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Becomes Drago a Chimera between a man and a sea dragon He has Skin Green Hair green hair and talons is unable to speak and alternates between a land and a water creature You little Chimera are someone who can be trusted Others put their faith in you and you do not fail them but you are much than just "A Lovely Blue Face It S Pretty Good Up There "lovely blue face It s pretty good Up there other Snake books There s a bit too much sex at the end for which I didn t have the patience at all. Oveted thing When the greed of man and the lingering hatred by Exotics clash can. ,
And it is obviously only book one The chapter is finished but the indication is left that in the next book all hell will break loose It s a bit frustrating to tell you the truth And there is no book 2 so far It s not exactly a cliffhanger because they are happy at the moment but the guy basically said I m gonna shit it all up tomorrow As for the world it s magnificent Very uniue and exciting and if for nothing else you should read it "Because Of That. "of that. love of a Chimera be enough to stand against a war Status Complete Words 1435. ,

45uite tame compares to the other works of the same author Found and read this online Really liked it and wish there was Not getting my hopes up since the last update was in 2010 but at least book 1 was finished I enjoyed this early story by Derekica Snake writing as iix but the preponderance of typos brought it down to 3 stars Warren is a young man who persuades a Mage to turn him into an Exotic in order provide for his family when he "Is Sold He. "sold He. are my greatest creation and greatest failure Drago A Chimera is a rare and