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Y but because it was hot This one is missing the hotness factor for me There is still noncontorture but the descriptions lacked something It felt like a lot of scenes that started building up to a nice long torturesex session instead got shorted by some interruption or other to keep the plot moving There s telling and less showing overallAt aroung 78% there was He d been fucked fisted beaten defiled and degraded and I thought huh this is what I paid for Why am I just getting a little teaser mention that it happened Would have loved a fisting scene Or the training in detail Intead got a lengthy hallucinationdream sex sceneLooks like there will be a book 3 and I ll probably buy it but because of book one not this volume Finally I Was So Happy To See This Seuel so happy to see this seuel the crazy nding from the last book I was dying for of this story This one contains verything the first dying for of this story This one contains verything the first provided though this book was a bit Kaamelott, Tome 2 : Les Siges De Transport easier to take We see of the slaves including Danny number X who has not been doing well since Eric s number IX apparent demise When this story begins there is so much hope that Danny and the others will be saved but of course that would be tooasy What comes next is a shadow of what we saw in the first We learn that Danny still has hopes of scaping and now thinks Jeff is his ticket to freedom There are twists and turns and many manipulations and again we are left with many uestions Definite 45 star read for me Although this is totally worth the price I didn t feel it was nearly long nough I really hope we don t have to wait too long for the next installmen. 's cruel masters forced into a life of bondage and intense sadomasochism and pushed beyond his LA MAISON DE L'ABBAYE: Les chroniques dEdward Holmes sous la rgence du duc de Bedford et durant la cruelle et sanglante guerre entre les Armagnacs et les Bourguignons every physical mental and sexual limitDoes Jeff have the willpower tondure such unspeakable treatment and find a means of scape Or is he doomed to follow in Danny's footsteps doomed to be broken down into the perfect slave.

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I really wanted to like both Breakdown Motel 12 after reading the summaries i was really After reading the summaries I was really to read them both it seemed like there was an interesting intense plot and interesting intense sex scenes Alas not so much In both books the authors flaked out on the plot skimming over pretty much all of the important plot points but in this one they ven dared to skim the Dtruite : J'ai pous un pervers narcissique (Rcits, tmoignages) edgy sexy parts Without theselements I m not sure what the point of the book is I m really bummed about this because like I said arlier I REALLY REALLY Wanted To REALLY REALLY wanted to these books To be honest I just bought this because I thought this would be the nd and I d find out how Danny got out Nope I
m so bummed 
so bummed you loved Breakdown Motel part 1 you will love this one too This is pretty the same kind of story The plot is just a little better And there will be a book 3 Like the first book this one was packed with lots of kinky sadistic content But unfortunately the hotness factor of the previous book was sadly lacking in this one And the cliffhanger Les Rois Mages ending wasxtremely frustrating I ll probably buy the next one when it s published but if it doesn t recapture the hoterotic feel that the first book Manhunting evoked then I think I m gonna call it uits with this series Trixie gets pulled over by an honest cop while she had a bag full of ualudes She is taken to the station where she pays too much attention to Danny s missing person photo The cop Jeff follows Trixie back to the motel where he is caught by Mason The rape torture and brutality are still all here but are concentrated on Jeff I liked the corn cob of. Missing for nearly a year after disappearing into the New Mexico desert during a roadtrip Danny Major has been presumed dead his case closed But when Jeff Kenton a stubborn young sheriff's deputy uncovers newvidence of Danny's fate he refuses to ignore it ven though his suspicions may implicate the very men he trust. .
Doom and as did Jeff Danny and Jeff form a strong bond much like the one Danny and lX shared and help keep ach form a strong bond much like the one Danny and lX shared and help keep The Ghostfaces each sane Injoyed this book than the first because it showed that the human spirit cannot be completely broken I found the torture and breaking of Jeff to be well done The Le Grand Silence ending wasxcellently worked out I can t see a third book but I ll sure buy it if there is OkThis one a bit brutalThis time we get Jeff who s a cop and has stumbled onto Motel X after arresting TrixieDanny our poor boy from book one subdues Jeff because he can t stand to be left alone after Ericand Mason wants Danny to be himself again cough view spoiler He can t get it up since he thinks Eric is dead hide spoiler Set 1 year after the vents of Breakdown Motel this is just as dark and depraved It made sense to
me given how 
given how cop managed to get himself captured Everyone is in on the sick twisted actions going on so invariably someone is going to start asking uestions and not believing the answers Twisted all to hell and back this one gives you of the same non con slavery and degradation And the nding WTF Again this is fantasy and not meant to represent real life BDSM although perhaps the sex trafficking is not so far off the mark shrugs MehEverything Ery said Especially thisAt around 78% there was He d been fucked fisted beaten defiled and degraded and I thought huh this is what I paid for Why am I just getting a little 25 rounded up This was a bit of a letdown for me after book one I have to be honest I liked the first book not because it was superbly written or a great stor. S and works with His hunch leads him out into the desert to the remote and mysterious Motel X There he uncovers a shocking world of sex pain and submission a world where brutal beatings psychological torture and xtreme sexual training are the norm And before long Jeff finds himself trapped in the clutches of the motel. Breakdown Motel Part 2