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A History of Women Philosophers Ancient Women Philosophers 600 BC 500 AD v 1 History of Women Philosophers dSed about learning and undertakes a treacherous journey into controlled territory one can guess all will NOT go wellThe story holds one s attention and the echoing motifs and phrases in the two parts are a treat toiscover but the spare flat prose Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion distanced me from the material and the intentionally repetitious nature of both parts just made me a bit antsy for the author to get on with it For the minimal time involved in reading it s worth the effort but I wouldn t label it a must read Sometimes when I m reading about a period of history aetail will jump out at me concerning an individual or incident which Inexplicably Resonates Rating 4 resonates Rating 4 from the Arabic by Elisabeth Jauette MINOR DETAIL by Adania Shibli opens with a striking image Nothing moved except the mirage Vast stretches of barren hills rose in layers up to the sky trembling slightly under the heft of the mirage while the harsh afternoon sunlight blurred the outlines of the pale yellow ridges This is a fitting opening image to this slim but affecting novella which suggests that history and identity can shift like the sands of the story s esert setting and uestions whether it is possible to reconstruct a past that so often seems like a mirage After this striking opening image Shibli makes this thematic mirage concrete through a steady accretion of small etails that gives the book its title MINOR DETAIL is split into two parts structurally mirroring some of the novella s major themes including the split of IsraelPalestine and the ivide between history and the present The first part of the novella is by far the stronger of the two set in 1949 in the Negev Desert the narrative reconstructs a real life crime the rape and *Murder Of A Bedouin Girl *of a Bedouin girl Israeli soldiers Shibli brings us eep into the consciousness of an Israeli captain who has been tasked brings us eep into the consciousness of an Israeli captain who has been tasked clearing a region of the Negev Desert of Arabs in preparation for Israeli settlements In atmospheric carefully modulated prose Shibli compiles a catalog of seemingly mundane etails that repeat ay after ay and accumulate into a series of taut oppressive and altogether gripping scenes The spare prose silent Bedouin girl and My Abandonment desert setting bring to mind some of the stories from Camus s EXILE AND THE KINGDOM However Shibli subverts this in the second part of the novella when she brings us a first person Palestinian narrator who after learning that the murder of the Bedouin girl occurred exactly 25 years before theay she was born attempts to track Dr Sheep and the Aardvark down the facts of the event The narrator becomes strangely obsessed with learning about the incident and makes a risky journey outside of her permitted travel zones to trackown what she can only to find that the story like the Palestinian villages that once Principles of Anaesthesiology dotted the region has largely vanished from the official record Though this is thematically and conceptually intriguing it s less appealing on the page The repetitive accumulation of minoretails which worked so beautifully to create an oppressive and bleak atmosphere in the first half of the novella becomes less interesting in the present The Adopted Princess day narrativeespite some wonderful moments a scene in which the narrator using a borrowed identity card waits at a checkpoint is riveting The way these See Ouazazarte and Die Abacus travel details are used is also less effective partlyue to Shibli s structure in which Standard C IOStreams and Locales Advanced Programmer's Guide and Reference details from the first half of the narrative are mirrored in the second Understandable conceptually but the execution could have been effective a spider that plays an eerie and pivotal role in the first narrative becomes an obliueetail in the second the smell of gasoline that haunts the Israeli soldier in the first narrative becomes part of a peripheral incident in the latter After a while these recursive elements feel forced their inclusion a formal effect rather than an integral part of the story Still the climactic scene in the narrative and thus the book is both haunting and effective I mentioned in my brief initial review that this novella might be one of those books that offers richer rewards through Weapons Of The Gods discussion and contemplation than through the act of reading Now a few weeks later I think that s true But at just over 100 pages it s well worth the two hours reuired to read it During the forced occupation of Palestine by Israeli forces in 1948 a young Palestinian woman is raped killed and buried by soldiers in the Negevesert Decades later a Palestinian writer risks her life trying to obtain information about this minor Oscar Wilde The Picture of Dorian Gray Youth Cult and Illusion of Beauty The new Hedonism in Light of our Society of Experience detail in the wider history of an atrocity These two narratives are melded together in Adania Shibli s stunningly scrupulous novel Minor Detail Despite being a mere 112 pages Shibli worked the best part of aecade to hone her novel 桜の森の満開の下 (Sakura no mori no mankai no shita) down to a political narrative so sharp and so streamlined that not a single word seems out of place The result is a novel that should be heralded as not only a masterpiece but as a landmark in political fiction Shibli is surely a shoo in for the Nobe. Tion on war violence and memory Minor Detail cuts to the heart of the Palestinian experience ofispossession life under occupation and the persistent uest of the Dark Lady difficulty of piecing together a narrative in the face of ongoing erasure andisempowerment. تفصيل ثانويMinor Detail has been translated by Elisabeth Jauette from Adania Shibli s Arabic original This brief but haunting novel is told in two parts indeed two halves since they are the same length The first is set in August 1949 after the end of the 1947 1949 Palestine war known in Israel as the War of Independence and in Arabic as The Nakba The story is narrated in the third person but focusing on a platoon commander of the Israeli forces Afternoon sunlight filled the entrance to the tent streamed through it and spread across the sand revealing little indentations on its surface made by *THE FEET HE THE BRIEFING BY EXPLAINING *soldiers feet He briefing by explaining their primary mission Bitters during their presence here in addition toemarcating the southern border with Egypt and preventing anyone from penetrating it was to comb the southwest part of the Negev and cleanse it of any remaining Arabs Air Force sources had reported movements here of Arabs and infiltrators in the area They would also undertake He Leaves His Face in the Funeral Car daily reconnaissance patrols to explore and familiarize themselves with the region This operation could take some time but they were to remain stationed here until security in this part of the Negev had been established They would also runaily Tous les hommes sont mortels drills and military manoeuvres with the soldiers to train them inesert combat and acclimatize them to the conditionsA side story whose I assume allegorical significance I must admit to not fully appreciating has him being bitten perhaps by a spider or scorpion the bite becoming increasingly infected But the main story here has his troops finding a group of Arabs after shooting them and their camels on the grounds that one should fire first before the enemy fires at you but the men prove to be unarmed they take the sole survivor a yo Thank you fitzcarraldoeditions for sending me a free copy of Minor Detail by Adania Shibli to review This slim but powerful novella has been translated from the Arabic by Elisabeth Jauette and I honestly think it s one of the finest translations FitzCarraldo have got in their catalogue and they have a LOT of fantastic translated literatureSplit into two even halves Minor Detail first recounts the horrific gang rape of a young Palestinian woman at the hands of Israeli soldiers in 1949 one year after the The First 2 Hours displacement of 700000 Palestinians This section is told from the perspective of one of the soldiers in sparse unforgiving prose It feels hypnotic as Shibli focuses onay to Pal Joey Film Ink day activities in the camp including the soldier s ablutions and his treatment of a nasty infected bite Shibli masterfully makes the reader live the story alongside the charactersFast forward many years and another young Palestinian woman has come across this minoretail of history in an article and she s The Tragedy of Coriolanus determined to find out She feels connected to the young woman of 1949 as hereath occurred exactly 25 years to the ay before she was born This woman becomes fixated on uncovering of the story of the 1949 woman But the further she travels on her perilous journey the she realises the event has been wiped from history It stops you in your tracks and forces you to consider the myriad other atrocities that have occurred over history but that are considered too minor for any proper record to be made erasing them from collective memoryThe second section shifts from third person Israeli perspective to first person Palestinian perspective and although the two halves feel ifferent they also complement one another Smells and other small Theories of Political Economy details recur in both halves provoking a sense of j vu in the reader Shibli s writing made me feel claustrophobic and tense 終末のハーレム 7 during particularly harrowing parts and that s through a layer of translation too so Elisabeth Jauetteid such a stellar job hereThis one is only 112 pages so if you think your TBR is too full for August and WomeninTranslationMonth think again I have seen this The Man Who Killed Kennedy described elsewhere as haunting and there is really no better word toescribe it The prose is crisp and mesmerising and the repeated motifs the smell of petrol a barking X Farnhams Legende dog throughout the book were very effective at building a sense ofread I finished the second half of the book in one session with my heart in my mouthAnother excellent book from Fitzcarraldo Editions I will be very surprised if this The Animators Survival Kit doesn t receive any award nominations Aefinite prize worthy book in my eyes An unnerving book The first half had me mesmerized and I would have given it 5 stars but then the second half happened which is 3 stars at best so I m giving it an average of 4 This book is worth reading for the first half alone A novella split in two halves the first was very boring and repetitive focusing on an Israeli platoon in 1949 that captures a young Palestinian woman the second was interesting as an Arab woman in the 1970s becomes obsessed with what happened borrows some IDs and maps and Character Animation Crash Course decides to investigate Her trip was enlightening in theisplacement of the Arabs who had been li. Minor Detail begins Flessenpost during the summer of 1949 one year after the war that the Palestinians mourn as the Nakba – the catastrophe that led to theisplacement and expulsion of than 700000 people – and the Israelis celebrate as the War of Ind. .

Ving in Israel following its Establishment As A Nation State as a nation state was all set to rate this a 2 until the unexpected ending This is the third book I have read this year 2020 which is focused on the conflict between Israel and Palestine the other two are Apeirogon and Against The Loveless World In terms of tone it lies between the other two Apeirogon bases itself on the true story of an Israeli and a Palestinian who work together for peace Against The Loveless World tells the story of a Palestinian woman in prison for her part in the resistance Apeirogon is poetic and balanced Against The Loveless world wears its Palestinian bias on its sleeve and make no apology Minor Detail is pro Palestinian but in a far subtle way For my tastes the balance And Poetry Of Apeirogon Make It Probably poetry of Apeirogon make it probably best book i have read in 2020 *best book I have read in 2020 the bias in Against The Loveless World rather put me off it Here we sit in the middle in a carefully constructed story that allows the reader room than in ATLW to form their own viewsMinor Detail would probably not be Evolution of Anisogamy, The described as poetic The prose is spare and precise and this makes for a veryifferent reading experience to those other two booksThe novel unfolds in two very Photo Atlas for Biology different halves In the first we read the story of an Israeli officer with his soldiers in the Negevesert in 1949 the year after the war that Israel celebrates and Palestine mourns Whilst trying to Les traits originaux de l'identité européenne deal with a bite or sting we never learn what caused theamage the officer leads patrols that Galicia (Histories of Europe) (Histories of Europe) discover a group of Bedouin one of whom a young girl they take back to their camp as a prisoner This part is narrated in aistant third person that holds us away from the character almost like a camera hovering around him and observing his actions In the second part set in our current time a young woman I think she may have Autism Spectrum Disorder comes across the story of what happened to the first young woman you can probably guess and sets out to uncover the truth This half of the book is a single paragraph narrated in the first personThe minor Guerres Vend�ens Et Des Chouans Contre La R�publiue Fran�aise Ou Annales Des D�partemens de lOuest Pendant Ces Guerres Vol 4 detail of the title could refer to the initial incident in the first half which is a single small event in the context of the much larger battle or to the smalletail related to The Colregs Guide A Fully Illustrated Textbook dates that triggers the second halfates are important in this book and are noted carefully than almost anything elseThe most striking thing about the structure of the book is the echoes from one part to the other Some of them are very subtle but Us dogs feature heavily especially their barking along with spiders grass pulled up by its roots a hose coiled in eual sized rings petrol fumes showers washing away soap suds trees heat and probably many other examples which I leave as an exercise for the readerThe first half focuses on the way a soldier suty to his mission and his subordinates can overpower his own sense of personhood to the extent that he ignores even physical poison in his system and at least suspends his sense of morality The second half points at the way Israel s treatment of Palestine has affected individuals It never shouts at you but it makes it clear that bombings checkpoints surveillance permit systems etc take a toll on the Palestinian peopleIn some ways this is a strange book to read There is very little Jumper dialogue which is aeliberate choice by the author who once said Dialogue is always a fight I Carving the CCA Circus: Cartooning in Wood by America's Best Carvers don t wantialogue in a story ever I want people to be silent And if they speak they re really going to be horrible to each other There is one exchange in a museum here which Lucky doesn t uite stick to that guidance but for the most part any characters we meet are islands separate from one anotherBut in many other ways it is fascinating Spoiler warning everything talked about here is included in the publisher s synopsis butoes Call Her Mine detail plot points a reader might not want to know prior to readingA uick moving short novella that I read in one sitting which is probably the optimal experience of it It s intriguing and has a sad inevitability about it so when youiscover the inciting incident is based on a recently eclassified historical event Told in two eual length istinct parts the first takes place in 1949 and Underworld details a mop up operation in theesert at the end of the first Israeli Palestinian conflict following a commander of a small group of soldiers whose focus is The Italian Groom distracted by a poisonous bite on his leg that festers and puts him in an almost hallucinogenic haze Coming upon a band of harmless Bedouins the soldiers kill all except a young girl who is taken back to campeloused with gasoline and eventually brutally gang raped murdered and buried The second half is set contemporaneously and follows a young Palestinian woman Coetzee s review has proffered she is on the autism spectrum which seems plausible who comes across the incident in a newspaper and is intrigued by the minor Summary Analysis of 12 Rules for Life detail that the girl seath occurred exactly 25 years prior to her own birth Capitalism and Classical Social Theory Third Edition date She becomes obses. Ependence Israeli soldiers capture and rape a young Palestinian woman and kill and bury her in the sand Many years later a woman in Ramallah becomes fascinated to the point of obsession with this ‘minoretail’ of history A haunting medita.