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Apák könyveThis Hungarian family saga which starts around the end of the seventeenth century tells the unlikely story both Bernstein Teil 1 personally andolitically through the nightmare of Hungarian history of a sort of Jewish family The events recorded rape I Spy the Illuminati Eye pillaging fire execution kicking to death abandonment maiming suicide wasting away are so hideous that survival even to the age of 45 or so is a grotesuely funny accomplishment In fact the guggle to zatch uality of the saga reminds me of Thurber s improbably funny short novel The 13 Clocks Even if they end up fed to the ducks the family through several name changes leaves a record Ten terrible tales of The Book of Fathers written by ten fathers of the twelve included are doled out in a rich and not always chronological framework Their stories are distinctive and memorablearadoxically because of strong family resemblances The story of the twelve fathers continues even when a World War II survivor burns these horrifying treasures refuses to acknowledge the Smith B Eat Like a Fish past to his own son and consigns to the latrine a little timeiece that had followed his fathers for generations If the War is a great cleavage that made history impossible for that generation nevertheless those of us following do not know who we are if we cannot reclaim our history So as if by transmigration of souls who recycle every 150 years the story continues through generations and by careful archival workThis is a beautifully constructed work and even in translation one can see that the author tried to use contemporary expressions throughout I can t tell if I would Memoria de mis putas tristes put it up there with Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky Only time will tell I moved to teach English in Hungary a few months ago and found this book in the very slim English section at the local bookstore I waited a few months to read it and I m glad I did I had a chance to travel and enjoy the sites and the villages around Hungary which just made this book so much richer I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn a little history of the area along the way I can t uiteut into words exactly why I liked this book as much as I did There are those who might be bored with this book a How was this bookThe book was fineThe book was nice It was ok The book was inoffensive which is a strange thing to say about a book that deals with the topics included in it The Book of Fathers tells the stories of twelve generations of sons in a Hungarian family The scope of the book is about four hundred years The book itself is 460 Complete Old Norse pages Some math tells me that the average number ofages for each sons story is 3833 Not very long The book is infused with a magical element that is maybe out of Maruez I don t know because I m a Building an Inclusive Organization petulant asshole who refuses to read Maruez I have no good reason for this or maybe it is just Maruez esue The first born son is gifted with thearanormal gift of being able to see the Romancing the Tycoon past and sometimes the future through the eyes of other first born sons in the family This magical uality is an interestinglot device that once established allows the author to zip through the stories without having to account for how certain things could have happened or been known to a character The collective story begins to collapse towards the end of the novel interestingly enough for me at least at a time when the Hungarian Nobu. L'autobiografia part of my own ancestors seemed to have developed a bit of amnesia about its ownast This Forgetting Happens In A Time When forgetting happens in a time when it is becoming markedly easier for things to be remembered in a technological and institutional manner This might not be make much sense and institutional manner This might not be make much sense you the reader of this review but that s ok because I m sort of writing this aragraph as a note to myself I was going to skip this idea in the review but I don t want to forget these rough thoughts as they were inspired by the book add note about the further use of technology in memory here Gotcha it s done Besides being a uirk where my family the narrative family and the authors family sort of all collide with forgetfulness what does this necessarily mean in a bigger icture is it something widespread about this time The coming of High Modernism But what would that mean to The Beauty That Remains people who aren t like that Collective lossAnyway you can rejoin the review now If you are so inclined and I haven t disgusted you with that lastaragraph This book is nice as I said above The Optical Illusions: Over 80 of the most mind-bending, brain-melting illusions ever invented problem with it is that it ends up being a collection of short stories that keeps starting and stopping It s the literary euivalent of driving with someone as they learn to use a clutch There is feeling in the book that it s trying to be BIG but the themes or at least the treatment of them isn t grand enough for a Big book But the book is big enough that it wouldossibly turn off readers who find big books to be unappealing Big books here I mean the big books the hefty tomes that The Rainbow People: A Gaudy World of the Very Rich and Those Who Served Them people wrestle with not just long books but big in theirage count and ideas So what I think I m trying to say here is that the book is a bit too ambitious but at the same time not ambitious enough and it makes the book a leasant book to read but not really too much than that This Hungarian author has invented a genealogy complete with genealogical chart going back 12 generations to the early 1700 s He focuses on the When in 1705 Kornell Csillag's grandfather returns destitute to his native Hungary from exile he happens across a gold fob watch gleaming in the mud The shipwrecked fortunes of the Csillag family suddenly take a new and marvelous turn The golden watch brings an unexpected gift to the future generations of firstborn sons clairvoyance Passed down from father to son this gift offers the ability to look into the future. Irst born males who have to varying degrees an ability to vaguely foretell the future But Tories of the Hills predicting the future doesn t mean you can do anything about it if you don t like what is going to turn up So a very well off Jewish gentleman in the 1920 s is baffled by a recurring vision that he will die from starvation Of course we know as he could not what fate awaited the Jews in most of Europe Much of European history that affected and afflicted these ancestors revolved around famines diseasesogroms starvation wars The air of the novel is heavy with the smell of smoke from burning villages We learn a lot about European history and culture through the ages People in this family drop in and out of both Jewish and Christian heritage as the mood or need for a marriage Wanderings Chaim Potok's History Of The Jews partner reuires or as circumstances demand In the end there were survivors who engendered a first born male in 1996 so the cycle continues What does the future hold We will have to ask him This is a fairly long work almost 500ages and is slow going in Manifesto places but I found it enlightening and it kept my attention I enjoyed this 460age 400 year family saga uite a lot but in the end its Feathers in the Fire point escapes me The device of the Book of Fathers was I think wasted even though the last generation in effect digitizes his contributions to the book An interesting way to learn a little something about Hungary I was disappointed that I struggled so much with this book Following twelve generations through three centuries is no easy feat especially when dealing with Hungarian vernacular While it was a well rendered story I found my lack of sympathy for the characters led to confusion when referencingrior Perder es cuestión de método patriarchs though the family treerovided some guidance in keeping the first born sons straight There seemed to me to be a disconnect between generations typically because the fathers were not extraordinary in any sense other than their gift and they came to depressingly untimely and often There Was an Old Witch premature demises Basically not one of the CsillagStern clan garnered much emotion or compassion in me to be likeable or memorable However I did find theremise of their ability to see into their Elegido por el Doblaje: Mario Castañeda: Mi historia y carrera a través de la voz (No Ficción) (Spanish Edition) past and future uite intriguing bringing into uestion the influence of destiny andredetermination I would recommend reading the author s note I Will Find You prior to finishing as it lends someerspective to Vamos motives and to Hungarian history It was an effective family saga but I was never engaged enough to appreciate this novelI received a complimentary copy of this book via the Vine Program I don t read much translated contemporary literature but this was a treat I m not sure what I was expecting Elias Canetti perhaps some kind of science fiction like story line where the ability of the first born in the family line is able to use their unusual gift toull off amazing and unexplanable feats Anyway what I got was an extremely interesting guided tour through the family history of a mostly unremarkable clan The ebb and flow of the writing was refreshing and not at all Hollywoodized especially after reading a series of religio action adventure novels It s apparently not the goal of this author to sell the movie rights While reading this book I could actually breathe and the characters were interesting and had much depth than characters in many of the other books I ve been reading recently I was articularly intruiged by the continuous string of references to Hungarian History Something I history something I woefully little about If you are like me you will be intruiged by references to ethnic fighting in the early 1700s the influx of German language and culture and the suppression of Hungarian language and culture during time of Austria Hungarian Empire hten comes WWI as well as the light of Hungarian Jews throughout the entire narrative Next you are on to WWII Communist rule and the fall of Communism and the book wraps up around 1999 Don t get me wrong this is not a history book but it is engaging historical fiction If you read this book you will find yourself constantly flipping to the front of the book where a chart of the family lineage of the main characters is El diario de las Emociones provided I found that when I had set the book aside for a couple of days that I was able to readily refresh my memory with a uick glance at that chart andick up where I left off Also if you choose to read this book I HIGHLY recommend that before you start the first chapter that you flip to the back of the book and read the author s notes and brief history of Hungary the author has God the Holy Trinity Reflections on Christian Faith and Practice Beeson Divinity Studies put togther I didn t do this until after I had read the book s theity All in all this was an enjoyable read Four solid stars and worth my time See of my book reviews on my blog Literary FlitsMy The Sarah Veitch Kane Magazine Interview partner Dave read this book before I did and said it was ok but he obviously wasn t overwhelmed by the story or the writing so I didn t rush to read it until now some eighteen or so months after itsurchase At the end of the book Vamos talks about his inspiration for the novel which is artly based on his own limited knowledge of his family which is artly based on his own limited knowledge of his family embellished with the story of twelve historic Hungarian Everymen and also with the influence of astrology because each Father in this Book Of Fathers embodies a sign of the zodiac I wish I had known that Duel Burr and Hamilton's Deadly War of Words prior to reading as I completely. Or back into history–for some it is considered a blessing for others a curse No matter the outcome each generation records its astonishing vivid and revelatory visions into a battered journal that becomes known as The Book of Fathers For three hundred years the Csillag family line meanders unbroken across Hungary's rivers and vineyards through a land overrun by wolves and bandits scarred bylague and massacre and. Failed to ick up on the astrological aspect until it was Undone Dom (Undone Lovers, pointed out to meI initially bought The Book Of Fathers because of its Hungarian author WorldReads and with the intention of learning about the country s beleaguered historyrior to our Budapest visit in September 2017 So I m very late on that second goal Vamos tells the story of Hungary from 1705 to 1999 through the linked stories of twelve men each the first born son in the family line who are almost all gifted with a supernatural gift Obviously as a feminist woman the necessity of this gift being only assed to the first born son did rankle somewhat It is only the first born son did rankle somewhat It is only literary device so surely a first born daughter or two could have been included However that gripe aside The Book Of Fathers is an interesting and rewarding novelFeaturing twelve overlapping life stories in the space of fewer than five hundred ages meant that I didn t get to know each man as well as I would have liked however I did appreciate seeing how family traits repeated across generations and understanding how events which seemed random coincidences to the Unfree Speech The Threat to Global Democracy and Why We Must Act Now people involved had actually been foretold or seemed inevitable with the benefit of a reader s oversight The central family is Jewish soersecution is a saddeningly common repeated theme across the three hundred years this novel encompasses We see succeeding generations displaced or attempting to brave out bigotry against them Names are changed as are official records of religious faith I had an increasing sense of foreboding as the story headed towards the 1930s and of course this era turned out to be horrifyingWomen as I have already mentioned aren t the Damned prime focus but I wasleased that Vamos doesn t relegate them all to wifemotherdaughter shadows Instead there are forceful characters and successful businesswomen among their ranks I didn t feel as though I was given a good sense of how the various towns and villages looked and I would have appreciated details of the characters Donut Feed the Squirrels physical surroundings I did like how Vamosortrays Abandoned Wrecks people though and could easily understand actions and motives especially in the often intense situations we encounteredOverall I did enjoy reading The Book Of Fathers and would happilyick up other Vamos novels when I saw them available He has an engaging voice and a good way of enabling readers to care about eople who come across as real and authentic They are flawed and not always likeable but I appreciated the time I spent reading their stories For some reason I was sure that I was going to like this novel even before I know what it was about When I ve read the opening lines I was ositive that I d enjoy this one I was rightThis is a well rounded epic story spending over centuries following lives of one Hungarian family The firstborn sons at some time in their life receive the books of Fathersbut they inherit something even unusual than centuries old diary The firstborn sons develop the ability to see into the ast of their redecessors and sometimes also to get a glimpse of future What does sometimes also to get a glimpse of future What does remind me of I have to say Duneand absolutely loving Dune that is a Empty plus in my book The issue ofrescience is masterfully tackled here as well Can we escape the future if we can see it What can the knowledge of history bring to us What dangers and what benefits Wonderful wonderful wonderful novel It is fascinating how well the story develops managing to connect The Magnificent Makers past times withresent The challenges of life in general remain very similar as do those of family life and fatherhood but times are very different and these changes manifest as the story develops The writer is very successful in recreating Parodie past times He has a sense for history and realizes that different times bring different customshilosophy way of thinkingUnlike some writers whose historical novels have nothing to do with historyThere is some concentration needed while reading because sometimes things change uite rapidly and there are so many things happeningunexpected events tragedies and strokes of luck are always behind the cornermaking it almost easy to lose track of what Ties That Tether person s destiny you re following at the moment I say almost because all the family members described are very uniue and that makes following their history easier Often it is the case that the son is completely unlike his father in character appearance and spirit Often the apple does fall far away from the three Yet there is something that links all the man of this family but it is not easy to define Wonderful wonderful wonderful novel I m glad I own a copy of this book for this is a novel that is worth a reread if there ever was one The only reason why I didn t give it five stars is because I didn t feel like I have established a deeper connection with this author That happens sometimes even when you truly enjoy the book you re reading and I believe me I immensely enjoyed reading this novel It is an interesting thoughtrovoking and brilliantly written family saga I didn t feel it was one of those life changing books but that doesn t mean I don t think highly of it Honestly the novel itself is uite spectacular The writing is simply brilliant I remember my first reading experience of this book uite clearly For some reason I was sure that I was going to like this. Brutalized by despots Impetuous tenderhearted and shrewd the Csillags give birth to scholars and gamblers artists and entrepreneurs Led astray by unruly Hidden Legacy passions they marry frigid French noblewomen and thieving alehouse whores They change their name and their religion and change them back They wander from home but always return and through it all The Book of Fathers bears witness to holocaust and wedding feast alik.