[E–pub] (Burn Baby Burn Whoosh Bam Pow #2)

Burn Baby Burn Whoosh Bam Pow #2Good but not as good as the first oneLike the headline says the first book was better Still not a bad read Oddly focused on the bad guys you can actually empathize despite how awful they are The themes are down to earth despite the fantastic owers I felt some things came out of nowhere Also this one gives up any retense of being a comedy although there is humor Stick with Nobody Gets the Girl unless you REALLY like downer storiesThis book starts out ok and it has some good ideas and things you don t see elsewhere has some good ideas and things you don t see elsewhere it is on a downward slope retty much from the beginningIt starts off Snowballin pretty negative and only manages to go down from thereBy the end you will look back ad the sad beginning of the story as the highlight and happy time of the bookTherotagonist don t have much redeeming ualities about them and the so called hero s are worseThere is not much of a No One Is Unemployable plot and It ends very suddenly We also don t get a resolution of many of the issues that come up during the story So while the book wonders all over thelace in search of a lot it s ending still manages to feel forced and rushedI liked the first book and that was a retty dark story as far as superhero stories go but this one never gets as high up as the lowest The Science of Ocean Waves point in that storyAnd with the sad excuse of an ending it hasretty much no redeeming valueI would have given it a one but it has some original ideasI would have given it a three if it had a Epitaph: A Novel of the O.K. Corral plot or an actual ending that didn t come out of nowhere and seam to be very forcedTo bad because I was hoping for better I should have gone with my impression from the sample But I figured it was just a slow start Who knew the sample would be the highoint I do love superheroes Comics movies and novels it does not matterI read the Credo Historical and Theological Guide to Creeds and Confessions of Faith in the Christian Tradition previous volume in this series about this time last year I had a lot of fun reading itSo Iicked this one up knowing some of what I had in store for me And I was not disappointedThis book Die sanfte Zen-Atmung: Das Anti-Aging-Geheimnis der Japanerinnen picks up a few monthsyears after Nobody Gets the Girl The story follows two of the minor villains from therevious book as they look for Monster purpose in a world without their megalomaniacal former leaderTheair end up causing uite a stir and draw the attention of the United States Government The US sanctions an Avengers like group called the Covenant to track them down and capture themLots of action intrigue and sci fi madness ensueIt has been a long time since I last rooted for the bad guys so strongly I disliked both villains in the first book but here I got to know about them I started to sympathize with themThe stakes are high and the action robust Once again James Maxey delivers the superhero goods My review should be taken with a grain of salt for I did not finish this book Reading self Tamako Sia published novels is seldom rewarding than a tedious chore They re generallyoorly written The Wild Swan poorlylotted Hermit in the Himalayas The Journal of a Lonely Exile poorlyroofed World War Z An Oral History of the Zombie War poorlyrinted and just Bernardijeva soba poorly executed all around So I m excited to say James Maxey s Burn Baby Burn is none of the above While it does lack theolish that a ublishing house complete with a full staff of rofessional editors copyeditors and Women and Tradition A Neglected Group of Folklorists proofreaders couldrovide it still manages to professional editors copyeditors and Snappy Crocodile Tale DK Readers L3 proofreaders couldrovide it still manages to both immensely readable and insanely enjoyable With that extra layer of Skyfire The Seven Signs polish Burn Baby Burn could be a truly great novel Or at least a great superower novel as I doubt anyone not interested in the genre would enjoy it That s the book s only real flaw that it is unlikely to be accessible to anyone outside its built in target audience Overall Burn Baby Burn is fun action The Idea of Propaganda A Reconstruction packed humorous and at timeshilosophical In other words it s everything you could ask for from super ower fiction outside of four colors 3 stars by a power fiction outside of four colors 3 stars by a dangling above a recipiceJust as with Nobody Gets the Girl Burn Baby Burn is an enjoyable if not One More Theory About Happiness particularly overwhelming story Unlike the first book however this one gets off to a rather clumsy start and I was really wondering after the few dozenages if I should continue Let s just say the reachiness that one character loves to spew as an apparent justification for well the injustice around them and being Pit Geek and Sundancer are supervillains in an age when superheroes have been outlawed After years in hiding the two team up for a series of spectacular bank robberies that threatens to disrupt the world economy When a new government sanctioned team. Nflicted by them after all what better way to make it a better world than by destroying the current one gets a bit tiresome Thankfully things do Olivia and the Billionaire Cattle King pick up and it even includes some deliciously bizarrelot turns as it races to a conclusion Plus I was than happy that Nobody was not included in this book as his forced humour shades of Spidey on a run of bad Saving CeeCee Honeycutt puns was the worstart of Book 1Again the story drips with the time honoured gooey goodness that is the gray area between what it means to be a hero or a villain What or Velva Jean Learns to Drive perh This book is a seuel to Nobody Gets the Girl but it is really a stand alone novel in the same universe The supervillain main characters Sundancer formerly Burn Baby and Pit Geek were secondary characters in Nobody Gets the Girl here they become the antiherorotagonistsJames Maxey s superhero universe is as creatively disordered as any comic book universe There are aliens There are supergeniuses who have literally remade the world There are wormholes in space Rising Strong powers that literally bend time and space with theotential to do so on an apocalyptic scale fifty foot tall babies with guns for a head a race of supergenius chimpanzees created as a byproduct of a supervillain s science experiment and so onThe Το Ωρολόγιον του Αγίου Σουλπικίου problem with superhero novels is that it s very hard to capture the tone of a comic book with its epic four color smackdowns and blend of advanced alien civilizations ancientagan gods vampires magic users from another dimension mutants gadgeteers with ultra tech weapons and whatever else fits a articular character concept without being very silly on the age But James Maxey does it Burn Baby Burn starts out relatively tame Sundancer and Pit Geek former minions of Sundancer s father the nearly omnipotent Rex Monday are living life on the lam Sundancer who has incredible flame Babes in the Wood powers is a bitter angry terrorist who believed in her father s vision of burning down a corrupt civilization Pit Geek who can literally eat anything and also regenerate from any damage has no memories of hisrevious existenceThey make an odd scary violent yet somehow likeable if you can ignore all the killing coupleWhen Sundancer gets the bright idea to rob banks she thinks big She doesn t just take money she starts a campaign of terror to convince She doesn t just take money she starts a campaign of terror to convince that their money will never be safe in a bank Creating a run on banking institutions she and Pit Geek begin destabilizing the economy in a matter of daysAt this Windy City Blues Tunnel Vision 2 VI Warshawski Mysteries in 1 VI Warshawski Novels Audio point the government reluctantly accepts the help of a semi outlaw band of superheroes called the Covenenant They consist of Raildancer daughter of Dr Knowbokov who was Rex Monday s old arch rival Ap a young man who can literally code newowers for himself or receive new ones coded for him by his eager online fans and Servant an invincible Superman figureChapters alternate between Sundancer and Pit Geek and the Covenant All of them turn out to have complex backgrounds and the author takes advantage of the novel form to make them all interesting and complicated Gilded Lives Fatal Voyage people than can be developed in a comic book Ap is gay and spent some time on the streets as a teenrostitute this causes friction with Servant who is a born again Christian Except Servant it turns out just might be a literally born again superhero as in his Wonder Woman Warbringer previous life he was a drug dealing supervillain now supposedly deadWhile there are chapters spent on revealing secret origins theurpose of the story is of course to bring these two groups into superpowered conflict and their fights are literally Earth shaking After Sundancer AND PIT GEEK GET AWAY THE Pit Geek get away the time they flee to the island nation of Pangea ruled by super intelligent chimpanzees This does not sit well with the Covenant who scheme to find a way to retrieve the wanted terrorists notwithstanding Pangea being a sovereign stateOn Pangea which was a development that seemed to come out of almost nowhere yet it fit into this superhero world just fine we learn a bit about chimp culture and the chimp factions before there are villainous lots exposed a tragic secret unearthed about the fate of Pit Geek and Sundancer and finally another battle Of heroes known as the Covenant appears to halt their crime wave Sundancer and Pit Geek are forced to take desperate measures to retain their freedom When they finally run out of laces to hide can the world survive when Sundancer unleashes the full. His time to save the worldIf this all sounds very epic and exciting and highly improbable it is But the charm of Burn Baby Burn is that unlike many other superhero novels I ve read This One Doesn T Dial Down The one doesn t dial down the of the superheroics or the absurd science or try to make everything strictly realistic yet it still reads as Monster plausible on theage within the context of this universe if you can suspend your disbelief that far It is very much like reading a comic book without A Sudden Fearful Death William Monk pictures yet it manages to be just as fun The final chapters are as epic as they are ridiculous with Sundancer and Pit Geek teaming up with the Covenant to stop a hundred naked headless Sundancer clones unleashed by an evil chimpanzee mad scientist from destroying human civilization And then there is a sad and surprisingly touching coda to the relationship that has evolved between Sundancer and Pit Geek Burn Baby Burn will not appeal to those who don t have an appreciation for the aesthetics and logic of superhero comics but if you do I d rate this and James Maxey srevious book Nobody Gets the Girl as among the better superhero novels out there This second book in fact was significantly better than the first both in terms of character and All We Ever Wanted plot development and inolished writing 4 stars but like 45 This seuel to 2003 s Nobody Gets the Girl ups the uotient of weird wacky comic book fun The focus is rimarily on the two surviving villains from the last book Pit Geek can eat anything by warping space time Sundancer s ower appears to be flying and shooting flames but this is really a byproduct of her ability to open tiny wormholes within her body and let energy flow through themThe war between two evil genius scientists is over The good guys won although of the trilogy know that in this universe the distinction between heroes and villains is often just a matter of opinion Pit Geek and Sundancer begin robbing banks because they don t really know what else to do This leads them into conflict with a new team of superheroes known as know what else to do This leads them into conflict with a new team of superheroes known as Covenant and it also leads to war between humans and a new race of highly evolved chimpanzees This novel is full of zany new superpowers Pit Geek is essentially an inter dimensional zombie who cannot be killed An army of naked headless women attack the South Pacific The world s first open source superhero allows the ublic to upload computer code to modify his abilities A sentient alien robe known only as Space Donut travels through seven dimensions The battle scenes are epic the stakes are higherI give the book a lot of credit for sheer imagination It reminded me a lot of some of Joe R Lansdale s off beat stories like Dread Island The Drive In Bus Tour and the Ned the Seal series Unfortunately Burn Baby Burn lacks the complex human relationships that grounded Nobody Gets the Girl and elevated it into a meaningful story about responsibility moral ethics and family ties There is a charming romantic element to Pit Geek and Sundancer s story but even this is too straightforward and uncomplicated to create real narrative depth Without meaningful characters this is no than a simple adventure romp like you might find in any comic book Which is not necessarily a bad thing Being a big fan of James Maxey s Nobody Gets the Girl I was eagerly looking forward to his next foray into the super hero world As soon as I saw Burn Baby Burn I down loaded it to my Nook I wanted to take my time really savor this book But I couldn t do it Burn Baby Burn was just too exciting too awesome to Scaling up Excellence put down I read this book in a day I couldn This is an amazing follow up to Nobody Gets the Girl In fact I ll go so far as to say that it is better in just about every way than the first bookI ve always been a sucker for books where the lines of good and evil are not clear cut Sunday was brainwashed by her father Pit was damaged and confused ServantOgre was a conflicted bully None of them were completely innocent nor were they completely guiltyThe nods to Nobody Gets the Girl were nice while I appreciated that no knowledge of the first book was reuired in order to enjoy the second book. Force of her solarowers Burn Baby Burn follows the events of Nobody Gets the Girl The novel stands alone if you haven’t read Nobody but does contain spoilers as the characters discuss changes in the world following the events of the earlier novel. ,