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The Other Queen

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Ll it isn t over Nenia s just ueen of the gorram cliff hangersThis book has it all Intrigue Magic Mystery Creepy assholes who will likely get their comeuppance because it s Nenia You ll just have to wait because it s a seriesSo disclaimer I beta read this Tunas for Nenia If you re worried I m biased you might want to read my reviews of Fearscape and Cloak Daggerirst because Nenia knows I don t hold back If I don t like something I lay it out there and try my best to explain itBut I LOVE Black BeastI love the world Nenia s crafted shifters and witches and slayers and vampires I love the characters especially David my god he s too perfect And even Finn He s so deliciously terrible And Rupert Grint should play him in the movie xThis Passport first book is likethe introduction of all the tendrils that will come together throughout the series But thatact doesn t detract අයිරාංගිනී from it like there s a plot here and though it s like theirst instalment of a serialized work it worksWell done Nenia Well done of a serialized work it worksWell done Nenia Well done look Surprassing forward to the next instalmentAndinding out wtf is up with the kitten Think you have witches all igured out like to play with those magical spells and incantations What s a little harmless hocus pocus to an average shape shifter To Catherine and others of her kind they are her worst nightmare Drawing powers rom the earth and able others of her kind they are her worst nightmare Drawing powers Breaking into Information Security from the earth and able transform into any being at will this hotheaded teenage girl is hunted sought after prey Psycho witches such as Fin wants to capture her because she breaks the rules and won t conform But this sickreak has other motives and no one is safe when he s been deemed judge jury and executioner The Slayers on the other hand merely wants her dead and don t care about exposure to the humans The blood sucking vampires are out چرند و پرند for blood then she has to worry about one of her own turning her in to the council Either way Catherine is screwed The old adage of keep yourriends close and your enemies closer will get you killed The name of the game is to stay alive and not be the next in line to disappear Nenia Campbell will cast her own mystical spell in this epic read Enjoy the journey live While I Sleep for the hunt in thisive star rea. A terrifying man who calls himself the Shadow Thane and plans to end the world in a burst of darkness and dragon The Drunkards Path fireJust in case that wasn't enough a branch of Slayers are infiltrating Catherine's town under the guise of a community youth group called Sterling RepTimes are changing and that meansor Catherine it's time to Change. ,

O is delightfully psychopathic He may be the villian or one of the legs of a love trio I am rooting for him being the main love interest because he is a rapey villainous little prick him being the main love interest because he is a rapey villainous little prick a cruel streak and Charity Begins at Home fuckloads interesting than the other shapeshifter boy Plusorbidden love And hatefuck Swoons I even picked out their song or themThe thing that settled my rating to 2 stars was that they break into "School To Release Some "to release some to save them rom their date with the vivisection next day on biology class Then instead of gathering the said bugs and getting the hell out of there so they can release them without the adrenaline out of there so they can release them without the adrenaline they open a hard to open window heroine changes into an owl and swoops as many as she can hold and then Esclavos por la patria: Un antdoto contra el olvido de la historia (No Ficcin) flies them away to safety Then repeats this a couple of times Why And I mean it WHY Did I miss something that would explain this masterplan to me Am I being a bitch that one was rhetorical no answers pleaseSoon after the book ends with no ending Like a serial book And I m left with no satisfaction just WTFeeliesDespite my annoyance at the characters and confusion I enjoyed the book The writing was good and I have hope A Higher Good for the later books Will I read rest of the series Yes and I really hope that I get my wish and the perv boy and heroine get theirreak on Remember how in City of Bones there are all these supernatural creatures like warlocks vampires and demon hunters aka Shadowhunters which Cassie cannot seem to let go ofWell welcome to a darker and improved versionRemember that cat It s importantCatherine is a Shape shifter which means she can turn into any animal or insect she likes Usually a Shifter settles on an animal by the time they hit their early teens but Catherine still hasn t been able to cement her beast This soon attracts the attention of a member of the Council think Ministry of Magic rom Harry Potter and he becomes intent on iguring out why Or destroyingfucking her Same thing really in a Campbell bookNo not you Edward Gavin would kill your assThe mythology in Black Beast is brilliant There are witches shape shifters vampireseverything is laid out l What do you mean it s overWe. Are supposed to stop changing and Catherine well hasn'tEven among her own kind Catherine is regarded as a reakTo make matters worse she'd caught the attention of the witches' Council because they think she's been dabbling in dark magic because of a stupid old book that popped up at her work And she's been having nightmares about. ,
I wrote this so I m totally biased tee hee rating my own book lol Dawn Lawson just sent me this GORGEOUS painting she tee hee rating my own book lol Dawn Lawson just sent me this GORGEOUS "painting she of Catherine The galaxy background swirling magic and lying hawk are all so beautiful and "she of Catherine The galaxy background swirling magic and እሳት ወይ አበባ flying hawk are all so beautiful and am in awe of her artistic abilities She s an author too so you should definitely check out her GR profile and website So my dearest bookriend Heather Crews just made me the absolute BEST Ormblomman fan artor this series and I am so happy because I NEVER get Feral Sins fan art and now all I want to do is look and this and cry you so much Heatheror thinking of me during Inktober and or sharing your talent 3Please go like her things and check out her books because she s amazing and I hate everything so you know she s amazing and I hate everything so you know wouldn t lie I mean I even say my own work is crap Troughout the book I went between rating it 2 and 3 stars I was bored and curious annoyed and interested and very confused about the motivation of the charactersWorld building is interesting There are different actions and our heroine is a shapeshifter What s different about shifters here was that they could change into any animal untill their puberty and then their DNA and character decides on what their permanent animal can be And we are not just talking about your everyday wolf bear lion shifter Raccoons and Kuantum 7 Adımda Kuantumla Hayatınızı Değiştirin fleas and owls This book has aucking amazing and original outlook of an overused concept in this genreAnother Na Drini ćuprija faction is the witches They rule the shit around are cruel and master y Basic witch can master an element From there we go to the ones who can master allour and they are the bad asses of the witchworldThis was all great But if I had any idea that the characters were teenagers who reasoned like teenagers I wouldn t have read this book I do not read YA gracefully and it is not The Armor of God Bible Study Book fair to both the readers and the authorsor me to rate YA books But I had already started and was intrigued so I ll yammer awayThe heroine is an angry at the world know it all annoying little cunt TEENAGE LOGIC ALERT That means stop looking 342 heures dans les Grandes Jorasses for logical actions Swim in the anger that comesrom too much hormonesI am not actually sure who the hell is main hero There is this witch guy wh. She walks the line between the hunter and the huntedVampires want her bloodWitches consider her less than humanSlayers simply want her deadAs if being in high school wasn't hard enough Catherine Pierce has to deal with a whole other set of problems that arise rom being a shifter that hasn't settled Because after puberty shifters. Black Beast (Shadow Thane, #1)