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FAI Board and how they destroyed footballs governing body Super stuff eminently readable This is a really good read trawling through the crimes and misdemeanours of the notorious former head of the FAI The authors access to detailed "FAI documentation is obviously a core element of the book and at it s best it s "documentation is obviously a core element of the book and at it s best it s to put down However a few small gripes I think a few people get off lightly in the book maybe because they operate or operated broadly in a journalistic sphere I guess the climate of fear that Delaney and his henchmen created was partly to blame for that but still Also the cast of FAI get This is an outstanding book and follows on from great investigative work by the two authors The Prologue is wonderfully well written And There Is A Dark Comedy That there is a dark comedy that through this book Its been a very good year for books about Irish soccer with Heart and Spirit released earlier in the year Champagne Football is a must read for people at all levels of the game People should go out and buy a hard copy of this book and support excellent journalis. Ces were shot They detail Delaney's skilful cultivation of opinion formers outside the FAI And they document the culture of excess that Delaney presided over and benefited from to the detriment of the organization he led Champagne Football is a gripping sometimes darkly hilarious and often enraging piece of reporting by the award winning journalists who finally pulled back the curtain on the FAI's mismanageme. .
Champagne FootballA superb view into how John Delaney ran the FAI into the ground We new it was going to be bad but this is jaw dropping A Fantastic Read Both Entertaining and Saddening From Photo Atlas for Biology known facts and sources mostly uncovered by them the writers brilliantly construct a clear account of what was done and how it was hidden for so long leaving the FAI in the position it finds itself today It even contains an indexEamon will be so pleased Clunk crash The sound of my jaw hitting the floor as I read this account of Gorgeous John the Supreme hubristic Irish Chancer driving our national football association towards destruction A whole gallery of rogues fools assisted him along the way For Irish sports fans this is a total must read A high end hitman would be impressed by the way the authors unemotionally and ruthlessly stake out and take down the protagonist and his supporting cast of orcs The target reader willnow a lot of the anecdotes but to see them linked together so coherently makes the whole 20 year period seem like one great farcical play To whoever dropped tha. Over the course of fifteen years John Delaney ran the Football Association Of Ireland As Association of Ireland as own personal fiefdom He had his critics but his power was never seriously challenged until last year when Mark Tighe and Paul Rowan published A Seuence Of Stories seuence of stories the Sunday Times containing damaging revelations about his personal compensation and the parlous financial situation of the FAI Delaney's reputation as T envelope on Mark Tighe s desk you are the masked hero of this story Fantastic journalism Fantastic journalism of the shocking tenure of are the masked hero of this story Fantastic journalism Fantastic journalism of the shocking tenure of co Eye watering levels of corruption Well done to both journalists on exposing him This is a good read but it could have been better The authors let Eamon Dunphy off lightly Dunphy was one of Delaney s cheerleaders and reluctant to criticise him for a number of years Dunphy and Giles benefitted from Delaney s favours Also missing is any detail on how Delaney used divide and conuer tactics with the fan base The CRISC was used to marginalise independent fans and Delaney handed out freebies tickets and alcohol to certain supporters clubs to eep them sweet If the authors had given themselves a longer timescale to publish the book they might have provided a refined and nuanced analysis However that is being critical and it is a good book It s certainly a book that all supporters of Irish football should read SuperbA brilliant read for all Irish football fans Discover the real John Delaney and shocking incompetent. Great financial manager was left in tatters He resigned under pressure and the FAI was left hoping for a massive bail out from the Irish taxpayerIn Champagne Football Tighe and Rowan dig deep into the story of Delaney's career and of the FAI's slide into ruin They how he surrounded himself with people whose personal loyalty he could count on and a board that to notice that the association's finan.