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This book was featured in the Nota Benes section of the SeptOct 2016 issue of World Literature Today Magazinehttpwwwworldliteraturetoday somewhere in the background of the painting Three stars from me usually means I didn t much like it but in this case it means I ve now read nearly every available Tsepeneag book available like it but in this case it means I ve now read nearly every available Tsepeneag book available English and this seemed like a little of the same though that same is thoroughly enjoyable scrupulously constructed within a fragmented facade free spirited and doleful grounded in practic. The writer narrator of The Bulgarian Truck has hit upon a new techniue for constructing a novel which he calls a building site beneath the open sky but he can't a building site beneath the open sky but he can't to persuade his widely read wife Marianne a character from an earlier novel of his that it's any good She is in New York receiving treatment for a mysterious condition hitherto unknown to medical science and her sardonic. .

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Camionul bulgarNovel as the translator writes also about the art of translation and the frustration of being a Romanian ex pat writing in French the book takes potshots at translators and the author s frustration at relying on them to reach a wider English audience Derived in part from the oneiric movement the text s unpunctuated sections which comprise the oneiric content are the least coherent however provide a dreamy depth to what otherwise might be seen as an extended old man s lament at becoming extinct in the digital age. Imately revealed to be nothing but a literary device *INTERSPERSED AMONG THE HAPLESS NARRATOR'S ACCOUNTS *among the hapless narrator's accounts his novel's growing pains the story of the characters he has invented Tsvetan a Bulgarian truck driver and Beatrice an impenetrable French erotic dancer haunted by a childhood obsession With Hedgehogs Unfolds According To Its Own hedgehogs unfolds according to its own logic before hurtling to a fatal conclusi. Al humanism and imbued with a casually cosmopolitan literariness that s a consistently pure delight to this bookworm The Bulgarian Truck by Dumitru Tepeneag is the first book ever to be as a building site beneath the open sky and not a novel This mixture of unpunctuated Duras inspired about a murderous Bulgarian truck driver and the author narrator s ailing long distance email and phone relationship with a successful writer and other women with similar names is a self conscious marvel An anti. Advice imparted over the telephone only hinders the novel's progress Meanwhile the narrator's extra marital affair with Milena a young Slovak novelist who writes in French is turning sour not helped by the large age difference between them and THE FACT THAT HER PARISIAN PUBLISHER fact that her Parisian publisher far prestigious than his The affair ends after an acrimonious exchange of e mails in which she is ult.