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I am a Pride and Prejudice snob I only like the BBC version with Colin Firth as Mr Darcy and Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth Bennett While there are parts of the newer shorter harried and nuance free Hollywood version I enjoy like the supposed to be prettiest sister Jane who is actually much prettier than the actress I crept uietly up the dark stairway entered my room and tried my very best to shut the door silently behind me It thudded despite my best efforts and I cringed but Phil didn t stir in his 3 o clock in the morning slumber I sighed relieved I felt so entirely sneaky I felt as if I had cheated and there was a sting of uilt as I looked at the distorted red figures on the alarm clock through the empty Tendencje rozwojowe współczesnych zapożyczeń angielskich w języku polskim glass on the night stand Please don t wake up and look at what I see I silently begged to the shadowy outline that was Phil He didn t I climbed into bed andave up all caution trying to snag a bit of the blanket so tightly wound around him He turned over releasing his tight hold on the blanket and rested his leg on mine still asleep I relaxed and tried to sleep but after reading for 5 hours on end my mind was a frenzy of literature and as I closed my eyes I could see words Carry On, Warrior giving description to my every action From the satisfying moment I closed the book that I d begun only hours prior and ascended to the sleepy second floor of our home my motions were narrated perfectly in my head I laughed it off and enjoyed the silliness of my thoughts It reminded me of how Phil had once told me about a fishing trip with theuys They d spent so many hours cleaning their vast catch that when he went to bed he continued cleaning fish behind his closed lids That had to be what was happening to me luckily it was prose and not smelly fish Carry On! guts stealing my rest Finally I did sleep though it was a heavy dreamless sleep It is rare thing for me not to dream It was as though I had traded for the night my own colorful unpredictable imagination for the author s I needed no dreams or contemplations tonightSo this is my curse I cannot pick up aood book and put it down I must read it s entirety before I can rest I had otten the call from the library yesterday afternoon that the book I had reuested from a neighboring library had come in Yes yes another Shannon Hale masterpiece if you must pry I wasn t so sure I would like this one I like Jane Austen but wouldn t call myself a fan yet I haven t read any of her books and while I enjoyed some of the movies based on them I hesitate to admit I d felt they were dry and hard to follow at times So I used the excuse that I needed to return a few of the books which I had only borrowed last Friday so I could sneak over to the Library on my way to work I don t know why I felt the urge to keep this a secret Phil doesn t mind in any way that I love felt the urge to keep this a secret Phil doesn t mind in any way that I love Perhaps it heightened the appeal and experience of reading it I knew if I worked uickly I could have time to begin the book before heading home and how wonderful a thing to read without any interruptions Maybe that s just what it *was If I am openly preoccupied with something it s a trigger *If I am openly preoccupied with something it s a trigger is when everyone needs some thing So I read the book from start to finish unburdened by distraction And why am I publishing these thoughts to a review Does anyone actually care Probably not so much but I had the urge to type out my own thoughts to cleanse my eyelids so that I might relinuish my own dreams tonight I read this book all the way through only because I love Jane Austen and because the concept of the book was uirky and irresisistible It kind of felt like eating an entire bag of cotton candy I uess I just don t like chick lit maybe But the author of this book seems to have written mostly children s books before and this struck me as a children s book but for women And not even a well written children s book The dialogue in spots was read out loud bad and the main character was flat and just not believable At least she wasn t like any The Art of Business Process Modeling: The Business Analyst's Guide to Process Modeling With UML BPMN grown woman I ve ever met Her transformation was forced and shallowI have to admit I did like the ending though It was cute and I at least felt a little bit of payoff for finishing the book 4 stars for this Austen inspired romantic comedy Austenland has an irresistible premise for me a vacationetaway in England for ladies who can t Living by Fiction get enough of Mr Darcy or other Jane Austen heroes and want to pretend to live in her world for a few weeks Jane sreat aunt becomes aware of her Darcy obsession A while later when her reat aunt dies Jane is stunned to find out that she has willed Jane an overseas trip to Austenland where hired actors do their best to make wealthy ladies Regency dreams come true if only for a short time Jane isn t wealthy at all but she really wants the Austen ExperienceSome people are better at the whole Regency immersion thing than others It s kind of hilarious because everyone in Austenland mostly ignores the rules Jane Hayes is a seemingly normal young New Yorker but she has a secret Her obsession with Mr Darcy as played by Colin Firth in the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice is ruining her love life no real man can compare But when a wealthy relative beueaths her a trip to an English res. AustenlandO raduate from college secure a job keep a job live within their means in a large metropolis and yet they can t wear high heels without at some point falling over on their bottoms How many times is that shtick L'enfant de Schindler going to be used I have big problems with the whole idea that a woman can not be content and completely free of desperation if she doesn t have a boyfriendhusband Each chapter of this book is introduced with a history of one of Jane s failed relationships These highlight exactly how crazy desperate she is for this kind of relationship Of course they have all failed Men tend to run screaming scared from crazy womenIrony Jane is exactly the sort of woman Jane Austen was making fun with her books Because that is what her books are not romantic frolics in periodowns but social satires At first I thought maybe the irony was intentional And it may have been but it fell fall short of its mark if it was There is one point when Jane *has an epiphany and realizes that she is not Elizabeth Bennet *an epiphany and realizes that she is not Elizabeth Bennet like Mrs Bennet I expected things to turn around maybe and that she would become than she was but the change that occurred wasn t one that had me believing in its longevity While the Jane that leaves Austenland has confidence and has convinced herself she was not looking for a Mr Darcy duplicate she never convinced me she was cured In fact the end makes it abundantly clear that she s not More confident less desperate but in the absence of the sun given where she started she still has a long way too Except she Mafia Dynasty The Rise and Fall of the Gambino Crime Family got her storybook ending so where is the motivation torow It was so frustratingThe frustration was probably جولات في مغرب أمس بعيد الحماية greater for me because I know Shannon Hale can write strong female characters better than this Theirls in her Books of Bayern amazing Same Pyramid goes for theirls in Princess Academy Actually Shannon Hale can just write better than this period Honestly if someone World Class Cakes gave me this book to read without telling me who wrote it I never would have believed it to be Shannon Hale I went into Austenland hoping for a fun and lighthearted book It delivered35 starsLike the main character Jane Hayes I am also a fan of Pride and Predjudice I read this book by Jane Austen at an early age and have loved historical romance since then When I saw friends on this site reading Austenland earlier this year I had to check it outJane Hayes is 32 single and has problems staying in relationships She s obsessed with Mr Darcy and has unrealistic expectations for men Her richreat aunt finds out about her obsession and pays for an all inclusive trip to an estate in Great Britain called Pembrook ParkPembrook Park reenacts the lifestyle back in the an estate in Great Britain called Pembrook ParkPembrook Park reenacts the lifestyle back in the with full dress manners balls and servants Jane cannot break character and must interact with Pyramid Math Puzzle Challenge gentleman and other ladies during this time periodIs everyone acting or is anyone real in this Darcy obsessed place And that s where Jane starts having issues It looks like she loves New York City then she thought She setting bored with Whist walking around the ardens and embroideryThe dialogue was ood the romance was fun and this was a uick book to read I will definitely read the second book in this series because I enjoyed how Shannon Hale weaved this funny and uirky romance set during the Regency times I picked up this book at about 1030 last night thinking that I would just read the prologue to Les Ravages de la passion (5) get the basic idea and then start it tomorrow Alas it was not meant to be After about a half hour I whispered an apology to Aaron and slipped out of bed too read in the living room After reading late into the night and a uick nap okay 5 12 hours I Interpreting Gods Voice: Sharpening your hearing through meditation got up this morning and didn t stop until I finished it This book is so entertaining I read a lot and I have often had a book bring me to tears but I honestly can t remember the last time I read a book that had me laughing out loud through the entire thing The main character is obsessed with Jane Austen s writings and particularly with the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice starring Colin Firth If you haven t seen it you can borrow mine and if you don t want to see it then believe me this book is not for you The book is stuffed full of Jane Austen s best lines and references to her timeless characters And yet they clash with Jane Hayes modern world in such a funny way example Jane announced to the empty room if you re listening Big Brother I refuse to be Fanny Price When reading other reviews of this book there were not many raving reviews like mine so I have to realize that it is perhaps not the most well written book of all time but for me who related to the main character in almost every way it was PERFECT I have watched the same parts of Pride and Prejudice over and over just like the main character and even though I am somewhat embarrassed by it just like the main character I don t expect to everet over my obsession I m La Caputxeta foruda (Contes desexplicats) glad that Jane Hayes doesn t either she just has to find her own Mr Darcy. She suspects with the actors who are playing them It's all aame Jane knows And yet the longer she stays the her insecurities seem to fall away and the she wonders Is she about to kick the Austen obsession for ood or could all her dreams actually culminate in a Mr Darcy of her own. ,

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Hat don t appeal Ladies et to wear makeup along with their corsets and empire waisted dresses Cell phones are a big NO though Jane wavers between two El detective de la mafia guys Mr Nobley the one who s clearly meant to be a Darcy type Seriously I don t even know why I bother to read any PP seuels preuels re tellings or books inspired by PP They all end up being a complete and utter nonsense with the exception of Bridget Jones Diaries Austenland is no exception unfortunatelyThe premise of the book is OK 33 year old Jane Hayes is single and obsessed with Pride and Prejudice Mr Darcy just like you are admit it othe The movie is one of my favorites so I was so excited to learn that it was based on a book Unfortunately this is one of the rare cases where I enjoy the movie than the book Movie Jane was a raging Austen fangirl and just a tad pitiful which was totally relatable and made me root for her Book Jane seemed to have her life or less together so it wasn t as satisfying an experience Still a pleasant read and I totally want to visit Austenland but I think I would have enjoyed it if I had read this before watching the movie I was so engrossed in this book I read it in an afternoon If I were still a teenager this would be the book I d read over and overI hate this book SPOILER ALERTWhy I mean if it was so engrossing that I couldn t put it down why do I hate it Because Jane Hayes the main character is me except that sheets to live out my fantasy and Will of My Own gets the happy ending only found in Austen novelsJane is in her early 30s in a job she likes but does not love convinced she must embrace her spinsterhood So far soood I relate completely Her secret vice is Pride and Prejudice the BBC movie than the novel and she is in love with Mr Darcy For me it s Rhett Butler but the implication is there A Why Cats Paint: A theory of feline aesthetics great aunt spots this fantasy and beueaths to Jane a three week stay at Austenland a resort in England where people live like characters in an Austen novel I have always thought I was born in the wrong century this vacation would be a dream for me Janeets to live out her fantasy and deal with her obsession of Mr Darcy I Homo Domesticus get to read about itOkay differences Jane is beautiful she turns heads At the beginning each chapter a synopsis isiven of each of Jane s ex boyfriends There are 13 Plus her first love at age four and three other Guys If I were the main character there couldn t be so many chapters only First Love Boyfriend 6 Guy Between 6 and 7 7 10 and maybe Guy After 12 would work in my story read the book you ll et how sad *That Is Jane Makes Out With The *is Jane makes out with the attracts the men at Pembrokeit s all very ideal Without the same finesse and fine writing of Austen this book really ualifies as chicklit not fine literature Shannon Hale does echo an Austen like story Underlying commentary on the absurdity of relationships and women s fantasy loves are clear But the end is so inevitable and apparent you hope for a surprise twist She ets her No Second Chance guy in the end just like in Pride and PrejudiceSo why do I hate it Jane Hayesoes to Austenland hoping To Rid Herself Of The Dream That rid herself of the dream that day she ll meet her Mr Darcy and be swept off her feet I really hoped this book would put to rest the romantic ideal I and many other women harbour That finally there would be a book where the heroine found happiness without a man Instead this book perpetuates the dream To a tee And I have to return to the real world I can t believe I just One-Punch Man, Vol. 1 (1) gave one star to a Shannon Hale book Never thought that would happenReview originally posted hereI really like Shannon Hale s books And I love Jane Austen It has taken me this long toet around to reading Shannon Hale s Austenland because I had a suspicion I might be disappointed The book is a light uick read perfect for summer reading If you are fan of romantic comedy either in chick lit or chick flick form then you might enjoy it If you are a Jane Austen fanit is oing to depend on what type of Jane Austen fan you are If you are in the camp that loves her books and than the books the period movie adaptations of them because they are regency romances that them because they are Regency romances that historical chick lit or flicks then you might also enjoy this Neither of these things being true about me I didn t In fact I have some rather major issues with it I almost feel bad about this because I do really really like Shannon Hale s other books I almost wasn t oing to write a review I felt so bad but I have been stewing over this for a couple of days and just want to Infanterie greift an get some of it off my chestI had issues with Jane The same issues I have with all of the similar characters to her that seem to be cropping up and in this type of book or movie Jane is a single successful woman with a career and life sort of in New York City Yet she is a mess because she is a desperate husband hungry crazyirl Why do women keep L'apprentissage du bonheur getting portrayed like this We are meant to believe that theseirls are savvy enough Ort catering to Austen crazed women Jane's fantasies of meeting the perfect Regency era La Reine Morte gentleman suddenly become realer than she ever could have imaginedDecked out in empire waistowns Jane struggles to master Regency etiuette and flirts with Desert Country Slavery 1 Bait and Switch gardeners andentlemen;or maybe even. .