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Ane Grey s writin. Crossed at the last minute ends up in solitary *confinement but borling takes a bullet to the *but Borling takes a bullet to the at last Lassiter makes it out there's only one thing on his mind vengeance Originally published in 19. Ambush for LassiterThe caliber of A Murder They Didn't Commit *LASSITER AND HIS BEST PAL they didn't commit *LASSITER AND HIS BEST PAL BORLING LOOKING AT *and his best pal Borling are looking at five years of hard time in the most notorious prison of the West In a daring move they make a break for freedom only to be double.

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In The Grand Tradition Of 
the rand tradition OF FATHER ZANE GREY WITH *THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF father Zane Grey with *The Further Adventures Of The Rough Riding Loner From *further adventures of Lassiter the rough riding loner from of the Purple Sage' who became America's favorite hero Framed for. .