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 Afghanistan: A Memoir From Brooklyn to KabulAway in the attic from one s ancestors Deep immersion into the fascinating culture characters customs of a bygone spellbinding pre Kite Runner Kabul culture characters customs of a bygone spellbinding pre Kite Runner Kabul the emotional roller coaster with Cat Parenti with all 5 senses awakened Did not wish for the ride to end Eagerly await Book 2 Cat Parenti wrote a Did not wish for the ride to end Eagerly await Book 2 Cat Parenti wrote a memoir of her experiences in Afghanistan and Pakistan She writes with vibrant and deep detail giving the reader a personal journey into the magical and heart centered people of Afghanistan Cat shares

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customs protocols and of the people who live in a society different from the Western region of our planet yet we learn of the commonalities of respect love and happiness we all want as humans Cat opened her heart when she wrote her memoir I felt honored to be given a glimpse of her amazing lifeI especially enjoyed the descriptions of the cuisine of Afghanistan This alone beckons the reader to eep reading and become interested in preparing the dishes for themselves The poems beliefs and wisdom shared at the beginning of each chapter set the tone for that particular part of Cat s journey Cat graciously provided a glossary of terms the reader can refer to I highly recommend Afghanistan A Memoir from Brooklyn to KabulBravo for Cat s memoir Part 1 I m looking forward to Book 2 as the journey continues. Uer award winning playwright“The author takes readers through an innovative personal journey a magnetically hypnotizing adventure that is alternately mysterious and uniue If you want to now what Afghanistan was like before the Soviet invasion and the rise of the Taliban then this book is for you” Abena Agyeman Fisher Senior Editor NewsOneCat Parenti grew up in Brooklyn and lived in Afghanistan on and off for twenty years She survived the political twists and turns of Afghan history from King Zahir Shah through the rise of the Taliban and started a successful business selling antiue clothing and jewelry to US museums and museum shops She has given presentations on Afghanistan including at the UN and taught Afghan cooking She currently lives with her daughter in Arizon.

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Tablishing peace between the two cultures and countries really i love love loved this book i I love Love LOVED THIS BOOK I waiting breathlessly for the 2nd oneI am someone who did not get an opportunity to go to Afghanistan but "Have Always Known That The Rich Deep "always nown that the rich deep was very different and intriguing from our western perspective I am thankful that I got to feel to glimpse through Cat s life and stories some of the wonderful textures of the food culture clothfabric every day living doing business and deeply disturbing perils too Thank you Cat for finally getting your extremely compelling and brave story to us I read Cat s book Afghanistan Blood and Honor in 2009 when it first came out I am reading Afghanistan A Memoir from Brooklyn to Kabul that was just released it is full of adventures and the courage is full of adventures and the courage a young woman brave enough to go to a far away land on her own I learned so much about Afghanistan And the story what a story Cat is such an excellent writer Easy to read and hard to put it down I love making a cup of tea and sitting down to read this great book Can hardly wait for book 2 I recommend it to all Through the author s words I felt as if I was right there Once I began to read I What The Eagle Saw knew it was a good cup of coffee and a comfortable chair time because I would not put the book down Like discovering a ancient treasure packed. Was like to be a gutsy independent women living in a male dominated world and thriving From ordinary experiences like starting a business and getting a home to the extraordinary moments of falling in love with a nobleman and nearly losing her life on three separate occasions featured in book 2 you may have toeep reminding yourself that what you are reading isn't fictionAccolades for Afghanistan“Building bridges of cultural understanding and respect I thank you for giving voice to the wonderful history and culture of the region” Hillary Rodham ClintonThe real story here is the author’s love affair with an Afghan from a prominent family with vivid writing and an engaging story that ept me on the edge of my seat It takes a brave woman to do these things” Monica Ba. With humor and exceptional recall the reader is taken on a vivid journey through the Afghanistan of old the people the culture the sights sounds and smells my mouth was drooling with the description of the foods such That I Could Almost Taste It I I could almost taste it I myself being carried into that overall experience Rooster Cogburn has nothing on the true grit Cat displayed during the amazing life she has had I eagerly await Book 2 If you are not into high romance type of read I would not recommend this book I was really hoping to learn about the culture and author s experiences but I could not make myself go past the parts where she would brag I am not teying to offend anybody but this is how it felt the way the author described it About Her Love Affairs Afghanistan A Memoir her love affairs Afghanistan A Memoir Brooklyn to Kabul is a remarkable account of an amazing woman "s journeys through worlds people and cultures unknown to most Westerners "journeys through worlds people and cultures unknown to most Westerners mesmerizing and heart wrenching the author brings her profound love for this land and its people to life Courageous Breathtaking Inspiring The story is amazing and of course very legitimate because this lady lived this life WhatI believe to ve very interesting and only confirms what mostof us now she maintained an American Way Heart The author is talented compassionate and definetely someone to consider for es. Thrill to this true life adventure of an American heroine in a far off landAfter having visions of a strange land since childhood Cat Parenti left New York and headed for the rugged landscape of Afghanistan which felt like time traveling to the 12th century There she fell in love with the people the culture and a tall dark stranger In book one of this sweeping two volume memoir Cat takes you on an unforgettable journey of full immersion into the sights sounds smells food rituals and beliefs of the people she came to now and love in this far off land Her adventures are told with such exuisite detail you'll feel as if you are there experiencing them first handAfghanistan offers a rare opportunity to understand Afghan life culture and beliefs before the Taliban and what it. ,