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With how AHSFAB ended I m actually Uite Nervous For This One I Know nervous for this one I know Rhen view spoilerwas forced to do all those things by Lilith but I ve also just #lost my love for him If he ends up dead in the next book I won #my love for him If he ends up dead in the next book I won mind I sound cruel sorry But he s probably oing to be redeemed and I m still Sun God going to hate him I just can tet over what he did in AHSFAB hide spoiler Update July 102020 AHHHH THE COVER IS HERE AND IT LOOKS AMAZING IT REALLY DOES LOOK LIKE A DEADLY BATTLE FIELDAND IT S RED FIELDAND IT S RED I m really scared It seems so far that July is the month of cover releases xD Jan 11 2020 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAfter re. Brigid Kemmerer’s New York Times bestselling Cursebreaker series continues with two kingdoms on the brink of collapse old enemies resurfacing and friends becoming foesEmberfall is torn between those who believe Rhen is the rightful prince and those who are eager to begin a new era under the tru. ,

A Vow So Bold and DeadlyR looks fierce and ve already so many epic Bookstagram ideas I received #ve already ot so many epic Bookstagram ideas I received complimentary ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewThis is a sampler of just the first four chapters WAHHHHH Raise your hand if you re excited for A Vow So Bold and Deadly Raise your hand if you re nervous excited Raise your hand if you re freaking out after reading the first line of AVSBAD Update 1Isn t the cover so beautiful Update 2 TEASER THE COVER I beg you Brigid Kemmerer don t break my heart with this book because I wont heal I love this series too much to be heart broken Just don t do it PS PlEaSe DoNt BrEaK mE HeArT. Enchanted prince and magical scraver by her side As Grey's deadline draws nearer Lia Mara is forced to uestion whether or not she can remain allied to his causeThis compulsively readable saga continues as two kingdoms come closer to conflict and an old enemy resurfaces who could destroy them all. .

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Ading that ending how do #You Me To Wait #expect me wait winter 2021 PREPOSTEROUS Cover Synopsis contains spoilers for previous books and so does this postI know it s coming but there s nothing I hate thanan old enemy resurfaces who could destroy them allYes I m looking at you too King of Scars Release date January 2021 To be Read Hi I demand Brigid Kemmerer o to jail because she s trying to kill me EDELWEISS HAS DELIVERED AND SO I MUST BINGE THE SERIES AND BE BROKEN I JUST SHRIEKED IN THE LIBRARY AND I DON T CARE BECAUSE WE RE GETTING A 3RD BOOKwell they LIED ABOUT THE PURPLE COVER but I M Okay With That m okay with that that red cove. E heir Grey Grey has agreed to wait two months before attacking Rhen and in that time Rhen has sought the assistance of a spy despite Harper’s doubtsMeanwhile Lia Mara struggles to rule Syhl Shallow with a entler hand than her mother But some of her subjects aren’t happy that Lia Mara has an. ,