[EBOOK DOWNLOAD] Animal Man, Book 3: Deus Ex Machina

Animal Man, Book 3: Deus Ex Machina

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Eemed to add into something The utter destruction of the fourth wall and the extreme meta textuality works here because the character and plot have built up to it and because it allows Morrison to comment on many of the flaws he saw in superhero comics in the 1980s This is not to say every element hits it doesn t Some plot lines seem too on the nose and Morrison s conversation with Buddy in the book have some obvious and weighted philosophical commitments that are in keeping with the characters but philosophical commitments that are in keeping with the characters but a little cliche now The art is competent but not particularly ground breaking and the meta textual elements are not as fresh now and a little too dead on That said it was definitely groundbreaking in 1989 1990 and did deconstruct the superhero in an early different way than say Alan Moore or Frank Miller For those who enjoyed the first two volumes but felt a little underwhelmed I think most will think this pays off For those who did not enjoy the meta textual elements well this won t be their cup of tea I was sad when I finished the last page of this volume the last Grant Morrison Animal Man volume In three volumes Grant Morrison crafted a story about an obscure DCU superhero I had never heard of and reinvented the character giving him the characters surrounding him the universe he exists in such wonderful depth that once you fall in to the deep holedepth you won t be able to get out but you won t mind who would want to leaveI m not a fan of Watchmen and I m very open about it It s ust not my thing But at the same time I love it for its EFFECTS Firstly probably the most important thing it did was cause DC to go looking for edgy British writers Cause you know Alan Moore is from there and so that s where you ll find other good writersI MOCK BUT THEY DID So Alan Moore s Watchman opened the corporate doors to seeking out experimental mature and edgy writers which led them to Grant Morrison and Neil Gaiman 3 who reinvented Sandman around the same time Morrison was reinventing Animal Man The second reason why it s important is because although I don t care for Moore MY gods were heavily influenced by him and will always say something like If it wasn t for Alan Moore I probably wouldn t be doing this So cheers for that But Animal Man is sort of the antithesis of Watchmen Kind of It s dark and there are some mature fucked up themes that are very real similar to Watchmen in that respect I guess But the end goal and style are uite uite different By the end of Animal Man what the reader has experienced his one of the greatest pieces of literary deconstruction AND ITS A COMIC TOO PICTURES But really literary deconstruction is ust the beginning cause it s much Deconstruction of actual human perception perhaps existence Examination at controversial beginning cause it s much Deconstruction of actual human perception perhaps existence Examination at controversial topics Examination of the culture of violence And fucking hope Brilliantly written and executed a story about so many things really is about one thing to me hope But hope that isn t easy won and handed to us and the character in a nice box with nice wrapping That hope would break easily No this iswell you ll ust have to read it to seeThe only thing that prevents me from recommending this to everyone is that toward the last half of the three volumes Morrison starts pulling from uite a lot of DCU concepts and history in order to tell part of his story it s not actually ABOUT the characters You could probably replace them with any number of other fictional characters But he was writing in the DCU and writing not too long after the Crisis on Infinite Earths a major DC crossover event that redefined the DC universe so he made appropriate choices and I m ust lucky to have been pretty informed about DCU history at the time I got around to reading this takes a lot of work But I d say if Gaiman s The Sandman is number 1 then Animal Man is number 2or 15But I haven t finished Morrison s Invisibles yet and it s a tight race Morrison doesn t have a word called Simple in his dictionary. N of the Species collecting Morrison's run on the comic The wild inventiveness he showed here is evidenced in his later work on Doom Patrol and The Invisibles as well as mainstream work on the Justice League and Marvel's New X Men Only longtime fans will fully understand and appreciate the critiue of DC's confused continuity that Morrison includes here But any reader is liable to be dazzled by Morrison's audacity; he not only asks and then answer. Had read dis one previously though never clicked button Not crazy about artwerke though ole Grant Morrison creatively subverts the genre Deus ex Machina God from the Machine aka an unexpected power or event saving a seemingly hopeless situation especially as a contrived plot device in a play or novel Spoiler Animal Man Buddy confront the writer Grant Morrison Although this 4th wall has a bit of hokey look at me I m clever to it Grant does manage to cast light on symbiotic uality of art to it s creator Thought process extends to one s own person Who writes the script At ending of graphic novel it mentions that
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are no concise Life doesn t have plots and subplots and denouments It s ust a big collection of loose ends and dangling threads *That Never Get Explained The Impulse Is *never get explained The impulse is make something important Go beyond flashy drivel and repetitive fighting Hero of story is even slightly mocked and called A generic comic book hero with blond hair and good teeth One of hundreds To wrap up this brief review Enjoyed though felt this work was still coming to terms with the elements Doom Patrol began to refine it in psychedelic synergy where The Invisibles manage to make it all click Boom This final volume of Morrison s run on the Animal Man title culminates in balls out meta fiction which was interesting for all its implied abstract elements of contemplation but as far as the text itself it worked as a kind of short hand for theoretical work a reader could do you know on his own time Lack of intellectual rigor aside this is a comic book meaning it has certain responsibilities to entertainment as well as enlightenment and I thought Morrison balanced both wonderfullyI am so glad I read Crisis On Infinite Earths before this series as much of the last issues in this volume deal directly with that event even critiuing its foundation what does it mean when a character is outdated and needs even critiuing its foundation what does it mean when a character is outdated and needs end What is a character When does a character live Animal Man develops into a sort of comic book superhero version of Sartre s No Exit crossed with Pirandello s Six Characters in Search of an Author Though the final surprise confrontation comes off a little kitschy like Julia Roberts playing herself in Ocean s 12 this story was written at a time when postmodernism wasn t as familiar as it may be now I definitely recommend this three volume series but I think a reader gains from reading Crisis On Infinite Earths as prereuisite literature if only for the final volume In any case this certainly has been a great introduction to Grant Morrison s interests and daring as a writer Some of the meta meeting your author stuff was as expected but mostly it was done creatively and actually thinking about the psychological and emotional implications of realizing you re a creation with no free will Cool stuff Okay So now we ve hit the apex of weird for Morrison s series The man takes the concept of breaking the fourth wall and laughs at it Writing himself right into the story and giving poor Buddy Baker some serious meta dramaWhen I m recommending Animal Man to other people I tend to recommend the first two and suggest they don t pick up the third trade unless they really enjoy the first pair It s odd full of surreal situations and a lot of egotistical artistic back patting That being said the story is still fascinating and as a hardcore Buddy Baker fan I really enjoyed itSo summing it up Deus Ex Machina is odd adventurous and a touch self congratulatory but enjoyable for a true Animal Man fan The endingtwist can be a real mind fuck depending on how you look at it but overall a very solid and thought provoking story Animal Man volume three collapses the fourth wall and the panel Morrison uses Crises on Infinite Earth as a way to reimagine the multiverse and the relationship of characters to comic creators Further elements from issues nine forward start to make and sense as the story arc is wrapped up and some of the earlier rushed stories After a bizarre incident with an alien spacecraft Buddy Baker married father of two suddenly gained the power to temporarily duplicate the abilities of any creature within his imediate vicinity Editorial Reviews Animal Man with the power to take on the abilities of any animal temporarily was a minor DC hero until he was revived and revamped in this well remembered late 1980s series This is the third and final volume following Animal Man and Origi. ,