KINDLE (A Wolf’s Deception Black Hills Pack #2) author Sherilee Gray

Gabe seen at the end *Of Book 1 Is A *book 1 is a wolflion enforcer He is sent to rescue his ex and her cub He doesn t now that it s his son Tressa is forced to marry a rival alpha after her father finds out she s pregnant with a hybrid s son After her mate dies she tries to get back home to Gabe but her ex brother in law is after her Gabriel the grudge bearer and Tressa the martyrI enjoyed this but not as much as I d hoped i would Both Gabriel and Tressa bear scars from when her Father was the Alpha of Tressa s pack Gabriel is a LionWolf Hybrid and in this shifter universe the Hybrids used to be put into camps to. He'd been an outcast his whole life but it never mattered with her by his side Then she betrayed him in the worst way possible and he will have his revenge Gabriel Reed nows rejection There's no room in a pack for a hybrid But he finally found happiness when he met Tressa McCray He thought love would save him from a lifetime of loneliness–until Tressa broke his heart and mated with Keep their taint from the pure bred shifters So Gabriel had a hard life so far anyways and then he met Tressa but then he met Tressa s father Tressa was forced to mate another from a neighbouring pack who treated her cruelly She escapes with her cub after his death seeking refuge with her birth pack now that her father is dead Gabriel of all people is sent to bring her home He is now a Guardian which I guess is ind of like the Texas Rangers But For Rangers but for folk Understandably he s still mad at her for the way she left of course she couldn t tell him the truth I don *T Really Understand Why She *really understand why she t tell hi. Nother Now her mate is dead she's on the run and Gabe is asked to bring her back safely He is the only one who can eep her and her son safe There's no reason for Gabe to get involved–no reason except that while he can never forgive her he's never stopped loving her Tressa McCray sacrificed everything–including her own happiness–to protect the man she loved and their unborn cub No. ,
M the truth as soon as she can So that inda pissed

"Me Off But Also When "
off But also when does now the truth he does a 180 in how he treats her I found this a little bit of a *let down Like someone had waved a magic wand The epilogue was really sweet thoughThe whole story *down Like someone had waved a magic wand The epilogue was really sweet thoughThe whole story their reconciliation and how to get to the safety of her pack before her psycho brother in law catches up There s a second brother in law whose story I would love to readAs far as OW stuff view spoiler the impression is given that he wasn t celibate but not a man whore yet no relationships either She of course was at her forced Mate s mercy hide spoiler. W her nightmare may finally be over–if she can make it safely back to Black Hills land Her mate's pack can never now the truth or take control of her young son But the one man she would never call the one she could never forget has shown up to help With the lies and the secrets and the pain can she really ask him to risk his life to save hers and that of the son he doesn't now he ha. A Wolf’s Deception Black Hills Pack #2

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