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It s the book it says it is but on t expect it to be a walk in the park unless you are an experienced grower etc I have to weather the technical level it s written in to get what I need from it It s got lots of pictures lots of ata so the journey is mapped well As escribed and arrived on time My book arrive 3 weeks earlier than expected Great sellersThis book is great at first it Flessenpost does look uiteaunting but it is very simple to read and extremely informativeyou will simple to read and extremely informativeYou Will For Your need for your SCAE Superb practical guide Simply put this is a must have for anyone in the industry The book offers real practical guidelines and to the point information on all stages of the coffee production process I wish there were books of similar uality for other crops A very good book that provides a lot of information that is helpful for enthusiast. Dations which are applicable everywhere rather than referring to any specific country Added to this the reader will find numerous ata tables and an overview of relevant information source. Coffee - Growing, Processing, Sustainable Production: A Guidebook for Growers, Processors, Traders and ResearchersI am a coffee grower in El Salvador Have not yet finished this book but see great potential and

for this book Even though price is a bit high it is a great resource and contains many great coffee practices from all over the worldI recommend anyone involved in the coffee producing world to buy this book and add their knowledge to it if it were possible I m a small time coffee farmer in Kona Hawaii USA and have enjoyed reading this book It s a good reference for some of the proper terms of growing and production of coffee With it being a worldwide book it is interesting reading up on Some Of The Other Techniues of the other techniues elsewhere and other processes which I can consider oing here As a farmer it s easy to just Photo Atlas for Biology do what I ve alwaysone but nice to be able to learn from other peoples efforts The book has a lot of great in epth. An outstanding and currently the only comprehensive handbook for the coffee professional 40 authors from the leading coffee growing countries present the most recent technologies applied ,
Information and it will be useful as a reference source like an encyclopedia But the should have had an editor go through the book better The people sound intelligent but they o not write very fluid Sometimes they will have ifferent people writing within a section and will change terms of a certain object of action and you will think they are talking about something elsenothey are still talking about this it is just that they are now calling it that So I think a Comprehensive exhaustive and researched thoroughlyBest book and have even recommended to manyI consider this as my Bhagwad Gita The book is tough in that it s full of botany and The Technical Stuff Of Growing technical stuff of growing It just igs in eep It s over my head in that respect but that was not a problem with the book it was clear that this is what was in when i bought what was in it when I bought coffee husbandry The book features 900 carefully selected illustrations 300 of these in full color which substantiate the written text The handbook provides basic guidelines and recommen.