Ask Me No uestions) [E–pub/Pdf] ´ Marina Budhos

Nadira s family emigrated to The US From Bandgladesh A US from Bandgladesh a years ago Now they are iving in New York City on expired visas hoping to realize their dream of becoming The Painter's Daughter The Story of Sandro Botticelli and Alessandra Lippi legal US citizens But 911 changes everything Suddenly being Muslimooking different and speaking with an accent means that you are a suspected terroristWhen Nadira s father is arrested at the USCanadian border Nadira and her college bound motivated and smart sister Aisha are told to continue on as if nothing has happened But even though their teachers don t ask any uestions or pry Aisha falls apart Nothing matters to her any as she sees her dreams of college drifting awayNow it s up to uiet Nadira to be the strong one and hold her family togetherThis book is so important because it is easy to forget when you read articles in the paper about new immigration Vik Shot Callers laws that immigrants are people with families and hopes and dreams Hardworking good people who want to do things in the right andegal way but also want to provide the best ife possible for their familiesThis book is smart and powerful and it stings and most importantly it makes you think I Won T Be Able won t be able read another article about immigration aws without seeing Nadira and Aisha in my mind This story is told in first person from the point of view of a young girl in the ninth grade Nadira her family came to the US from Bangladesh on a tourist visa and ended up staying illegally after the visa expired The family did try to become What the Buddha Taught legal and met with some problems and then justet it go and stayed in the US anyways The novel tells the story of their attempt to seek asylum in Canada and what happens when they are sent back to the US and the father is detained as an illegal alien For most of the book I was distracted from the story by the author s construction of the story In the beginning Nadira is simply an of the story In the beginning Nadira is simply an of the events watching and inwardly criticizing the actions of her older sister As the drama unfolds and things become critical for the family Nadira begins to react to things and take an active role in seeking a resolution While this construction is perfectly understandable within the confines of the story the extreme character changes that take place in Nadira and her sister Aisha. You forget You forget you don't really exist here that this isn't your home Since emigrating from Bangladesh fourteen year old Nadira and her family have been iving in New York City on expired visas hoping to realize their dream of becom. ,

Ibliography The author says that this story is based on true events I completely believe that but she gives no bibliography no way to earn about story is based on true events I completely believe that but she gives no bibliography no way to earn about subject or this issue THAT is needed when you say a book is based on true events especially political events I think people believe that since they call it Fiction they don t have to prove that it s based on anything I don t believe that s how it should be Anyway I was really disappointed in this book Also the title Ask Me No uestions There were very few uestions asked that were dramatized in the book anyway This story could have been tumultuous exciting The title is such a great reference to how illegal immigrants must FEEL BUT THAT PART WASN T but that part wasn t at all As I said before I feel London A Travel Guide Through Time like this book was written by a 14 year old girl who is attempting to write a book for the first time It should have been polished A Muslim girl from Bangladesh has herife turned upside down after 911 when all Muslim men from certain middle eastern countries are reuired to register with the US government and show valid IDsHer family has Never Enough long out stayed their travel visa and have beeniving successful if illegal The Story of Car Engineer Soichiro Honda lives in the United States Her father works in a restaurant and her older sister has been nominated to be her high school s valedictorianBut now all of that success is in peril Her family has two choices drive to Canada and ask for amnesty OR continue toive illegally in the US and risk serious conseuences if discoveredIn an effort to do the right thing her family drives to Canada and is turned away only to be detained when they try to re enter the States Her mother stays on the border for many months waiting to see what will happen while the girls return home to finish out the school year though what college would possibly accept an illegal alien Why even study if they could be deported back to a place that offers Intgrale Lgendes du Monde merg little opportunity for educated womenThis was an eye opening book to read with immigration issues constantly being debated in the evening news It certainly brought toight the plight of decent hard working illegals that are trying to carve out a ife in the shadows blending in with communities but never really feeling secure or eualA must read for grades 7 10. To carry on as if everything is the same The teachers at Flushing High don't ask any uestions but Aisha falls apart Nothing matters to her any not even college It's up to Nadira to be the strong one and bring her family back together agai. Ask Me No uestions