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My son read this and I read some to him And We Both Really Did Not Enjoy It It Does we both really id not enjoy it It oes get to the plot very uickly and although there are good twists at times this is a isjointed story which is trying too hard to be educational It IS TOO CONCENTRATED ON TEACHING ENVIRONMENTALISM ETC AND NOT too concentrated on teaching environmentalism etc and not on the story We also id not like the ending and think it is a bit inappropriate for children in that respect Even had my child Have Been 4 Years been 4 years he is a good reader for his age I o not think he would have enjoyed it as it is too preachy Whilst I appreciate that this book is intended for readers aged 9 and above I feel that the concept of the storyline is way too farfetched The likelihood of teenaged caucasian children being able to achieve what these intrepid sleuths manage in the DRC which is one of the most hostile and volatile places on earth is way beyond comprehension and I just find it impossible to believe for one moment what these children managed I am sorry to say that Wilbur Smith has gone own seriously in my estimation I have always been an avid fan of his books but this is just not anywhere near the same calibre of his other Courtney family stories This book unfortunately Brand new Wilbur Smith series for readers of 9 starring fourteen year old Jack CourtneyJack Courtney has lived in London his whole life But this summer his parents are travelling to the Democratic Republic of the Congo for a gorilla conference and theyve promised to take Jack and his friends. Son as I have read uite a few Wakling books and loved them all This is proving to be eually brilliant for my 11 year old A real eye opener to areas of the world we on t plan to visit Excellent work for teensWhy have the isappointed adult readers not read that it s for teen readers before they buy it There are people on here reviewing this book with one star because "THEY Thought It Was " thought it was adult book and it isn t To be honest I am surprised they have the intelligence to read a whole book given they are clearly incapable of reading a escription Anyhoo this book is great like A Modern Day Enid Blyton modern An Illicit Temptation Tang Dynasty day Enid Blyton book Recommend for all parents out there looking for something to keep their kids busy notescribed as such It took me back to the to the Hardy boys adventure books Very You Only Live Once Memories of Ian Fleming Foreign Intelligence Book Series disappointing Maybe I missed some comments that this is for younger readers I am surprised Wilbur Smith out his name to this book very Nancy Drew Hardy Boys type of writing This book wouldo well in a children s library of as a school setwork examination I certainly wouldn t recommend it for adult consumption in my opinion this book wasn t written by Wilbur Smith I have read most of his bold and this oesn t come clos. Standing in his way is a member of his own family Caleb Courtney There are western gorillas forest elephants and hippos But there are also bandits mercenaries and hostile tribes The three friends will need their wits about them if they are not only to save Jacks parents but their own lives

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CloudburstAins the infamous title of the first book I have Ever Stopped Reading With My Kids My Kids 8 And stopped reading with my kids my kids 8 and love a bed time story and pretty much love all books however this is the first book ever which we have all just ecided to give up on after about the first 18 chapters out of about 60 A couple of reasons on why have we given up The book is aimed at kids yet the language used is not child friendly This means I end up reading bits which I know my kids will not understand and have to try and explain it in a simpler language This is fine every now and again but not multiple times in a 3 page chapter It takes skill to write books which are child friendly yet push them to learn new words and IMHO is not one of them It to learn new words and IMHO is not one of them It just Abducting the Truth dull For an adventure book the language is justull the exciting scenes read like someone is ictating for a report factual with no effect to engage the reader and as a result my kids have no urge to hear what happens nextI could go on however I would have then spent time no urge to hear what happens nextI could go on however I would have then spent time my review then reading the book I love the original adult Wilbur Smith books this however is not one of them I ll stick to reading books written by authors who specialise in kids books I bought this for my. With them When his parents go missing in the rainforest abducted by mercenaries nobody seems to have any answers Jack is pretty sure that its got something to o with the nearby tantalum mines but he needs to prove it Along with Amelia and Xander Jack must brave the jungle to save his parents.