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Ur blood as you die Is that what you want Hair Plugs shook his head violently No I already have an ex wife Ba dum #dum tshhhThe foggy California nights the super cheesy evil vampire the over the top cast of #tshhhThe foggy California nights the super cheesy evil vampire the over the top cast of characters and the ever present 90s theme of a teenager who relates everything in his life to his favourite moviesbooks falling in love with the hot chick who thinks his weirdness is ust too adorable for words was eye twitchingly cliche The main characters were near intolerable Jody the Vampire being only slightly likable compared to the pouting baby Holden Caulfield wanna be that was Tommy Flood By the point in the book where he considered having sex with his vampire girlfriend while she was asleep knowing she wouldn t wake up because vampire was the end of any chance for me to like that bag of neurotic dicks Rape is never funny no matter how goofy and innocent you try to make the main character s line of thought on the matter Oh Tommy New Baby Survival Guide just doesn t understand women hochachachacha In terms of the story itself the whole book hinges on the romance between Tommy and Jody But it wasust too unbelievable and straight up silly That s right SILLY Given this a novel about vampires some might say Krystin Vampires aren t real either ust go with it But personally when the world a novel takes place in tells me magic is real bitch I need the relationships to ground the story But this A vampire meets a guy by randomdivine coincidence goes on one date asks him to move in and two days later are in love and having mind blowing sex while he s willing to risk his life to kill the evil vampire hunting his new girlfriend PUH LEASE pump your fucking brakesThe only reason this isn t getting one star is because I found Moore s writing style really moved things along at an entertaining pace and there were a few moments featuring the Emperor and his dogs that I genuinely enjoyed My sister and my husband have been swearing up and down that I would Love Christopher Moore Maybe Christopher Moore Maybe should have started with something popular like Lamb or Fluke but I didn t and now I m stuck wondering if I should even bother trying again Like all of Moore s novels I have read this one is hilarious Could this be the first post modern vampire book Romanticism has been either thrown in the corner of the closet or all together defenestrated this is nuts and bolts of how this immortal stuff works and mythbusting what doesn t Really really fun Jody was attacked by a man who bit her neck and left her for dead in an alleyway She woke up a vampire What is she going to do now Jody was twenty six and pretty in a way that made men want to tuck her into flannel sheets and kiss her on the forehead before leaving the room cute but not beautifulC Thomas Flood wants to be an author but whe. S been made for herMaking the transition from the nine to five grind to an eternity of nocturnal prowlings is going to take some doing however and that's where C Thomas Flood fits in A would be Kerouac from Incontinence Indiana Tommy to his frien.

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Re he comes from Indiana that s not an acceptable trade for a man He flees to San Francisco to starve in the city After some misadventures with too many roommates and turkey bowling at the Safeway he meets Jody and his life is never the same Turkey bowing is not recognized by the NCAA or the Olympic Committee There are no professional tournaments sponsored by the Poultry Farmers of America and the footwear companies do not manufacture turkey bowling shoes Despite this lack of official recognition the fine and noble tradition of skidding the buzzard is practiced nightly by supermarket night crews all over the nationChristopher Moore takes on the vampire genre and it s not his best effort If you re going to read one of not his best effort If you re going to read one of books I recommend Lamb The Gospel According to Biff Christ s Childhood PalIt s still ridiculous fictional literature but I enjoyed the characters in Lamb In Blocksucking Fiends everybody reads like one clich after another In another time she would have called a girlfriend and spent the evening on the phone being comforted She would have eaten a half gallon of ice cream and stayed up all night thinking about what she was going to do with her life But that was another time when she had been a personAnd perhaps that was Moore s point It was as if he was mocking the sub genre of vampire novels by his one dimensional characters and thin plotOr maybe it #is ust a sub par effortI don t think I ll be picking up the other books in #just a sub par effortI don t think I ll be picking up the other books in series 31 MAY 2020 Currently 199 on US KindleBlog TwitterRead this with the MacHalosThis is my first Christopher Moore book and now I want to read all his stuff It s funny and uirky and exactly my type of book Jody is a newly turned vampire and she meets Tommy who becomes her human helper He does all the stuff she can t do during the dayTommy also works at a grocery store He is nineteen Jody is twenty six He and a group of guys who work there are always drinking and playing with the food and stuff Tommy is this type of character who ust goes along with everything and is a wannabe writer and from a small town
doesn t know much yetThere a character named The Emperor who is homeless and has two dogs He is ready for a war against a bad vampire the one who turned Jody There are two police officers who are totally confused because there are murders but they can t establish a trail since some of the bodies are drained of blood some aren t and other clues don t add upThe writing style is kind of rambling and definitely silly It was originally written in 1995 or so Outside of some dated chick lit things like Jody complaining she ll never be able to lose those five pounds now that she is a vampire and insisting she is a size smaller than she really is it s fun and wackyAnd vampires Definitely continuing. Ds is biding his time night clerking and frozen turkey bowling in a San Francisco Safeway But all that changes when a beautiful undead redhead walks through the door and proceeds to rock Tommy's life and afterlife in ways he never imagined possib.