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Finding Chika A Little Girl an Earthuake and the Making of a Family jAnt uiet them to think of what I want to write This was a super creepy book but it also was heartbreaking and in the end leaves you feelingubilantThis book has been a long time coming You know there is always that one book you ve been waiting for in a series that wraps something up started many books ago Sometimes your disappointed when that comes Maybe It T Meet Your Expectations Or What You it doesn t meet your expectations or what you should happen but this book far exceeded anything I could have dreamed or even believed this author is famous "for shocking her readers I m not going to give anything away about "shocking her readers I m not going to give anything away about story but I will say Celeste has come so far with her gift and what s she is able to do and it was great to have a book where her husband John was 100% supportive and knows that she is so much stronger with him by her side Love love loved this book Love all of the celeste files and core series Omg Just when I thought I was over the Clown in Stephen Kings book I found something scarier This was one of the best and scariest books I have read in a long time Kristine surpasses her skills in every book she writes I am ust amazed This book was a wonderfully written novel with lots of twists and turns I laughed I cried and then I had to run downstairs and tell my hubby all about it I cannot wait for the next book to be written I loved each and every character You will not regret reading this one Thumbs up I love all the core books Just when you think it can t get any better it does I hope we see lots of CelesteJohn and Olivia CREEPY AWESOM. E Celeste and her husband John travel across the country desperately searching for the girl and her kidnapper The dead children have made their warning clearfind Sophia before Daddy kills again To learn about Dante and Jessica’s story be sure to check out Ultimate Fear Book 2 Ultimate CO. .

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Great bookOnce you start reading this book will be "Hard To Down The Suspense Will Keep You On "to put down The suspense will keep you on toes I skipped a book or two in this series as I really wanted to continue Dante Jess s search for their missing child and experience of Celeste psychic encounters to help solve a 26 year old murder mystery and perhaps save the soul of the Russo s missing child Its about 9 months after Jess and Dante have rekindled their marriage but the wanton hope for their abducted child Sophia has never wavered During a social event at the Russo s home Olivia John Celeste s 22 mth old child has disappeared On a search throughout the home Celeste finds her young child playing in the room meant for Sophia However Olivia is not alone She is playing with the ghosts of two children They need Celeste s help to get them the ustice they deserve and perhaps save a young girl s life So together with her husband John a CORE agent they travel with 3 possessed dolls across the country side to retrace the route of a killer This is my favorite out of the three Celeste once again helps to solve a long standing
"Mystery With The Help Of "
with the help of I would be creeped out if this had ever happened to me but it fits right in with Celeste and her abilities Very Creepy But in a YOU MUST READ THIS NOW kind of wayLet me start by saying this was my favorite Celeste Files yet The author really pushed the envelope with this and it worked superbly She layers in real investigative techniues and combines with the supernatural in a seamless flawless manner Her ba. Something is wrong with the childrenSeven years ago CORE agent Dante Russo and his wife Jessica faced a parent’s ultimate feartheir ten month old daughter was abducted With no clues not a single sighting or trace of evidence to keep hope alive the case went colduntil now When the ghosts. .

D guys always give me the heebie Relax and Win jeebies but this time he was completely evil And the ending Let sust say you will never look at birds the same again So get a glass of wine hide your Elf on Shelf and settle in to read this wonderful creeptastic story I am a huge fan of Shelf and settle in to read this wonderful creeptastic story I am a huge fan of Mason a "MUST READ AUTHOR FOR ME WITH THE LATEST NOVEL "READ author for me With the latest novel the Psychic Core stand alone series Celeste Files Unforgotten I am carried deeper into Celeste s world The stories will stand alone but I believe you will love the books so much so you
"Will Want To Start At "
want to start at beginningAgain I am captured from the opening pages What do a toy clown a toy bear and a toy cowboy have in common You ll have to read the story to find the answerCeleste Files Unforgotten by Kristine Mason has everything I LOVE in a paranormal romance thriller Visions ghosts hauntings vengeance romance a serial killer murderShe sprinkles bits and pieces of goodies some of you may not call them goodies throughout the story and they make me smile yell gasp and ooh and aahI received a copy of Celeste Files Unforgotten by Kristine Mason in return for an honest reviewTo read my full review visit fundinmental Freaking FantasticThere s a reason that Kristine Mason is one of my favorite authors Her books never disappoint I absolutely loved this story I love Celeste John and Olivia and not to give spoilers but I loved that the story centered around Dante and Jessica s missing daughter Sophie I hope to see of Celeste I have so many thoughts running through my head after reading this book I Of murdered children begin to haunt psychic Celeste Kain she’s forced to get involved in her most challenging case yet The ghosts know who has Sophia They know her kidnapper intimately They know him as Daddy and as their killer Using psychic visions and the clues the young spirits provid. Celeste Files Book 3 Psychic CORE