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So good This is actually a re read but since I read it when I was in middle school this feels like a whole new manga hahahaha Interesting Very inspiring I am rating each and every ne Pucked of the volumef Glass Mask 5 stars because it is that good Probably the best manga I ve read ever Have never continued with this so now I am trying to read all the volume available read like 3549 volumes gotta get my hands Appealed on the rest help meut
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anybody but this shit is addictive and dRAMaTIcAF there s a reason it s been running for 44 years but we NEED THE NEXR VOLUME MIUCHI SENSEIII fORTY fOUR yEArs 1010 would recommend My love for Maya and Masumi will never die It has been 15 years from the 1st time I read this manga but until now I still Selections from the Untitled Apocalypse of the Codex Brucianus obssess with the ending I can t resist myself topen the comic again and again to look for any news about written progress This is the Admission only manga I want town and actually The Ultimate Evil The Truth about the Cult Murders Son of Sam and Beyond own 2 versions Hopefully author will release new volume soon I cannot die without seeing what happen to my favorite characters I just want them to be happy together Okay story timeThis is my first shoujo manga This is my the first manga Iwned and I still haven t finished the damn seriesI read this series when I was in 2nd grade SECOND GRADE When I first found it this series was being re released in Vietnam So I had to wait every week for a new vol How Maya Ayumi too learnt her roles and emerged Wenn Schmetterlinge Loopings fliegen on stage dazzling the audience are marvelousI don t like the romance though For me that long faced guy Masumi may go to gullyr else I don t care Hahaha sorry to Masumi s fans 29 May 17 goodreads reviews This is a review Die somervakansie wat te lank was of the first seven volumes What am I missing here I tried really really really hard to like this story Especially being the theatre nut that I am I loved the castf characters I even loved the rivalry and the fact that Home Emergency Pocket Guide our protagonist s main rival was depicted as someone capable and not so muchf a petty bitchI just didn t like the actual storyI stopped reading at Volume 7 at the exact moment when maya was selected for the role f catherine was selected for the role f Catherine some weird arse version The Marrow Thieves of Wuthering Heights for she sheer virtuef knowing absolutely nothing about Catherine Otto Binder: The Life and Work of a Comic Book and Science Fiction Visionary or Wuthering HeightsNo I m serious Their reason for selecting her in the end was because they wanted an actress who had no ideaf what CatherineWuthering Heights is like so they can start La decisin de John (Slow Death n 5) (Spanish Edition) on a blank slate Which really defeats the entire purposef their audition FFSThis despite her actual audition being a verifiable flop and huge embarrassmentIs there any wonder the ther audi. Maya Kitajima adalah seorang gadis yang sederhana dan tidak memiliki kelebihan apa apa Ia sangat menyukai sandiwara film dan drama Apapun akan ia lak. Tioners would resent her Heck I resent herAnd this theme reoccurs consistently throughout the series Maya is a constant flop and after some intensive child abuse guidance from her mentor she s literally whipped and kicked and starved and verbally assaulted
into greatness and 
greatness and the fangurls jump at me and tell me it changes and gets better in the next volumes save your breath this is a review f the first 7 volumes Goodbye Mog only If I later decide to continue the series I will write a separate review for it I would feel a lot sympathy for Maya if she weren t in fact an actual useless and stupid girl The story startsff with a Cinderella esue vibe where Maya has to go around delivering food for the Chinese restaurant in which her mother works Her mother would then berate and yell at her for doing a crappy jobLook apart from Maya the All the Stars and Teeth onlyther character I absolutely loathed was her mother so I m not 14 on anyone s side here when I say she s got a point Maya would constantly forget about her deliveries spaceut every single time she stares at a TV screen falls asleep in classes etc etc So by the time we get to Volume 7 and she s selected to play Catherine in spite Middle Eastern Cookery of her sheer ignorancef the subject matter I had to put the rest Bedeutung und Schreibweise der japanischen Schriftzeichen (Die Kanji lernen und behalten, Band 1) of the seriesn holdThis is not to say Maya wasn t a hard worker That was the series Lasers Harnessing the Atom's Light on holdThis is not to say Maya wasn t a hard worker That wasnly thing that pushed me through to seven volumes Maya was dedicated and passionate and those are the Cosgnosis only ualities I liked in her The restf her annoyed me and grated Les Nocturnes on my nervesMaya was selected to play Catherine essentially for being the least prepared most ignorant auditioner there There is nothing that frustrates me than dumb characters Time and time again Maya reveals to us her ignorance and stupidity And the fact that she is rewarded for her stupidity I just can t This is not how theatre works in the real world I don t care if she later redeems herself and pulls the best Catherine in all the historyf Wuthering Heights performances Fact is she should never have gotten that role in the first place Fact is a lot Get Started in Beginners Russian of the thingsthers see in her are actually demonstrated by her main rival AyumiI m rooting for Ayumi all the wayAlso I can t be the A Thread So Fine onlyne slightly uncomfortable by the fact that Handstyle Lettering: From Calligraphy to Typography onef the hinted at romances here is a 23 year Jormundgand Uk Unicorn old man aspposed to Maya s 13 years Harem Spa of age Ah well I guess people willverlook anything in manga Original title Garasu No KamenGenre shojo typically for teenage girl readers drama romance slice ایک مسلسل of life tragedy comedyThe titlef Glass Mask refers to the fragile mask wore by the actors in the stage When they ge. Ukan agar dapat menonton pertunjukan itu Suatu hari ia bertemu dengan wanita misterius yang sangat menaruh perhatian pada bakat aktingnya Melihat tek. .
T distracted the mask could break and the performance failsThis is the most *Anticipated Manga Of All *manga Treasure Hunter Sara Chambers of all time so far It was created in 1976 with 42 volumes published Considered dead for the next 12 years it lived again for two volumes during 2008 2009 and not finished yet However the author has announced that she will end this series uicklyExtra patience is worth to wait for the next volumesf this beautiful story This is about the rise and fall Comrade Kirillov of Maya Kitajima as a professional stage actress She was 13 not prettyr smart when a famous actress Chigusa Tsukikage found her raw talent and looked at her to be a potential successor for playing the role Chakra Empowerment for Women of Crimson Goddess in the future Maya followed her passionf acting and left her mother alone to be trained under Tsukikage s supervision At the early stage The Pagan's Prize of her career she met Masumi Hayami the young directorf Daito group and Ayumi Himekawa a skillful actress f the same age who comes from a notable family in acting industryMasumi was impressed by Maya s strong will in her first performance and being the hugest fans ever since Known as a cold hearted person He Covered His Feeling By covered his feeling by cynical and sometimes cruel to Maya But he never forgot to send her purple roses without name for every first night f her performances and provided support includes finance secretly when she was in the need Tao The Tree Of Life Alchemical Sexual Mysteries of the East West Llewellyn's World Magic Series of it Maya called this secret admirer as Purple Roses ManAyumin the Saraswatichanra other hand is an everlasting rivalf Maya Considered as a prodigy since very young she was surprised by Maya s acting in a practice session Ayumi is actually the Principles of Microeconomics, 7th Edition one who puts this rivalry between them while Maya always feels inferior when facing her But they also admire eachther s talent The plot sometimes unites them to be in the same stagesThe core Research Methods in Kinesiology of this story apart from Maya s life is the dramaf Crimson Goddess As the first actress to take the role and the The Sandwich ownerf the copyright Tsukikage did her best to bring it back to the stage She trained Maya extremely hard to fulfill the standard she set to play the role while at the same time watching Ayumi s improvement This play at some point doesn t Otto Weininger Sex Science and Self in Imperial Vienna The Chicago Series on Sexuality History and Society only affect Maya s life but also the lifef almost every figure in the mangaRivalry friendship intrigues competition and love color the story splendidly As a drama Scourged of life it feels complete Mynly doubt is about the time line Within 12 years so many things have changed I don t read the second last volume yet so no idea how the author puts the story in the present context r whether she chose to let it flow as the way it should be in the past. Ad Maya yang sangat besar untuk menjadi artis wanita itu memasukkan Maya ke sekolah akting Mayuko miliknya Siapa dan apa tujuan wanita itu sebenarnya. .