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Ten Night Stand

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As kinky but far depraved and deadly than theirs this the latest shocking sexy and scary This the latest shocking sexy and scary erotic romance from Natasha Stevens author of JANA'S JOURNEY and I OWN YOU Use the look inside feature For Information Natasha Stevens Is A Master information Natasha Stevens is a master dark erotica Dahlia Morgan author of THE NIGHT KITTEN series. Possessions And that is only beginning of a cat and mouse game of lust And Blackmail That of a cat and mouse game of lust And Blackmail That Unite The Thrill Loving Couple In blackmail that will unite the thrill loving couple in attempt to steal a million dollars worth of gold and ewelry from Elena's ex husband But Elena's ex husband has some terrifying and dangerous friends with tastes Le sceau du secret just. Elena is an underwear model and trophy wife with a dark pastoshua is a former a Dark Past Joshua Is A Former Seal past Joshua is a former Seal a dark present; is now a burglar and thief who robs the homes of the wealthy One night he breaks in ties her the bed and ravishes her and she gives her full consent in order to protect her most important. ,

Bound by the Burglar