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E are those bits that I wasn t sure about but they were far outweighed by the good Modest past review discovered to have been lost in an import from ShelfariThe survival of a modest man shown charmingly with much deadpan humor George Hall thinks he has cancer which shapes how he reacts to mundane crises such as an unfaithful wife a son struggling with gayness and a daughter about to marry poorly He seems to gain a sense of sanity from learning first hand how crazy veryone lse is Our lovable hero just keeps having bad luck but always rises to the surface The internal dialog is part Walter Mitty part Yossarian WowI just notice Mark Haddon has a new book coming out short stories The Pier FallsI ntered the give a way a girl can hope I LOVED this book sooooooooooooo much I had a few copies at one time gave copies awayFor some reason I like this MORE than a few of my friends but I was DYING LAUGHING forgive me if I sound nastyduring the bedroom scenesand then there was the daughter s wedding I just LOVED this book and could read it againI adore the authors sense of humorI thought it was hilarious AND touching I know La donna della domenica everyone remembers The Curious Incident of the Dog in the NightEvery so often somebody asks me what is a good charming light but not slapstick book to read THIS would be THAT bookespecially for old married farts with daughters like myself People going into Mark Haddon s latest novel A Spot of Botherxpecting anything like his smash hit debut The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time are going to be sorely disappointed And rightfully so because if Haddon had reproduced the same sort of story as he did in his first novel we d all be complaining about how he was such a one trick pony In fact I m glad he got the unconvential work that is The Curious Incident out of the way first so that he can now settle himself into what he really wants to do and ultimately does anyway in The Curious Incident study peopleOne of my coworkers asked me if what I was reading was a detective novel I m not sure how they came to such an assumption I don t have a pronounced taste for crime fiction that I know of at least I suppose there is an outside chance that they were familiar with Haddon s first book and made the assumption but if that is true I d like to put a million dollars on the Pirates to win the World Series this year But when they asked me about what kind of novel A Spot of Bother was I said It s kind of a character study about this guy who is having a mental breakdown That guy is the main character retired playground Shelter for uinn Badge of Honor Texas Heroes euipment salesman and constructor George Hall who has found a lesion on his leg and convinces himself it is cancer allowing his sanity to slowly crumble to dustThis is the catalyst that sends the story initially into motion but George s friends and family are all major players as well and their characters are warped and molded and nurtured throughout the novel with masterful strokes From George s wife to his children to his former colleagues we are introduced to a sweeping cast whoach Varavīksnes Ceļš exist within their own world of insanities If anything the characters are too painfully accurate than once I was brought to boil over their attempts to avoid reality George in particular is seemingly afraid ofverything and makes bone headed decisions out of his fears For awhile I was mad at Haddon for making George so unbelievably scared to go to the doctor about his lesion until I remembered my great uncle who lives in a house that is literally falling in on itself think the Lisbon House after the first suicide only scarier who hasn t been to a doctor since the 1980s despite hardly being able to get around the house in his deteriorating health Oh and he still drives too But it reminded me that people really are that paranoid and that just because I would go to the doctor in an instant if I were convinced I had cancer others would shy away "Worse Than Before And Retreat "than before and retreat their own cracked psycheA Spot of Bother really takes on a lot both in story and in philosophy and comes out amazingly successful A lot of critics have said it missed its mark that it is boring and doesn t live up to his debut but these are absolutely the same people who would be skinning him if he d done another book with clip art on very page If they d take the time to actually think about the two novels they d realize that there are similarities than differences Haddon the time to actually think about the two novels they d realize that there are similarities than differences Haddon to see what his characters can take so he pushes them into situations and let s them spiral out of control and captures whatever he can from that flaming trail At the heart of both A Spot of Bother and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time that is what the story focuses on With his latest work he just does so in a traditional but much all ncompassing wayIn just two novels Mark Haddon has proven his impressive range all the while remaining focused on what he ultimately wants to achieve in his writing I m Seas of Antrana Book Two of the Erskan Trilogy excited to see what he does next Hopefully whatever it is it will have a better paperback cover than A Spot of Bother though Seriously I waited so long to buy this to see if I could get a seconddition but then just couldn t put it off any and had to settle This has to be one of my least favorite book covers of any that I own Alas i don t know why people who ve read the curious incident of the dog in the night time would find this second novel a let down it seems to me La lecture rapide eually tender sweet and heartbreaking it s also hilariously funny haddon does heartbreaking and funny with such grace simplicity and verbal virtuosity it s wonderful i admire this writer greatly what i admire most about him is that he shows us the behavior of crazy people who do crazy things from the inside and from the inside these crazy things make total sense george s shenanigans are as meaningful andntirely understandable to us as christopher s shenanigans and just like in the first novel we are uite surprised that people around these two should not be compassionate and understanding because both george and christopher seem lost in an Creamy Bullets earnest brave broken andntirely adorable waythere s a lot here about class and i imagine other non nglish people might find it as hard to make sense of as i did i mean ray seems absolutely perfect from all possible points of view as does tony but the stuff of class gets in the way tremendously and one is left uite perplexed until one remembers what one has learned. Ust be cancer Daughter Katie wants second husband inappropriate Ray Wife Jean is too busy carrying on with Ge. Recently retired George Hall a uiet family man is thrown into a panic when he finds a large spot on his skin Although his doctor assures him it s not serious George is convinced it s cancer and he s going to die Meanwhile his daughter Katie announces that she is going to marry Ray a man who might not be right for her Katie s gay brother Jamie is on the outs with his boyfriend Adding to the stress George s wife has a smooth handsome loverThis is a domestic comedy about a dysfunctional family trying to cope with wedding preparations for an on again off again wedding In real life one would hope that George s mental health problems would be taken seriously Everyone seems caught up in their own problems and the impending wedding There are lots of humorous situations with the family members ventually finding out what is important in life A Spot of Bother was a fun read full of catastrophes and comedy 35 stars rounded up This book made Curious Incident fans wail and gnash their teeth in 2006 Who knows how Haddon s reputation fares today following the lukewarm response to this breezy domestic drama I get the impression children s voices are his forte what with being a bestselling kids author and all In fact some of the best lines in this book belong to the toddler Jacob and revolve around poo and ice cream But this is hardly worth a literary Keep This Toss That excommunication It is the sort of book onlystablished authors can release but it does satisfy as a warm hearted page turner does anyone lse feel sickGeorge is the centre of the story a retired bourgeois gent who becomes a hypochondriac a depres A Spot of Bother is an alternating POV story about going uietly mad and loudly sane and love under all our layers of repression and confusion There s newly retired dad George politely failing to bury his increasing obsessive thoughts of mortality under a zest for home renovations Mom Jean already balancing familial duty and work and volunteering is just trying to find time for her passionate affair with a long time acuaintance Their outspoken grown up daughter Katie intends to marry her boyfriend Ray despite her suspicion that he s wrong for her because he s right for her son And motionally distant son Jamie just can t Sponzoruše explain to his boyfriend why he s not invited to the wedding Haddon s style is pretty sparse butarnest The characters dramas could asily become trite but their awareness and wryness in the face of their situations instead lends an ndearing realness At times I almost felt a little cheated that the split narratives by necessity truncated the fuller version of His Fiery Brat each story Butven with the glimpses I got a sense that Brother Frankenstein each Hall lived in a world beyond just the necessary set pieces full of friends and coworkers andxes of complex relationships a specificity that allowed me to be drawn into their struggles in spite of myself The strongest parts of the novel are actually when the family members directly interact We get to see the same Kindly Dig Your Grave and Other Wicked Stories events in their overlapping voices which surprised me by highlighting the complexities of intention and communication rather than falling into tediousxercise If you ve The Giant Compass: Navigating Your Life With Your Dreams ever seen one of these comedies it s hardly a surprise that all these threadsrupt into a madcap Stanley and Marvin ending I think some readers might find George s central story kind of crass and shocking and inexplicable at times I sort of wished Haddon was lessnigmatic about it Trumpism especially being the subject that was probably the hardest to comprehend or relate to But real life is not tied up soasily And so when all the dust settled I found myself left with some heartwarming Les vritables pentacles et prires de l'Abb Julio end scenes and some opennd scenes but most of all the overall sense of Flight of the Grey Goose New Windmill empathy for the ways people try to make sense out of the chaosReread April 2012 Nothing to add of insightxcept to note poor Mark Haddon doomed to forever have his "Work As Not As Good "as not as good his first novel Curious Incident Well those people are wrong A Spot of Bothers s comedy of manners is just as accessible and it shows maturity regarding character development and less reliance on the so called cute gimmicks he s been accused of propogating I m sure I ve saved him from crying into buckets of money now so this reread has gone to good cause This is a really good absorbing drama about a family in crisis and in particular tells the story of George who at the age of 57 suddenly faces the fact that he is not going to live forever upon the discovery of a lesion on his hip Wife Jean is sleeping with an old work colleague of his Daughter Katie is preparing her wedding to Ray a man who is universally disliked by her family and to be honest she is not sure whether she is marrying him for the right reasons Finally son Jamie is facing a dilemma he wants to bring his partner Tony to the wedding but he fears his family are not ready for thatThere is a thread of black humour running through the book but I did feel it was moving and Margaux with an X emotional than funny as George s depression first crept up and thenngulfed him It all felt so real as if it was happening to somebody I knew and these sections in particular were beautifully written The whole family in fact felt frighteningly real to me and I found myself nodding my head so many times throughout the book at things they saidThey are all in crisis in one way or another and as ach short and sharp chapter is told through alternate viewpoints I really got a good understanding about what was going through veryone s thoughts They are all brutally honest With Themselves But The themselves but the is that none of them speak to Macanudo 8 Macanudo each other about the things that matterIt was a book that really grabbed me and held my attention during the build up to the wedding but there were one or two things I wasn t too sure about George is 57 and I am in myarly 50s so I could really understand his sudden fear when he realised that he is not immortal but he didn t feel like someone in his fifties I never saw him or Jean as contemporaries as mine as they felt as if they were from a different generation I did feel the La prisión de Black Rock. Volumen 2 (Spanish Edition) ending was a little too upbeat the cloud over George s head just seemed to blow away a little tooasily in relation to the pain he suffered throughout the book I couldn t help thinking oh if only depression could be solved that The Complete Book of Solitaire and Patience Games easily in real life On the whole though this is a goodntertaining read that delivers some very real home truths with very realistic characters that I thoroughly Zemlja vukova enjoyed Yes ther. George Hall 57 is ready to retirenjoy freedom to be alone But he runs into a spot of bother a skin lesion ,

characters A Spot of Bother


About Premium Content Code Card for Leadership england from the movies and it makes a little sensethe little kid jacob is picture perfect haddon has a thing with little kids of all agesanother thing that haddon does really really well is show how people like george and christopher ie people whoither are different or become different at some point in their lives for some very painful reason manage to break down barriers and distances in others that would otherwise be as immutable and untouchable as the rotation of the planets and then Inhalant, Whippet, and Popper Abuse everyone feels betterxcept there is hell to pay for Treasure Islands Tax Havens and the Men who Stole the World everyone and this is the really heartbreaking part the amount of pain haddon packs in his books i was discussing this just now with someone and realized that the highest common denominator between dog and bother is terror and i don t do terror very well but this bookases you into terror gently and by the time you realize that the book is killing you you are too caught up to stop reading it anyway i really liked this book it doesn t dispel the terror or maybe it doesn t do so Split Second entirely but it might make you feel like you are not the only one to live in a constant state of terror and that s a little soothing unto itself As we approach thend of my first year of recorded and reviewed reading I have read almost no bad books The Fermata was bad but the guy could write he just decided to write something we all thought was fucking awfulThis was a bad bookOh how do I hate this book Let me count the ways1 Every word in this novel is written in conversational lazy prose Absolutely is used repeatedly for FISTOGRAPHY Newcastle Australia 1994 2004 emphasis Cue something or other The kind of verbal junk we are all guilty of in verbal conversation but letting it form the bulk of your novel is unforgivable I felt like I was reading a second year Englishssay Honest to god I m not Civil War Blacksmithing exaggerating Junk prose Never a hint of an interesting sentence structure2 This device used repeatedly I m guessing to give the novel some appearance of depth Let s call it the Family Guy Device The day was turning out badly Almost as badly as that barbecue with David Morris and Bettie Constance in Salford last summer thought George STOP RANDOMLY FUCKING DROPPING NAMES I VE NEVER HEARD BEFORE AND WON T HEAR AGAIN There snough one dimensional characters to keep track of without my having to check off new names against the list very two chapters I can t tell you how many times this was used in the course of 500 pages3 500 PAGES To tell this story Are you kidding me4 The relentless assault of pop culture references Lethal Weapon The 6th Sense The Lord of the Rings BBC Radio 4 Wedding music is that Bach Double Violin piece from the compilation CD Dad gave her from Christmas last year And it s not just the pop culture bits Oscar Wao was full of Lord of the Rings stuff it s that they are brought up again and again and again but not one character betrays any interest that dips below to most shallow and obvious cultural stables It felt like xamples of tastes were deliberately chosen so that no reader would Economie : on n'a pas tout essay ! ever miss a reference These people is seems are the most banal people you havever met5 500 FUCKING PAGESPicture a wet Sunday afternoon and you are spending it at a slightly run down shopping centre in the outskirts of town You check out the Record Store But Whoever S Stocked Their Shelved Has Decided store but whoever s stocked their shelved has decided focus on boy bands and Nickelback and club anthem compilations The book shop is full of ugly glossy cookbooks and footballer biographies You glance into the clothes shops but the manneuins all look like the men you feel most uncomfortable around in the pub at weekends You go to the cafeteria to kill some time and sit under bright fluorescent lighting at grey plastic tables and Serpent symbolism in the Old Testament A linguistic archaeological and literary study eat a bun seemingly made out of another kind of plastic The tea is tepid and has an oily film on its surface And it s not the afternoon you rexperiencing in this place it s the people around you when you realise that uantum Incident uantum even if you asked them they wouldn t see what s wrong with this They wouldn t understand your problemThis novel was a 500 page trek throughverything that tires and disappoints me most about the modern world and I m sorry if that illuminates some fault in me and not the novel but that s the way I feel I pretty much hated this book It was the type of book that you read because you liked the author s other work but it s so aggressively bad that it makes you reconsider whether or not you actually liked the author s previous work upon closer considerationSo what was so bad about it Well for the one the characters simply didn t ring true They all felt poorly sketched out just a bunch of people having what Haddon would have you believe are constant Finding Chika A Little Girl an Earthuake and the Making of a Family epiphanies about their sad little lives He writes in such a way that you can tell he wants the reader to think it s a stunning revelation that this character is having when it s just another dull moment in a rather dull story If I had a dollar forvery time Haddon made a one sentence paragraph meant to reveal some larger truth about the character s personalities I d be a rich man He also has a nasty habit of Confesiones de un Forense: Basado en hechos reales (Spanish Edition) endingach chapter there are well over 100 of them most 2 pages or less with some half assed cliff hanger something better suited to the James Pattersons and RL Stines of the worldHaddon doesn t "seem to understand his characters and he doesn t seem to care to ither He simply throws a jumble of people "to understand his characters and he doesn t seem to care to ither He simply throws a jumble of people awkward situations and has them overreact like a bunch of unlikeable selfish jerks and then comment to themselves that perhaps they are acting like unlikeable selfish jerks who are overreacting to what are in reality fairly mundane situations They re sad selfish little people yet Haddon seems to think they are Hidden Legacy endearingFinally hends the book fairly abruptly and with a neat little bow on top that doesn t suit it Everything works out for Lonely Planet South Africa Lesotho Swaziland everyone involved yet no one seemed to learn anything or grow as people They allnded The Magnolia Sword A Ballad of Mulan exactly where they began with no growth whatsoever I ve heard people who are familiar with autism claim that Haddon s sketch of the child in A Curious Incident of the Dog in the NightTime was actually woefully inaccurate and uite offensive and seeing the way he handles his characters problems in this story I m much inclined to believe that Just an awful awful book Haddon seems to think he s writing a British version of The Corrections but he s painfully mistaken I ll probably not read anything by Haddon again. Orge'sx colleague to plan a wedding Son Jamie fails to invite his lover Tony Meanwhile George goes uietly A Spot of Bother