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Celebrity Inc35 Interesting look at the very big business of celebrity especially from a branding standpoint Rounding down for a few things stated as fact that struck me as ure assumption or at least not very deeply investigated ie I m not sure you can lay Jersey Shore and assorted Housewives and faux backwoods duck hunters suarely at the feet of the American consumer s insatiable need and absolve the media companies of any blame at all in creating "these atrocities Very interesting and extremely over riced at 1235 for "atrocities Very interesting and extremely over Golden Gates priced at 1235 for This was an engaging read full of funny commentary and interesting insightsThough notarticularly interested in cel This review originally appeared on Feeding My Book Addiction concept of celebrity in today s information overloaded and social media saturated culture fascinates me I have no idea what useful skills the Kardashian clan has that allows them to command millions of dollars a year for appearances endorsements and their chain of reality television shows I often wonder why I m drawn to the tawdry tell all magazines at the supermarket checkout line rather than the ones with the delicious looking meals and Gone promises of easy recipes inside I certainly don t understand Bieber Fever I think I m too old nor do I get why celebrities have so many followers on Twitter Yet none of these uestions or thoughts stop me from checking the Huffington Post s Celebrityage on my cell Outland: Der geheime Planet phone s HuffPost app at least once a day for the lastest celebrity gossip I find that the Huffrovides me with a great overview of several celebrity media outlets so I only have to go to one lace for all my news Yes I ve thought this out What does that say about me Well I m not so sure What I am Sure Of Is That of is that Piazza s tell all book Celebrity Inc How Famous People Make Money is an eye opening and salacious account of the inner workings of the Hollywood Industrial Complex Us average eople may think that Hollywood is teeming with talented and attractive eople looking to create the next great American movie television show or musical album In reality the Hollywood Industrial Complex is the epitome of high school where who you are and your buzz at the moment aka opularity determines how much money you make which is really what it s all Why do celebrities get Dapur Keris paid so much than regulareople to do a job that seems to afford them the same amount of leisure time as most retirees What do Bush era economics have to do with the rise of Kim Kardashian How do the laws of supply and demand explain why the stars of Teen Mom are on the cover of Us Weekly And how was the sale of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s baby ictures a little like a street drug deal After a decade spent toiling as an entertainment journalist and gossip columnist Jo Piazza asks the hard uestions about the business beh. .

Bout That s right It s all about the cold hard cash That s why Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt sold Una triste aventura de 14 sabios photos of their babies That s why Ashton Kutcher started making all those crazy videos of his company s office That s why hip hop stars are always arguing with each other or why any one who is anyone is lending their name and likeness to a bottle oferfume "It S Not About " s not about erson it s about the brand Kim Kardashian made smart choices in creating her brand She makes millions of dollars a year Paris Hilton on brand Kim Kardashian made smart choices in creating her brand She makes millions of dollars a year Paris Hilton on other hand made oor choices and now she is a has been She s still a filthy rich has been but she s old news nonetheless Ashton Kutcher was a biochemical engineering major in college when he was discovered by a modeling agency He took his success and sought to make as much money out of it as The Bartenders Tale possible He revolutionized the concept of online marketing Lindsay Lohan was once the teenaged it girl of Hollywood but she tanked her brand by not being able to stick to anything alcoholism sobriety acting singing even her sexualreferences Author journalist and resident celebrity expert Jo Piazza details the ups downs successes and failures of big named celebrities and wildly famous Transmedia Marketing people to detail just how they make their money It s not from the movies television shows or record sales It s from theerfume sales appearances and Catherine the Great Portrait of a Woman product endorsements These are how the reality stars with no verifiable talent make their money The information Piazzaresents in the twelve chapters of her book deal with everything from American Idol celebrity endorsed charities and নূরলদীনের সারাজীবন perfumes how the Oscars are bought not necessarily chosen by merit and famouseople can make money when they are dead Piazza is an engaging narrator whose real life experiences and first hand knowledge make her a fun and reliable guide on the adventure into the back door dealings of the Hollywood Industrial Complex More important than all of the information you ll learn Did you know that Puff Daddy s nickname came from his days of Brins déternité ( playing high school football at arivate school in Westchester County New York Venus in the Blind Spot p 135 this book will make you think As I read I kept wondering how Ilayed into these money making ventures How have my choices as a consumer been influenced by fam. Ind celebrityMake no mistake Celebrity is an industry Never in the course of human history has the market for celebrities been as saturated as it is today Nearly every day most Americans will consume something a celebrity is selling a fragrance a sneaker a song a movie a show a tweet or a hoto in a magazineWith the benefits of Piazza’s uniue access to the celebrity market Celebrity Inc explains in detail what generates cash for the industry and what drains value faster than a starlet downs cChampagne in twelve fascinating case studies that tackl.
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Ous eople trying to make money I also felt an overwhelming sense of Artificial Intelligence with Python: Your complete guide to building intelligent apps using Python 3.x, 2nd Edition pride that I d never watched an episode of American Idol and that I had figured out that Heidi and Spencer from MTV s The Hills were hamming it up for the cameras especially Spencer But that s besides theoint Celebrity Inc made me a better educated observer and consumer of entertainment Die Einwilligung (German Edition) pop culture Overall I thoroughly enjoyed reading Piazza s Celebrity Inc How Famous People Make Money It left me with a lot to mull over and a sharper critical lens to analyzeop culture and entertainment I highly recommend it to anyone with a healthy or unhealthy fascination #With Famous People And Their Net Worth #famous Thomas and the Tinners people and their net worth is a very thorough analysis of the business of branding oneself to maximize total earnings throughout and beyond a lifetime of being a celebrity It was very wel I imbibe gossip like a delicious low rent wine I check it every day whether it s LaineyGossip s at times condescending commentary or Anne Helen Petersen s academic capsuleieces I m also an accountant So the lure of a book that combines my love of gossip with my tepid everyday interaction with numbers and business was irresistible It s a fun breezy at times horrifying look at the economics behind stars anywhere from the A list to the F list It covers the areas I would usually expect such as how Shiloh Jolie Pitt s baby The Suicide House pictures were sold to People for 31M and her younger twin brother and sister sictures were sold for 14M It also delves to the monetization strategies of reality stars like Speidi how Kim Kardashian outplayed Paris Hilton to 67M a year and how celebrities make money on twitter three dudes in an "office imitate the online voices of various celebrities to tweet The New Map: Energy, Climate, and the Clash of Nations productlacement after the celebrity has " imitate the online voices of various celebrities to tweet The Outlaws LadyLove Thine Enemy productlacement after the celebrity has matched up to an appropriate brand The chapter on gossip magazines and online blogs and the differing cost structures between the two was awesome It s amazing to see actual marginal costs laid out and being able to then figure out whether or not the magazines made money from all of those huge celebrity baby to then figure out whether or not the magazines made money from all of those huge celebrity baby Despite all of the numbers involved it s an engaging easy read if you are interested in the subject and as I ve confessed before I m very very interested in the subject. E celebrities the way industry analysts would dissect any consumer brand“An economist at heart Jo Piazza has consistently dug deeper to try to figure out why celebrities behave the way they do and what the conseuences of their behavior will be This book Two Truths and a Lie puts celebrities in context but it alsouts the consumer of celebrity in context No one should feel bad about enjoying Undercurrents pop culture but they should understand how it is being marketed to them Celebrity Inc gives the reader the tools to do exactly that” Bonnie Fuller President of HollywoodLifecom.