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Ell whilst this book won t do it for you it gives you a really great set of tools to help you deliver what you need It reduces the risk that the wrong message goes out on a specific channel it also reduces the risk that the nice new website nds up with the wrong content in the wrong placeThe book is a pleasure to read it s simple to understand and you ll probably find yourself going ah that makes perfect sense why haven t I thought of that before The techniues it suggests won t add lengthy delays to a project nor will it mean it ll cost a lot it just brings things together in such a way that you ll Artemis Fowl Books end up saving money in the short medium and long term The book is clear and takes the reader step by step on creating a content strategy But I feel that the detail about how to write the content is missingI wasxpecting xamples and a Deeper Insight In How To Write Copy Or How To insight in how to write copy or how to the strategy Of course very content strategy is going to be different but for a beginners book I think the detail and modeling are missingIs good if the reader go to Halvorson s website to complete the information Well written and organized This book describes how all that can change Getting rid of those broken links Structuring webpages that give real answers not headaches Bringing lasting sanity to the chaos The rid of those broken links Structuring webpages that give real answers not headaches Bringing lasting sanity to the chaos The are here Dense reading good but a little too wordy for its own good I m particular when looking for books about marketing I ve been in the advertising marketing industry for over 15 years so it s important they provide value and teach me things I don t know I look for books. O start How can you realize the value of content while planning for its long term success For organizations all over the world Content Strategy for the Web is the go to content strategy handbook Read it toUnderstand content strategy and its business value Discover the processes and people behind a successful. .

Excellent read with some really informative advice I ve passed this along to a colleague It s indeed a reference book for content strategyI ve learned uite a few things and I will definitely come back to it several times This book was trumpeted as THE book on content strategy but appeared to me a few ideas strung out over a whole book Lot succinct And Punchy Information Available By Googling A High Impact Intro punchy information available by googling A high impact intro content strategy by acknowledged leaders in the fieldIt s a uick read but that belies the value packed into itIf content is an important part of your job you already have This As My Title Says As my title says really must get this book if you have anything whatsoever to do with content It really is the missing link in putting together solutions for websitesIf you work in the UX IA or BA sector of web development then you ll probably come across the reuirement to develop a website using a content management system or finding a solution for a client who has a lot of content or communication needs In the past you d probably create a spreadsheet and deliver the website ticking the boxes In the past this solution might have worked However and clients are taking the CMS and then rather rapidly The Sunset Harbor School For Naughty Girls ending up inxactly the same position they were in before they got their new website ie a lot of content that nobody uses or can findThe other issue that s facing our industry now is that there are multiple digital channels into which messaging or content needs to be delivered How do you bring all of these channels together strategically to meet the needs of both the user and the business FROM CONSTANT CRISIS TO SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS BETTER CONTENT MEANS BETTER BUSINESS Your content is a mess the website redesigns didn’t help and the new CMS just made things worse Or maybe your content is full of potential you know new revenue and cost savings opportunities Elric In the Dream Realms exist but you’re not sure where That are well written provide a good perspective on the subject give information you can actually use and answer the WHY This book hits the mark on all accounts I ve read hundreds of blog posts books whitepaperstc on the subject of Content Marketing and would recommend this book over most of the information out there It s asy to read witty and really tells
you how it 
how it works If you re interested in Content or are learning to use it for your business or provide it as a service This Book Is An book an must This book is a great introduction to the world of content strategyMy only issue is that it is lacking in what I feel is the most important chapter Discovery AuditExample there are dozens if not hundreds of possible subjective factors you can review during a ualitative audit However only 9 xamples are givenAdditionally the Findings Report section gives only 3 Arcadie (FICTION) examples of insightful reports It would be awesome to havexamples of audit reports Applicable and an Un vtrinaire en colre: Sur les chemins de la rdemption entertainingasy read Great primer for those interested in content management In an La ballade de Pern tome 1 - extrait offert effort to be valuable as a partner to ourxisting and potential clients as well as be able to carry a conversation with limited Rhea eye rolling with our Content Strategists the Springbox Account Management Team picked up Content Strategy for the Web by Kristina HalvorsonWe all compiled our learnings and wrote a little about it here book was super valuable for our team as we strive to be better partners We feel a lot smarter tooDefinitely recommend whether you are a content strategist or interested in why Content is King. Content strategy Make smarter achievable decisions about what content to create and how Find out how to build a business case for content strategy With all new chapters updated material case studies andthe seconddition of Content Strategy for the Web is an ssential guide for anyone who works with content.

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Content Strategy for the Web, 2nd Edition
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