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Remina Author Junji ItoEdelweiss All thoughts are my own and in no way influenced by the aforementioned Technically about a 35 Ito always walks a the aforementioned Technically about a 35 Ito always walks a between the sublime and the ludicrous and while Remina is a bit overtly ridiculous than usual it mostly works in the case of this tale of a planet sized ldritch abomination on its way to consume the PI-Pin Up, Driben earth and the attending mass hysteria a cosmic horror fever dream that feels like itmerg Welcome to the book of keh keh keh and sob sob sobIto takes cosmic horror to the next level by having the cosmos itself try and Existential Angst eat us We re introduced to a planetsized monster that seems to be intent onating celestial bodies including our very own EarthThe scientist who discovered the monster planet named it Remina after his own daughter The closer the planet comes the het up people get losing their ffing minds and thinking if they just kill Remina the girl as an offering Remina the planet will back offWhat follows is a bizarre and lengthy chase I loved the art in this I m not the biggest manga fan but Ito s style is uite idiosyncratic those faces The story takes interesting turns sometimes indulges in body horror which is fine The only real point against the book and it s a big point is that the girl Remina has no agency at all She gets pushed and pulled all over the place and all she can manage to do is sob sob sob I wish there was to the character35 starsdoinking this up to manage to do is sob sob sob I wish there was to the character35 starsdoinking this up to full 4 stars its images keep haunting my brain Kindy received an ARC from VIZ Media through Edelweiss Shortly after a wormhole is discovered in space a killer planet or a planet sized alien passes through it and starts bearing down on Earth and of course it s all a little girl s fault Ready for stoopid Here s another Junji Ito horror manga A story about a killer planet is always going to be goofy but ven accepting that Remina is badly written and so coconuts as to be laughable The dialogue is always awful the plotting is child like and one absurd thing happens after another until you don t care 181220What an odd story this was It certainly wasn t my favourite of Ito s but I still felt it has some charm to it 171220Thank you Viz for a copy of this mangaYou can find me onYoutube Instagram Twitter Tumblr Website The Storygraph I once saw a uote attributed to Matthew M Bartlett in which he tries to define cosmic horrorFor me cosmic horror is about not only man s insi. At fanfare and Remina herself rises to fame However the planet picks up speed as it moves along in its curious orbit liminating planets and stars one after another until finally Ea. ,

I suppose there is a case to be made for Remina being so bad it s good but I m not going to be the one to make it This is a horrible B movie in manga form as a rogue planet from deep space called Remina heads toward Earth destroying all other planets in its path meanwhile in japan planets in its path Meanwhile in Japan apocalypse looming the crazed populace decides the blame lies with the young girl Remina Oguro for whom the planet was named by her scientist fatherThe imagery is erie and unsettling as one would The Instruction Living the Life Your Soul Intended expect from Junji Ito but the dialogue and characters are stiff and wooden The twists are predictable the science is laughable and thending is just stupid beyond beliefAnd despite the book and planet being named for her Remina is an The Merovingian Mythos and the Mystery of Rennes le Chateau empty sexist trope of a victimxisting only to be idolized pursued or literally carried like baggage by the men in her life Sad and disgusting It s time for me to accept that Junji Ito s work is EXTREMELY hit and miss for me 40 StarsThis was a crazy action packed manga that blended together cosmic scifi horror The story itself was perhaps a little weak but the artwork was absolutely amazing The planet Remina was SO creepy While not my favourite of Junji "Ito s work this is still a must read for any fan I have always been "s work this is still a must read for any fan I have always been fan of Ito and Hellstar Remina showed me that he is still a genius Hellstar shows the depths of human sickness and insanity what lengths people will go to in order to survive Even if they are completely wrong and irrational in their thinking the sacrifice of a few in order to save the many plays out in horrific detail in Hellstar I would recommend this for all horror fans Ito s graphics are awesome and you get a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach while reading Truly perfect Ego the Living Planet comes to Earth and the whole world loses its collective shit Mankind gets it in its head that the girl it in its head that the girl planet is named after is responsible for bringing the planet killer to Earth and tries to kill her The rest of the book is one big chase scene as she is pulled along by a series of admirers while mobs try to murder her At the same time Ego is going all Gene Simmons over Earth The girl Remina is completely useless You d think this book was written in the fifties as Remina is repeatedly drug around like Linus s blanket with little say of her own At least Junji Ito s art is better than his storytelling Received a review copy from Viz and. I MET REMINA'S EYEAn unknown planet merges from inside a wormhole and its discoverer Dr Oguro christens the celestial body Remina after his own daughter His finding is met with gre.

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Gnificance but his fragility both physical and mental Except for the fact that man is haunted by the vast gulf of nonexistence before his lifespan and its fast returning resumption he is in a fundamental way not terribly different from a newborn who dies within minutes of his birth There s an awakening into different from a newborn who dies within minutes of his birth There s an awakening into chaos bright and loud and terrifying and then it s all gone Forever In our moment of chaos we witness abjection corruption violence and a ubiuitous instability of all systems a general sense that we are at all times unsafe And while there are beautiful things here for some of us love comfort ntertainments the company of friends and of animals we fear that those good things Lear, Tolstoy and the Fool exist only to mock us In thend we face the ultimate forgetting All of that and then there are the monstersWhile I m not sure I fully agree I find it the closest to defining cosmic horror in the sense of how it makes me personally feel Cosmic horror is and I say this on a personal level the most terrifying of all horror sub genres because it s the one that makes me feel dread less because of the monsters but because of the ideas it presents about the world and how insignificant people areWell that was depressing Still with me ideas it presents about the world and how insignificant people areWell that was depressing Still with me is Junji Ito doing cosmic horrorYes Yes it is as terrifying as that sounds This is a hard one to review without spoilers The plot follows the arrival of a mysterious new or in the classic nature of cosmic horror very VERY OLD planet that appears from a wormhole lightyears away from Earth The planet is named Remina after the daughter of the doctor who discovered it Remina mania occurs and the girl becomes something of a celebrity in her own regard because of thisWhen things go bad and boy do they Intelligence and Spirit ever go bad people need to blame someone This is Ito fullymbracing cosmic horror That definition I posted above it could practically have been written to describe this book It shows horror in Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind everything Celebrity Horrifying Science Terrifying Hope Don t make me laugh I do not personally believe this is Ito s greatest work that is Uzumaki and likely always will be but honestly I think it s his most terrifying I m sure it may depend on one s view of cosmic horror butven if you don t find it the most terrifying sub genre if you re an Ito fan it s well worth a look A full 55 starsReview copy provided via Net Galley and VIZ in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiary 2 exchange for an honest review. Rth itself facesxtinction Is the girl Remina the true cause of the catastrophe A masterwork of horror from Junji Ito unfolding on a universal scaleTHE PLANET NOTICED OUR EXISTENCE.