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Fting vivid action seuences Built on the foundations of rock solid world building and well crafted plotting this makes for something a bit special Behind the Throne is great but I reckon After the Crown might be even better I suppose that is the real trick to a seuel You up the ante continue to develop the plot and make sure a reader ends up caring even *About The Characters And Their *the characters and their This novel has eft me hungry for I can t wait to discover what happens next This is pitch perfect science fiction that blends action adventure political intrigue and than a ittle heart I am a rather voracious reader once than a ittle heart I am a rather voracious reader once start a book it generally takes me no than a day to finish it when I really enjoy what I am reading day to finish it when I really enjoy what I am reading was the problem with this one I enjoyed it well enough when I read bits of it during my meals but there was something about the story that didn t grab me and compel me to keep reading I think part of my problem was that it had been a while since I read the first book so a variety of characters from the L'Innommable (Double t. 31) (French Edition) large cast would be mentioned and I had no clue for the most part who they were or why I should care about them when they experienced trauma or tragedy Character development seemed to have been cast aside in There s ateast one blurb comparing it to Ann Leckie s Ancillary trilogy but really there s nothing that deep here no serious intrigue or big ideas It reminds me of the Red Rising trilogy by Pierce Brown another set of books who many people really La prophtie des Andes - Et si les concidences rvlaient le sens de la vie ? liked and even scored good reviews but which fell flat for me It has action sure but this is a book that youl only Les Miscellanes sportives de Mr. Schott like if you reallyike the interactions between the characters To me they feel pretty shallow Much of the book comes in repeating cycles where Hail just can t handle all the bloodshed in her name but Emmory or in this book old smuggling buddy Hao says she needs to be strong and that s all it takes to get her spoiling for a fight which A Tale of Two Titties leaves her back at suare one emotionally rinse repeat I just don t really need angsty space operaFor a realistic depiction of human emotion from a non human do try out the Ancillary trilogy For sci fi plus great character relationships try Long Way to a Small Angry Planet Even better than the first one because Hail can be of her gunrunner selfI have so muchove for this precious anti hero suad Also while there still isn t any romance really I m totally on ship husband tracker team HEART EYESAlso on top of the whole Indian culture thing it s got even diversity regarding side characters in terms of gender and sexuality and in a very subtle not in your face way just naturally as in these people exist they are accepted not making a big deal out of it Wagers continues her fabulous space opera trilogy in this second book which is just as intense as the first though the content takes a different focus Whereas Behind the Throne emphasized political intrigue with action and assassination attempts After the Crown has fewer politics and far explosions and spaceships both books are excellent I continue to Les motions caches des plantes love the world building here as we step beyond the India derived Indranan Empire and see of the Saxons and Cheng Iove Hail s BodyGuards and enjoyed meeting rogues from Hail s Les belles images life as a gunrunner This is without uestion one of my new favorite series and I m excited for the end of 2017 and the release of the 3rd book This debut series from KB Wagers continues to surprise and impress me with her story telling ability and political intrigue on aevel that most established authors don t even have In the first book Behind the Throne Hail comes back to her homeland to become the LEGO STAR WARS leader of her people after being away for 20 years as a gun runner In After the Crown a war with a rival civilization and people that want to oust her aseader creates a much adventure packed story as we get to meet a Hadoop - Devenez oprationnel dans le monde du Big Data lot of Hail s old gun runner friends The great political intrigue from Behind the Throne is present but the number of characters is basically doubled in After the Crown with action I think that readers of political intrigue science fiction and space opera type stories would enjoy these two books There are some similarities between this series and Pierce Brown s Red Rising series at times mostly the pace Wagers does a great job of keeping things interesting and moving along with her stories without much down time She also explores the interpersonal relationships between Hail and her subordinatesike Brown does with his characters I just really Coupable dêtre innocent like aot of the characters in this story I could probably name about 10 charac. E palace With her sisters and parents murdered the Indranan empire is on the brink of war Hail must uickly make alliances with nearby worlds if she has any hope of surviving her rule When peace talks turn violent and Hail realizes .

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I wrote a pretty extensive review the first book in this trilogy so I Les motions caches des plantes ll try not to re tread old so Il try not to re tread old too much in my review here Okay so I was Les Belles Soeurs luke warm on Behind the Throne I feltike it had a ot of debut novel writing issues So did Wagers step up her writing game Was I glad I read the next installment I m happy to report yesWhile the writing is still not world shattering fantastic it is much stronger in this installment than the first The melodrama is down the characters feel consistent and dynamic *and the story gets out of its repetitive rut by eaving the palace *the story gets out of its repetitive rut by New Baby Survival Guide leaving the palace hitting the road Hail actually feelsike much of a badass and when she falters it feels sympathetic rather than frustrating The secondary characters continue to take center stage for me and have plenty of opportunities to shine Team Zin Emmory Team Cas The world building expands as we get to see worlds and sides of the conflict And hey we actually get some sci fi space opera action The scope gets much bigger in this book and the series benefits significantly from the expansion Put simply there s a Les Danseurs de la fin des temps lot action and aot American Capitalism The Concept of Countervailing Power less hand wringing This trilogy feelsike it finally hit its stride and is telling the story Wagers wanted to tell from the beginning but had to get some pesky backstory out of the way I m still really on the fence about the first book but this second installment has me excited to read the third book Wagers you won me over Earlier this year I read Behind The Throne by K B Wagers It s an excellent slice of science fiction adventure with a cracking narrative and characterisation The seuel is upon us and I can confirm that book one was no fluke After the Throne is just as brilliant just as exciting and just as much fun as its Kaleb Saison I Kaleb literary siblingWhen weast Le Moyen Age, une imposture left Empress Hail Bristol she was still coming to terms with her newot in L'incroyable histoire de Wheeler Burden life Key members of her family had been killedeaving her as the new ruler of the Indranan empire For someone used to bar room brawls and shady backroom deals royal Chasing Alpha life is a bit of a minefield especially when your empire is coming apart at the seams Watching how Hail s character continues to evolve is fascinating She is beginning to understand the ramifications of being Empress but you can also clearly see that she is relying and on her skills as a gunrunner Turns out the cut and thrust of politics and crime are not that far apart The weight of responsibility weighs heavily on our heroine however Hail remains fiercelyoyal to her subjects family and friends When they suffer and in some instances die in her name she carries the burden of their Pige : Mmoires d'une anorexique loss There isittle subterfuge in the new monarch what you see is what you get What is most interesting to note is that Hail L'Ordre du dragon: Dragon Master, T2 (Fantasy) learns she has to be far sneakier as a royal than she ever had to be as a criminalI think the thing I enjoyed most about this seuel was the fact we get toearn about Hail s past Maigret et l'homme tout seul life as a gunrunner and the people she used to work with Circumstance finds the young empress on the move and the criminal underworld she returns to are a genuinely eclectic bunch There are a whole host of mercenaries smugglers pit fighters and big bosses I warmed to them all immediately My personal favourite is a character called Johar Il be honest with you I don t think I have the adeuate Linda Craig and the Palomino Mystery language to properly explain how kick ass this character is Youl just have to trust meOn a side note once the televisual juggernaut that is Game of Thrones inevitably comes to an end HBO needs to be La Vieille Dame du riad (French Edition) looking at The Indranan War to fill the gap Ok it may not be fantasy it is most definitely science fiction but this series it pulls off that Herculean task in having that same massive scope as its genre cousin Are youistening top television executives These books are screaming out for development Hmmm I need to start pondering my dream cast now Who would be the best choice for Hail Or Emmory Or Zin This needs some serious thoughtK B Wagers has created an ongoing narrative that works well on multiple evels Yes there are epic space battles and frenetic gunfights to enjoy but there is also plenty of social commentary to relish The gender swapped Indranan society allows the author to deftly explore many of ineualities that still exist in our societyI think After The Crown has everything I could want in a seuel More political intrigue fighting and wonderful character development I didn t know what to expect when I read book one Behind the Throne but I was uickly hooked Book two is of the same K B Wagers has an ear for snappy dialogue and real skill when it comes to cra. The adrenaline fueled Star Wars style seuel to Behind the Throne a new space adventure series from author KB Wagers Former gunrunner turned Empress Hail Bristol was dragged back to her home planet to fill her rightful position in th. After the Crown (The Indranan War, #2)Ters that I enjoy because Wagers *focuses so much on the friendships and that is what I ove to read I feel *so much on the friendships and that is what I ove to read I feel After the Crown is a Le nouveau dictionnaire de l'impossible littleess polished than Behind the Throne and my main concern about her work Even though I knew everything that was going on there were times during dialogues where I got a Etta and Otto and Russell and James little confused with who was saying what There are so many characters involved in these governments and militaries that I would beying if I knew every person that they talked about In fact when certain characters died I had to remind myself who that
even was I also think the antagonist gets a Conversations d'un enfant du sicle : couverture bleue (essai franais) little murky here and there at times because of the multiple amounts of people against Hail I think if the book focused aittle on Wilson one of the main antagonists it would have felt a Plerinage mortel (GRANDS DETECTIV) little clear Also this isn t a science fiction book that will blow you away by its concepts it is purely a space opera Overall I think this is a solid second book in her series I ve enjoyed both books very much I am stilloving the India based culture and the decision making by the main character With a Le Chien jaune lot of books I can never tell if a man or woman is writing the book but with these books I can definitely tell it is a woman writer The reason I can tell it is a woman writer is because the decisions and actions by the main character are usually not the options I would choose as a man Her choices make complete sense and Wagers writes this book that keeps surprising me by using femaleogic to solve problems that sometimes I would never think about and I appreciate that I hope to read a Raspberry Pi pour les Nuls grand format, 2e dition lot from KB Wagers in the future Along with Becky Chambers I think she is one of the most impressive new female science fiction writers out there She just tells a great story with great characters that care about each other451625 Possible Score4 Plot 4 Characters3 World Building3 Writing Style2 Heart Mind Aspect It took me 8hrs and 18m to read this book at a pace of 468 pages per hour so it was a rather uick read for me Sometimes a hold at theibrary comes in much much earlier than I expect so I decided to read this now instead of waitingSo this picks up very soon after the end of book 1 and then it s non stop rushing to the end of this book with revealed and much to do which will no doubt be covered in book 3Again Le Chien jaune light fare withots of action I can t keep the names of the guards straight except for Emmory Zin and Cas and don t even get me started on the matriarchs I could not remember who was on Hail s side and who wasn t amongst these women These books have a L'Acceptation radicale lot of players and though I enjoyed the fast pace I found it harder to get a feel for some of the supporting charactersHail ends up relying on her many years of experience as a gunrunner and captain of her own ship in this book No minding her Ps and s at the palace for which I was glad She and her entourage are doingots of running to uote a companion from Dr Who And the entourage gets biggerI CRIMES DE FEMMES ll probably read theast in the series as it s fluffy fare and it was what I needed before starting something a The Sexual Politics of Meat A Feminist Vegetarian Critical Theory little heavier Enjoyed the heck out of this and waiting impatiently for the third bookMy only complaint is about the editing If you made a drinking game out of every mention of X raised an eyebrow you would be utterly sloshed and on the floor after 3 chapters Youriver would give out before the end of the bookThe eyebrow raising needs to stop Other facial uirks exist An editor should have pointed this outBut otherwise it s fun Really really fun An excellent second book that is both fast paced and filled with actionAfter the Crown picks up immediately following the events of the first book Behind the Throne As it turns out the internal strife plaguing Hail s rule is not over and the war with the Saxons has only just begunThis second book is action oriented than the first one and I thought it was a very strong That said it is also obviously and unapologetically a middle book which The Directive leaves aarge part of the story still waiting for a conclusionOne of the things I Mohammed and Charlemagne Revisited liked about this book is that it feelsike finally we get to see a bit of Hail s personality and a better understanding of who she is and why she acts the way she does In this respect I thought Beyond the Throne Cinderella Rambut Pink Kos kosan Soda leaned on the side of telling instead showing After the Crown shifts that balance somewhat and it greatly improved my enjoyment of the storyAfter the first book I was undecided about continuing the series but this book made me glad that I did and has made meook forward to the concluding installment. He's been betrayed she must rely on her old gunrunning ways to get out of trouble With help from an old boss and some surprising new allies she must risk everything to save her worldThe Indranan War Behind the Throne After the Crown. ,