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Littoral Jacques Ellul on Violence, Resistance, and War
N William I Berengar Gebhard III Henry of Lund John Scotus Egino Adalvard
"The Younger Hubert Of Palestrina "
Younger Hubert of Palestrina Sulien Berengar of Berga Suarius II Costantino de Castro Sancho II of Huesca Excerpt William de St Calais also Calais or Carileph or Carilef; died 1096 was a medieval Norman monk abbot "of he abbey of St Vincent in Le Mans in Maine who was nominated by King William I of England as "the abbey of St Vincent in Le Mans in Maine who was nominated by King William I of England as of Durham in 1080 During his erm as bishop St Calais replaced Love Story the canons of his cathedral chapter with monks and beganhe construction of Durham Cathedral In addition o his ecclesiastical duties he served as a commission. ,
11th-Century Roman Catholic BishopsOf Lorraine Anselm of Lucca "LEOFWIN WILLIAM GIFFARD OSBERN FITZOSBERN BURCHARD OF BASLE BENNO "William Giffard Osbern FitzOsbern Burchard of Basle Benno of Wurzburg Hezel Hildesheim Peter of Lichfield Gerard of Florennes Antipope Honorius II Hugh Of Chateauneuf Fothad Hugh of Chateauneuf Altmann of Passau Bleiddud Samson Geoffrey de Montbray Leofgar of Hereford Burchard II Herfast Herbert de Losinga Alfwold Peter Igneus Gebhard of Constance Bruno Guy Giric Humbert of Mourmoutiers Conrad Tuathal Bonizo of Sutri Jaromir Siward Peter of Pappacarbone Cresconius of Santiago de Compostela Adelmann Guitmund Antipope Adalbert Isleifur Gissurarson Atinolfo Guido of Acui Arnost Gissur Isleifsso.

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