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Optimum Nutrition for the Mind hA simple point effectivelye proceeds to drown you with it Well since negative book reviews can sometimes boost reviews ere you go Mr Berger my gift to you in exchange for boring me to death a bad book review that can inspire better sales People will be curious to see for themselves whether I tend toward yperbole if there is any merit to what I ave stated Noise is better than silence some publicity is better than none That s common sense for selling somethingThere are numerous other uninspiring moments in this book similar to this For example in is discussion relating to practical value Notes from a Sojourner (Journeybook) he instructs us that if you find a good Ethiopian restaurant you are likely to share your recommendation of it than you wouldad you La Gense had found a good American restaurant The reason being you probablyave many friends who like American food than Ethiopian food therefore you will feel much conviction to tell those fewer applicable friends about the Ethiopian restaurant You simply know too many people who would be interested in American food to compel you to recommend the American restaurant What an unremarkable observation BlahAnother example is when Harriet Tubman Coloring Book he goes on and on about the fact that things that are remarkable are interesting moving us to share about it This is why certain cute or remarkable YouTube videos spread virally we like to share articles or videos we think our friends or family will find interesting You need research to make such a statement Or whene claimed e tested at length whether something that inspires awe in us will evoke us to tell others about it Such common sense notions like this are laid out and overanalyzed throughout the book The author needed to conduct research to discover that awe drives people to share Come on dudeThis book is a dumbing down of common knowledge contributing to the pain of plowing through the book If not for my abit of sheer reading discipline despite my extreme boredom I would not The White Swan Enchanted Fairytales have finished this book I don t need to be instructed that the Nobel Prize is prestigious along with a paragraph of examples Why do I need to know it was a cold wintery day when Daniel Kahneman gave a lecture on bounded rationality Irrelevant fillers like this spread throughout the book makes for bad writing There are interesting nuggets of info through some of Berger s examplesstories but they in no way compensate for the fact that this book regurgitates what most marketers already know Most of the material covered in this book is widely known common knowledge in the industry He reports on why the statuspoints system works for airlines Airlines know it works that s why they entice freuent fliers with status and levels Game theory is widely applied in marketing Video game makersave been applying the psychology of levelsgoals attainment in their designs for decadesWhich gets to my second to last gripe In the intro and conclusion Doctor Who A Celebration; Two Decades Through Time and Space he claims thate Make it Big. Penisvergrerung fr Anfnger: Turboprogramm fr mehr Dicke, Lnge und Volumen has used cutting edge science to demonstrate to usow word of mouth psychology of sharing social influence conformity erd behavior work In reality e simply points out patterns of these behaviors There is no cutting edge science and disappointingly ஒரு போர்க்களமும் இரண்டு பூக்களும் he tosses aside the wasted opportunity for meaningful analysis Heasn t sufficiently explained the psychology behind any of the the why s that naturally arise from the reading offering merely superficial explanationsLastly I end with the formatting First my extreme dislike for the notes format extremely aggravating for someone who almost always reads the citationsnotes I would read an argument and wonder what basis the author ad to #MAKE A CERTAIN STATEMENT I D HAVE TO CHECK #a certain statement I d ave to check back of the book to see if there existed any citation There was no system to indicate that a citation existed for reference to any statement put

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Perhaps this is limited the advance release edition if so forgive my criticismAlso "Relating To Formatting There Were "to formatting there were typos Again this may be limited to the copy I read but editing was pitiful in my advance copy Contagious Why Things Catch On by Jonah Berger published by Simon and SchusterCategory BusinessI can t remember the last time a business book ad me up all night reading Although I am retired I found this book fascinating on several levels Jonah Berger is a professor at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania He as studied Marketing and Kim Kardashian Selfish has come up with six elements that will make a product Contagious The basic idea is to make a product viral that is toave the product spread either through word of mouth You Tube or any other method of getting your message out to the public It is also noteworthy that many of these methods are very cost efficientProbably the best way to interest one in the book is to cite a few examplesHow about a On the Law in General hot dog restaurant in New York thatas a secret restaurant in the back that is only advertised by word of mouth The secret is you التسهيل لعلوم التنزيل have to go into a phone booth and dial a number and a door will open giving you access to the restaurant Oh and at the end of the meal you are given a business card with the name of the restaurant on it Please Don t Tell and a phone number tell me you wouldn t tell your friends What caused a spike in the sell of Mars bars in 1997 NASA was sending Pathfinder to Mars A jump in sales that cost the company nothing and by the way the Mars was not named for the planet but the company s founder Franklin MarsA very entertaining informative interesting and easy read a book that should be read by anyone in business I picked this book up in my local library only intending to flick through a few pages Some 50 pages later I realised I couldn t put the book down I think that is testament alone to author Jonah Berger knowing whate s talking about in regards to making someth Contagious is a well written book for marketers full of interesting stories If you are interested why people talk about certain things than about others this book can explain it perfectlyHere is a link to the animated summary. Ious is filled with fascinating information drawn from Berger’s research You will be surprised to learn for example just ow little word of mouth is generated online versus elsewhere Already praised by Dan Ariely and Dan Gilbert and sold in nine countries this book is a must read for people who want their projects and ideas to succe. .
Contagious. Why Things Catch OnGreat marketing book and a good way to see why some of the dollars you spend are not working It s interesting to take the 6 factors discussed and review them against your corporate advertising Does your company Malaysian Politicians Say the Darndest Things Vol 2 have any ideas that fit those factors that would make them great items to share and if notow can you start too Also liked the discussion on vaccines where one physicians publication started tons of rumblings in the medical field around it being a cause of a neurodisorder This was uncovered later that The Emerald The Bracelet Series his study was incorrect and the physician lostis license story folks forgot The shareable content 131 Pintu Cahaya dari Timur however lived on forgetting the part that it s untrue In the last section of the book it went into a couple of examples on where great ads produced great memories However what is often is mixed as if the great ad actuallyighlighted the product Well written and I plan to check out a couple titles by the author This was the first of many reads recommended by Udacity in a marketing course I m talking Needless to say after it I m going to read all every book on the reading list Sporting a business degree advertisingPRMarketing under my belt means that I view the world consumer and otherwise in a marketing sense Although I can predict trends and see market value I was very curious about why ideas and brands affect us That is where Jonah Berger s Contagious Why Things Catch On came into the picture Contagious begins with an almost 30 page introduction which appears to summarize the book instead of provoking interest causing some trepidation However moving past this initial caution opens up a book which combines a business marketing Determining Value: Valuation Models and Financial Statements how to case studies sociology and psychology Using this uniue concept Berger strives to not just describeow to market ideas and brands but whyThe problem within Contagious lays in the lack of consistency Berger s writing is overly simplified for a general audience appeal It is bouncy too vague and doesn t dive deep enough or provide ample data leaving many readers with unanswered uestions This means that much of the information in Contagious is either not memorable or is common sense to those who either studied or currently practice marketing With that being said there are Coincidence or Conspiracy? heavier science sections which creatively combine business with a description ofuman emotional and psychological responses Yet this demonstrates the inconsistency mentioned Plus it is very obvious that Berger Trovare il Prodotto perfetto per fare Affiliate Marketing in Italia has knowledge and passion and I can see why the university coursee teaches is enjoyable I merely don t think Long Legs and Even Longer Short Stories he is an author per se not because of poor writing but because of poor presentation of stringing together ideasOn the positive side Berger doesn t just present case studies or opinions from sources butas instead conducted a massive amount of primary research along with is research assistants which is compelling and will draw the science readers to the pages This is supplemented by photos and chartsdiagrams which add to the substance of the text Further the information and studies are very current and recognizable which eliminated the issue of a dated piece although it will be dated in the futureBerger as the tendency to be repetitive within each chapter on matters being currently Discussed And Re Demonstrating and re demonstrating information Although this may be to make ideas stick natch it off as simply aiming to add pages to Contagious and not Readings in Russian Civilization Volume 1 Russia Before Peter the Great 900 1700 having enough new and conclusive statistics to share Contagious doesn t reveal any new marketing concepts and is simply an update to ideas marketers are already aware of making Contagious a light albeit entertaining read and best suggested as an intro to the field One must be careful though because sometimes Berger is very much in the know while other timese is uite out of touch such as when To Paris Never Again New Poems he describes 15 year old male teenagers watching cartoons on the couch when in actuality they are than likely masturbating to porn online The stronger portions of Contagious are clearly those relating to psychology sociology and behavioral economics Berger appears adept at these areas than marketing The conclusion this includes the Epilogueowever is weak unbalanced and lacking any remarkable traits Despite my complaints Contagious is a uick 1 2 days read only 200 pages which will entertain with some useful uips for the entry level marketer or average reader It certainly isn t terrible it is simply light Contagious is worth reading if you ave an interest in the area and plan to follow up with in depth reading You d think a book that explores the mechanics of going viral would be well interesting that it would embody the concept it was exploring I found this dull and not terribly informative I noticed that a number of reviewers received free copies I assume the publisher was attempting to generate some buzz I paid for my copy and wish I d spent the money on something well buzz worthy Jonah Berger "Has Given Us A Very "given us a very read that builds on Switch and The Tipping Point In essence we are introduced to a means to put into practice what were simply observations in the Heath s and Gladwell s separate takes on ow to influence others Those of us who work across sectors in community are always trying to find the magic formula for engaging and moving our respective audiences to actionFor Berger there are six essential factors that contribute to contagious ideas think of them as the STEPPS to Big Data: A Very Short Introduction eBook: Dawn E. Holmes: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EUS.à r.l. having your ideas catch on Not all elements are necessary for an idea to catch on but a combination of some or all these elements would certainly increase the likelihood A key noteere is that this is not all about virality in an Internet context according to Berger only 7% of real world contagion occurs on the web the vast majority of ideas that catch This is a fun book full of ideas for advertising new ideas or products It contains many good anecdotes about promotions that worked and didn t work For example there is a description of a youtube video that went viral that Why do certain products and ideas go viral Dynamic young Wharton professor Jonah Berger draws on is research to explain the six steps that make products or ideas contagiousWhy do some products get word of mouth than others Why does some online content go viral Word of mouth makes products ideas and behaviors catch on It’s influenti. .

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Dvertised a blender and boosted sales enormously Then there is a video that went viral and advertised a casino but didn t boost sales at all Why not The video ad absolutely nothing to do with the casino it was just a catchy videoThe author Jonah Berger is a professor at Wharton He Les Paradis Artificiels has studiedow messages become viral He claims that most communications about products are not through the Internet but are through word of mouth person to person Berger describes six STEPPS Social Currency Triggers Emotions Public Practical Value and Stories that can Hidden Desire - Saison 2 help to promote a product Much of the book is just plain common sense Nothing very deepere but it is an entertaining book If this material is enough to cover an entire Wharton MBA course then I m not sure what that says about Wharton s program There is just not that much information in this book far beyond common sense most people already intuitively know I ad been looking forward to this book release as the topic is interesting and even possesses its own themed six characteristics conveniently ascribed the acronym STEPPS which the author Jonah Berger explains contributes to why products or ideas become contagious Mr Berger argues that if we want our product or idea to catch on and spread like wildfire we must try to build into it as many of these six STEPPS as we can STEPPS stands forSocial currencyTriggersEmotionPublicPractical ValueStoriesIf discussing something makes you look interesting or cool or special then that something provides you with Social currency If there is built into a product or idea easy cues that can trigger it to come to mind then it as a strong Trigger If the brandconcept can evoke emotions of anger or good will Communal Nude happiness but note NOT sadness since we don t want our friendsfamily to be sad and therefore are not inclined to share something likely to invoke sadness then itas Emotion If your product or cause can be broadcast to others it is Public If it provides Practical value it is likely to be sharedLastly if a memorable story can be spun around it then it Running Against Traffic has the added benefit ofaving a Story Now let s apply STEPPS to the book itself 1 Clearly the answer the book claims to explain Why do certain products and ideas go viral Primate Ecology and Social Structure, Vol. I: Lorises, Lemurs and Tarsiers, Revised Edition has Social Currency it s an interesting topic in which most everyone would be interested and it makes us look interesting in bringing up that we are read on the subject through this groundbreaking book on this groundbreaking claim later 2 There are Triggers all around us that cue the topic for discussion you seeipsters all around you and wonder ow a lifestyle of skinny jeans wearing gastrointestinal issues causingfixie rubber shoe braking bike riding came to be or maybe ow it is that we ve gone backwards to wearing A Bears Nemesis Shifter Country Bears heavy Beats by Dr Dreeadphones and why these retro audio phones form factor are fashionable or why you see Toms shoes all about as they really are plain and resemble the old cheap kungfu shoes that are dirt cheap and available in any chinatown but they My Brothers Best Friend have a strong cause behind themencePublic factoryou get the point these are just my examples they weren t mentioned in the book although they would Archaeoastronomy and Ethnoastronomy (Iau S278) have been good stories for Berger to include 3 People can become emotional about why some thingsave become contagious they can be in aweangry over ideas and triggered to talk about what they طريق مصر الى القدس have read in this book 4 The book is Public its cover is bright orange Eyeballs will be attracted to it curiosity will be aroused 5 The topic attempts to explain a phenomenon of which an understanding would undoubtedly prove of great practical value especially if youave something to sellspread Lastly 6 it contains attempts to contain some entertaining stories to opefully ave a place in your memory prevalent enough for you to tell others about this bookNow that in a nutshell is the book That s it EVERYTHING else every page after the intro Simon Hoggarts Pick of the News Quiz, Volume 2 hammers you over theead with what I ve described above over and over and over again until the insufferable boredom of repetition starts to resemble an old torture techniue I watched as a kid in a movie long ago Thin sheets of wet paper towels are placed one by one slowly over a victim s face Each sheet is very thin and the victim can breathe through each layer As each new sheet is applied at slow intervals it becomes a little bit CEREALES LEGUMINEUSES harder to breathe This is a drawn out protracted torture Finally the weight of the wet sheets becomes soeavy the victim whose breathing Historias de mujeres has become increasingly labored eventually suffocates This book for some awful reason was akin to a literary version of that torture Books like this usually follow the formulae tell them what you are going to tell them tell them and then tell them what you told them Well in this book everything you need to know is explained adeuately in the introduction Then the body of the book is layer upon layer of thin wet sheets foisted upon you until you are suffocating from the repetition andammering of simple ideas over and over and over againIf you like Malcolm Gladwell s books you probably will like this book I do not like Gladwell s books but I do think Mr Gladwell is a great story weaver and a strong writer I cannot say the same for Mr Berger who authored this book For the same reason I am not a fan of Gladwell s books I felt like most of Berger s arguments were oversimplified eavily subject to anecdotal argumentation left unsubstantiated or unexplained as to the deeper why behind a pattern Mr Berger explains patterns #well but they aren t anything startling yet e fails repeatedly to #but They Aren T Anything Startling Yet He aren t anything startling yet Say Yes he repeatedly to deeply why the pattern exists For example this review is clearly not a positive one yet the author points out that bad book reviews can be good publicity if there are triggers to inform people that there exists a book albeit a badly reviewed book possessing certain characteristics He cites a studye conducted in Walking on water his citations Nothing further Where subjects need flushing out Berger repeatedly disappoints yet wheree s made. Al than advertising and far effectiveCan you create word of mouth for your product or idea According to Berger you can Whether you operate a neighborhood restaurant a corporation with Tree Story: The History of the World Written in Rings hundreds of employees or are running for a local office for the first time the steps that canelp your product or idea become viral are the same Contag. .