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Mortelle Adle, Tome 14: Prout atomique eLove libraries and Iven work in one This was just too boring my tastes It kept me busy in one This was just too for my tastes It kept me busy I was reading it but when it was over it was over Nothing really stood out and i wasn t thoroughly La Tnbreuse Escorte (Bien Belle Compagnie t. 3) entertained It reminded me of the Seinfeldpisode with the Library Police An overdue book and they come hunting you down Just please return your books If you like libraries you will LOVE this book If you like libraries of the pre Internet « Si je reviens un jour » - Les Lettres retrouvées de Louise Pikovsky (RDL.BD) (French Edition) era card catalog circulation stampstc you will LOVE this book EVEN The premise is that the Oakland Public Library Mindplayers employs a special police forceuipped with a SWAT team guns forensic Cahiers du genre, N° 45 : Les fleurs du mâle : Masculinités sans hommes ? experts and so much tonforce library violations such as overdue books damaging library materials Los Animales Puros etc The team led by special agent Ray is called into investigate the theft of a precious incunabula on loan from the Library of Congress which has been replaced with anxpertly made forgery It s incredibly funny full of book nerd jokes which may not be that funny to non book nerds but I personally found them hysterical and sure to fulfill the fantasies of many librarians who have ver wished they had special forces on their side ps I also really liked Shiga s drawing style he uses the physical. Police have less than three days to recover the stolen item It’s a race against the Police have less than three days to recover the stolen item It’s a race against the as our heroes use very tool in their arsenal of library uipment to find the book and the mastermind who stole itWill the detectives catch. ,

I forgot how I stumbled upon this gem and so glad I did Oakland Public Library 1973 A rare book has been stolen and it s up to A rare book has been stolen and it s up to Bay of the Library Police to solve the case Filled with library and archival tech jargon to make me sueal with njoyment Witty and oh so njoyable This is one of those books I m thinking How in peace name did I mange to get my hands on this It is a strange concept where the normal murder noir setting is now one of a book robbery and a hardened policeman trying to robbery and a hardened policeman trying to it back I like it though The comic medium seems made to xecute these kind of original strange concepts very wellUltimately though I think the story would have benefitted from words and Cocorico je sais lire ! avec les P'tites poules - Mthode de lecture syllabique et progressive ds 5 ans explanation to show us as readers what s going on If you like the idea of librarians as heroes but want something a bit grittier than The Librarians tv show this is the book for you I m definitely adding it to my potential gifts for librarian friends list The only downside is how short the book was I want Because it s based in the Oakland Public Library Lots of great inside librarian jokes in it Super cute book Absurdly technical and also simply absurd I think the card catalog fight scene at thend was my favorite part Ripped from today’s headlines Bookhunter fires off and you can’t uit reading The xcitement is fulfilling The year is 1973 A priceless book has been stolen from the Oakland Public Library A crack team of Bookhunters aka library.

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Environment of the library to remarkable ffect in many of his scenes Now I need to check out his other books Oh my god this was ridiculous Pointless Surprisingly technical AmazingNo big descriptors here There are library police A book theft It s drawn brilliantly in a library Only two books were menaced And there is a phenomenal chase scene involving a card catalog that it is now my life goal to physically Recreate It Is Readable Here It is readable here read it Brilliant Another small press comic read Many times there is a good reason one of the large publishers isn t carrying a work But other times you get something really fun and niche like Bookhunter Bookhunter is about Library Police in a world where they hunt down stolen books like Seal Team 6 hunts down terrorists This Is Uick Fun Absurd And Super Nerdy With A is uick fun absurd and super nerdy with a of technical mess about book binding and such I d describe it to convince you to go read it but it s free online at so just go there and give it a shot Kudos for carrying this ridiculous concept all the way through and investing a clearly significant amount of Les mystres de Druon de Brvaux (Tome 4) - In anima vili effort in learning all sorts of technical details about bookbinding 1970s phone systemstcAdditionally fun for me because of the local setting. This scoundrel Find out In Bookhunter The Greatest Bookhunter the greatest of the new millennium What a roller coaster ride of xcitement What an unexpected twist takes place Do not begin Bookhunter unless you are prepared to finish it in one sitting. Bookhunter
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