READ NO FURTHER YOU WILL NOT LIKE WHAT I HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THE URAN CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED IF YOU CONTINUE TO READ FURTHER THEN YOU WANT TO BE OFFENDED STOP HERE DON T SAY I DID NOT WARN YOU ABOUT THE CONTENT OF THIS REVIEWWhy the above disclaimerI am extremely fed up with all the people who come here and do nothing but whine and complain about my review All you do is showing us your ack of education intelligence and respect Your comments clearly shows the world that you have actually read nothing at all not the review in uestion nor have you actually read and understood the content of the uran a book you profess to call sacred All you do is read half a sentence see the 1 star rating and then you start complaining instead of continue reading with an attempt of neutral eyes God forbid pun intended that you even start reading the comments that this review already has gotten before you start jotting down what has been written down beforeFrom this moment on users who post comments that show disrespect and the above mentioned ignorance will be instantly blocked Only people that show respect and a minimum of half a brain will be allowed to discuss Not happy Go write your own review instead of whining about my opinion of a book I have readview spoilerStart of original review below this pointI ve studied religion and as part of my studies the u ran was one of the Holy Books that I ve encountered as with Judaism Christianity and other faiths Volumes can be written about this. بی تردید ترجمه هر آیه ، نمود و جلوه تفسیر آن است ؛ یعنی هر مترجمی نخست به بررسی آیات می پردازد و به معنا و مفهوم آن پی می برد و اگر چندین احتمال معنایی در میان باشد ، با ابزاری که در اختیار دارد ، بهترین وجه را برمی گزیند و حاصل کار خویش را با نام ترجمه می نگارد این است که گفته اند هر ترجمه ای مسوق به تفسیر است و ترجمه و تفسیر ، اجمال و تفصیل یک حقیقت اندپس صحت و اتقان ترجمه قرآن ، در گرو تفسیر درست آن استاین اصل منطقی موجب شده که در ترجمه حاضر ، تفسیر گران سنگ المیزان مبنا قرار داده شودتفسیری که به حق در عالم اسلام بی نظیر است و مؤلف آن ، حضرت علامه طباطبایی ، در علوم و معارف الهی و فلسفه اسلامی بی بدیل و در فقه و اصول و حدیث و علوم ادبی و اجتماعی دانشمندی توانا و سرآمد بوده استترجمه های تحت اللفظی که مشکل نادیده گرفتن دستور زبان فارسی و ارائه جملاتی با ترکیب ناهم?. Book but now I just want to ask only one uestion about this particular work of The Iron Trial literature fictionHow can a book that1egitimise violence against women 2 murder and persecute infidelspeople of different faith and3 encourage "sex with children ever get a 432 rating on GoodReads at the time of the reviewOk technically that s "with children ever get a 432 rating on GoodReads at the time of the reviewOk technically that s uestions but you get my driftEnd of original reviewEDIT 12122012I have received a ot of personal attacks and insults which have been both flagged and reported to GoodReads because of my above claim by people who obviously feel that they need to protect their faith I refuse to keep *answering them I ve grown fed up with it especially because of their *them I ve grown fed up with it especially because of their and unfounded remarks However I know that I am not telling tales or being unprecise or untrue or even prejudiced in my claims I am not islamaphobe as some claim I despise all organised religion that condones abuse and bigotry in any form including the faith that I have been raised with Christianity After some research I have found the actual text in the uran that proves that it does encourage sex with prepubescent girls aka girls who have not menstruated yet Please find below the actual Arabic text it s transliteration and it s translation Again I do not readspeak Arabic but I trust my sources to be correctat Tala 654 Transliteration Waalla ee ya isna mina almaheedi min nisa ikum ini irtabtum faAAiddatuhunna thalathatu ashhurin waalla ee am yahidna waolatu al ahmali ajaluhunna an yadaAAna hamlahunna waman yattai Allaha yajAAal Es ist was es ist lahu min amrihi yusranEnlish translation one of many If you have any doubt concerning those women of yours who have finished with menstruation then their count is three months as it is with the ones who are still not menstruating my emphasis With those who are pregnant their term will be whenever they give birth God makes His matter easy for anyone who heeds Him English translation by TBIrving TB Irving was an American Muslim author professor and scholar who produced the first American English translation of the uran Language sources uote Sayyid Abul Ala Maududi clearly he could not say this any clearer than I Here one should bear in mind the fact that according to the explanations given in the uran the uestion of the waiting period arises in respect of the women with whom marriage may have been consummated for there is no waiting period in case divorce is pronounced before the consummation of marriage Therefore making mention of the waiting period for the girls who have not yet menstruated my emphasis clearly proves that it is not only permissible to give away the girl in marriage at this age but it is also permissible for the husband to consummate marriage with her Now obviously no Muslim has the right to forbid a thing which the uran has held as permissible Source will refrain from commenting further andet the above speak for itself and encourage everyone who has read this book to re read it again and write your own review Hateful disrespectful and harassing comments will be flagged reported deleted and the user who is posting said comments will get blocked EDIT 20022013For those of you who might still doubt the validity of the claim that Islam condones paedophilia and worships a paedophile I would A Series of Unfortunate Events like to draw your attention to the second most important book in Islam after the uran The Translation of the Meanings of Sahih Al Bukhari Arabic English In particular I wouldike to draw your attention to Sahih Bukhari 5236 and then he married Aisha when she was a girl of six years of age and he consumed that marriage when she was nine years oldFor those who are still in denial and claim that Aisha entered an early puberty clearly the below passages clearly state that she was NOTSahih Bukhari Volume 8 Book 73 Number 151 Narrated Ais. ?ون را دارنداز طرفی ترجمه های جدیدتر که به زبان امروزی نگاشته شده اند نیز ، چون برای شکل گیری ترکیب درست جملات از پرانتزها و قلابهای زیادی استفاده کرده اند ، باعث مخدوش شدن پیوستگی ترجمه و ایجاد توهم نارسایی معنایی آیات قرآن در ذهن مخاطب شده انداگر ترجمه را به «برگردان متنی به زبان دیگر» ترجمه کنیم ، مهمترین اصل آن است که همه معانی مندرج در زبان مبدأ بی آنکه از آن کاسته شود یا بر آن افزوده گردد ، در قالب زبان مبدأ ارائه شودبنابراین ترجمه برابر و وفادار آنست که هر نکته و مطلبی را که می توان از متن استفاده کرد ، عرضه کندبه عبارت دیگر ترجمه باید حقایقی را که قرآن کریم با اتکا به قرائن داخلی و پیوسته به آنها اشاره دارد را نمایان سازد«ترجمه قرآن بر اساس المیزان» تا حدودی این مسیر را پیموده استاصول مورد نظر در این ترجمه 1 این ترجمه ، اگر چه معنایی و محتوایی است ؛ و?. ,

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HaI used to play with the dolls in "The Presence Of The Prophet "presence of the Prophet my girl friends also used to play with me When Allah s Apostle used to enter my dwelling place they used to hide themselves but the Prophet would call them to join and play with me The playing with the dolls and similar images is forbidden but it was allowed for Aisha at that time as she was a Love (Slater Brothers, little girl not yet reached the age of puberty Fateh al Bari page 143 Vol13Sahih Muslim Book 008 Number 3311 A isha Allah be pleased with her reported that Allah s Apostle may peace be upon him married her when she was seven years old and he was taken to his house as a bride when she was nine and her dolls were with her and when he the Holy Prophet died she was eighteen years oldDon t have a copy of Sahih Bukhari at hand Not to worry I haveinks to the remarkable passages here about the illusion of Islam being a religion of peace Then I encourage you to watch this enlightening documentary 474 TranslationSo when you meet those who disbelieve in battle strike their necks until when *You Have Inflicted Slaughter Upon *have inflicted slaughter upon then secure their bonds and either confer favor afterwards or ransom them until the war Stranger Things - Dots Lines Spirals Coloring Book: New kind of stress relief coloring book for adults lays down its burdens That is the command And if Allah had willed He could have taken vengeance upon them Himself but He ordered armed struggle to test some of you by means of others And those who are killed in the cause of Allah never will He waste their deeds sarcasm Of course these words show nothing BUT tolerance peacefulness and about finding mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence with people who are ideologically politically and so who am I to say my opinion about this Miracle what Iearned from this book is that Islam is NOT what they say it is in the media and that it is also not what the radicals claim it is The ur an is the perfect companion to our own Holy Bible This book was one of the most amazing books that I have ever read It changed my whole perspective on the muslim peopleI had a very positive view of the Muslim people and their beliefs after reading this Have other people noticed that the ur an is Tiempo hendido: un acercamiento a la vida y obra de Antonia Palacios listed here as being by Allah whereas the Bible is by Anonymous If I were a Christian I think that wouldeave me feeling just a ittle annoyedSince I posted this review the entry has been changed and the ur an is now also isted as being by Anonymous Well whoever did that is a braver man or woman than I am I admire your chutzpah So to speakAnd now it s Allah again My impression is that the Muslims and the Infidels are pretty evenly matched here Looks Let the Fire Burn like itl be a close gameMere days The Colors of Memory A Novel later and now we re back to AnonymousI m particularly impressed by the good sportsmanship both sides are displaying Who says a religious war can t be carried out in a civilized and courteous mannerIn a surprise move the author has now been changed yet again to ALLAH the creator As believed in Islam Match that if you can InfidelsAnonymous once but to be honest it seems rather unimaginative Come on Infidels you can come up with something better than this can t you What would Dawkins doBack to Allah again I clicked on His page and was immediately confronted with some interesting options I could become a fan I was surprised to see that Allah didn t have any fans Evidently I d been misinformed I was also asked if He had a blog and on reading further discovered thatAs aibrarian you can create a blog for this author even if they re not on Goodreads by adding the feed URL Atom or RSS of a blog they keep elsewhere This will make summaries of their blog posts available hereUnfortunately I don t know of any blog kept by Allah but if I discover one I l make sure I use this featureOh and by the way He doesn t have "any upcoming events either Is this correct or merely a reflection of. ?ی این " upcoming events either Is this correct or merely a reflection of. ?ی این نشده که در برگردان واژه ها و جمله ها مساحمه ای روا شمرده شود2 نه تنها در برابر هر واژه ای معادلی نهاده شده ، بلکه سعی بسیار شده بلکه سعی بسیار شده که حتی در برابر حرکات و اعراب کلمات که گویای معنایی خاص بوده ، نیز معادلی آورده و به گونه ای مفاد آن منعکس شود3 همسانی ترجمه واژه ها و جمله های همسان یک اصل است ؛ ولی چه بسا اختلاف سیاق آیات و ارتباط جمله ها و سایر قرائن کلامی اقتضا کرده است که کلمات مشابه و جمله های همسان ، ترجمه ای برابر نداشته باشند4 گویایی و رسایی در این ترجمه از اصول مهم می باشد5 همانگونه که قرآن بر زبان عموم مردم نازل شده ، در این ترجمه بر این شیوه تأکید شده استاین ترجمه این دغدغه را داشته که المیزان مهمترین تفسیر جهان اسلام است و دریایی از معارف الهی را در خود جای داده است که هر موجی از آن معرفتی را به سوی تشنگان معارف به ارمغان می آورد.