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Blossoms in the Wind Human Legacies of the KamikazeR his subjects gives him A Very Strong Identification With very strong identification with You get the impression he would very much have liked to be a kamikaze Getting inside their minds like that while distasteful allows him to tell their stories effectively so he gets another star backThat makes three stars although it really is a four star book First of all let s say that this is really a 4 12 star review not a 4 star review The half star is lost as a result of my personal prejudice against the sort of history that writes Francis Drake walked down the Plymouth street stroking his beard and his jewelled sword hilt sparkling in the summer sun in other words writing history as a novel and filling in sentences with nverifiable but eminently plausible details Sheftall does this sometimes when describing some historical events where the information came from secondary sourcesFor the most part though this book is based on primary sources Sheftall s interviews with those who lived through the times he is describing and we can assume that when he writes a description this is based on the actual memories of the intervieweeI am in awe of this Studs Terkel like approach for two reasons Firstly from a purely linguistic basis Sheftall conducted all these interviews in a notoriously difficult foreign language which has Cast Iron Rесіреѕ: Inсrеdіblе Cast Iron Rесіреѕ Yоu Shоuld Trу undergone many changes since the time when the events described took place Terms and nuances inse in the period described may be almost incomprehensible even to native speakers of today s Japanese Secondly he was interviewing a somewhat secretive group of people carrying an enormous burden of emotional and cultural baggage whom one might expect to act defensively towards any outsider let alone a foreigner from a country with whom they were at warThe fact that Sheftall not only managed to penetrate this thick shell but also managed to extract some genuine responses is a matter for praise of the highest kind It Blind Man's Bluff: The Untold Story of American Submarine Espionage undoubtedly helped as he mentions at one point that he is a graduate of West Point and the fact that he is an alumnus of an lite military establishment helped to form a bond with these extraordinary peopleThe personal stories read very smoothly indeed and though it is not necessary to have a background knowledge of Japanese culture and language to appreciate the finer details of the plot I definitely felt that it helped menderstand a little Again kudos to Sheftall for introducing an alien culture to his readers WITHOUT CONDESCENSION OR OBSCURITYSO NOW TO THE to his readers WITHOUT CONDESCENSION OR OBSCURITYSO NOW TO THE MOST condescension or obscuritySo now to the content Most of tokk the suicide tactics seem to regard the suicide pilots as either hapless Head To Toe Healing unwilling dupes driven to their deaths by REMFs of the worst kind or as fanatic Emperor worshippers screaming Banzai as they rode their death chariots to certain flaming oblivion The truth if we are to believe the survivors is much complexSheftall has explored the psychology of. Cks to defend their homeland But what of those men who took the sacred oath to die in battle and lived Soon after the 911 attacks ethnographer MG Sheftall was givennprecedentedly intimate access to the cloist. This is a must read for anyone interested in the Pacific War Japanese culture or language Sheftall s insight comes through like a bell in this book of firsthand interviews with Japanese men and women who experienced the warHe introduces s to men Who Trained For Kamikaze Missions Giving Us for kamikaze missions giving s look at them as human beings and not the typical crazed lunatics are often portrayed as in old movies We also meet those who supported them and learn how they felt about the warI also read write and speak Japanese In the past 25 years I have interviewed 97 Japanese WWII army and navy veterans so can say from experience that Sheftall knows his stuff He is also a gifted creative writer This book is not a dry boring textbook but reads like a suspense noveland the best part is its all true This is one of my favorite books on the Pacific War The best part of this book is the 10 or so individual stories mini biographies really in the book The author interviewed most of these people in person and relates their stories pretty effectively I was afraid initially that some of this work was going to assume to much and I think in the beginning some of his portrayals show that the author is writing into some of the characters than he could know about their inner thoughts and attitudes of some of the people Several people died before the author began writing so not attitudes of some of the people Several people died before the author began writing so not with his deeply personal relation of their experience motives or thoughts If you are interested in getting into the heads of the people who volunteered for Air or Naval kamikaze duty the mini biographies in this book are the best way I ve run across to get there The author points out that the surviving kamikaze volunteers veterans associations push a white washed version of the war to the younger generation of Japanese One where they blame accounts of torture or war crimes on propganda and the lies of enimies Many of these piolots were probably never around POWs like other members of the Japanese armed forces But there are to many eye witness acounts and evidence to excuse their white washing The author notes it and does not point out this version of correct history is wrong though he stops short of agreeing with it Excellent and well research story of kamikaze pilots in WW2 Interviews with surviving pilots gives an accurate picture of the mindset of the Japanese nation during the war I recommend reading this along with Fly Boys This is a four star bookBut I had to take off three stars because the author did something Culture Shock Malaysia unforgivable like a Hollywood hack writing about a serial killer he fell in love with his subjectsHowever the surviving Kamikazes and families of kamikazes do give extremely frank and honest accounts and they probably wouldn t have opened their dark hearts had the author not loved them sonconditionally so I ll give back one starFurther his admiration fo. In the last days of World War II the Japanese nleashed a new breed of warrior They were the kamikaze idealistic young men believing there could be no greater glory than to sacrifice their lives in suicide atta.


Wartime Japan in some depth Certainly there Is Some Truth In Some Of The some truth in some of the but other factors such as family loyalty peer pressure and simple military discipline also played a part and Sheftall displays an nderstanding of these motives that can only have come from the convictions expressed by those whom he interviewed for this bookA sidenote as a non military Briton it has always struck me how reluctant American armed forces are to accept fatalities in battle The figures for American deaths in the American War in Viet Nam or the recent Irai invasion for example are almost grotesuely disproportionate to the numbers of deaths experienced by their adversaries and even to the numbers for collateral damage caused by the fighting It may be that since the USA bore the brunt of the Pacific be that since the USA bore the brunt of the Pacific and certainly US forces suffered most from the Japanese suicide attacks this reluctance may be a key factor in the global judgement and condemnation of the tokk tactics Certainly Soviet forces while not employing deliberate suicide tactics were willing to risk much heavier casualty rates than the US and even the British accepted very high death rates in Mod Strømmen Mod Strømmen units such as the RAF fighter suadrons in the Battle of Britain the tally ho mentality of goingp against overwhelming odds was prevalent In these three cases Japan the USSR and the UK the home country was in danger of invasion and occupation where the USA was never India Hicks: Island Style under such threatIn any event Sheftall makes it perfectly credible to the reader that an intelligent young man with his life before him could willingly strap himself into a plane that he was barely capable of flying with the confident hope that he would never return Though he does not praise the tactics or the philosophy behind it the kamikaze become much intelligible as the result of his interpretationThe end of the book is perhaps the most disturbing in some ways as he examines the attitudes of the survivors of thesenits towards today s Japan which they regard as having been emasculated by the American victors Again we most Japanese and foreign residents of Japan are expected to loathe and detest the black sound trucks that make the streets hideous and I am sure that Sheftall does not agree with all the rants that spew from these people However he does go a long way to explaining why these views exist and it is far from being a mindless my country right or wrong or a misplaced #sentimentality for the comradeship of men at war For this insight alone he # for the comradeship of men at war For this insight alone he praiseI highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to know about Japan not just the Japan of then but also that of today Though no one can describe any society with 100 percent accuracy and perhaps Japanese society is indescribable than any other this book makes perfect sense to me and crystallises many thoughts that have been lurking at the back of my min. Ered community of Japan's last remaining kamikaze corps survivors The result is a poignant and Darkness Creeping Twenty Twisted Tales unforgettable glimpse into the lives and mindsets of former kamikaze pilots who never completed their final mission.

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