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Gorgon Child kR wants to his father who has been diagnosed with MS has difficulty with work refuses to sees asking for help as failing causing tension making Jackson believe he needs to take on adult problems For MG books dealing withids with extra responsibility HOUSE ARREST dealt with this issue so much better It was aggravating to have parents with egos making their ids pay the conseuences Yes asking for help doesn t automatically make things better but it could have taken a little bit of the pressure off Jackson The book ends with their father getting a job at a music store with an apartment attachment how convenient It doesn t solve their problems permanently but again Applegate was in a position to bring awareness to the homelessness epidemic instead of bringing a hard hitting story that will stay with you it just reminds me of a fairy tale where the MC gets to wake up from a bad dream I ll stick to FLY AWAY HOME Crenshaw follows the story of Jackson a no nonsense boy who prefers facts over stories and wants to be an animal scientist Oh and he has an imaginary friend who s a giant cat This surprising little book packs an emotional punch Jackson s parents are in serious financial trouble their stressful circumstances are taking a toll on "Jackson Mom and Dad remain cheerful and upbeat putting on a happy face for their ids "Mom and Dad remain cheerful and upbeat putting on a happy face for their ids Jackson is no dummy He nows times are bad and whether he likes it or not Crenshaw the giant cat is here to help him through the worst of it Crenshaw and I didn t chat much during those weeks on the road There was always someone around to interrupt us But that was okay I new he was there and that was enough Sometimes that s all you really need from a friend The author does a skillful job of subtly weaving comments into the story that allude to how dire Jackson s situation is What you do is throw your one piece of cereal and try to make a basket The rule is you can t eat that piece until you score Make sure your target s far away or you ll finish your food too fast The trick is that you take so long to hit the target you forget about being hungry I ate my first jelly bean slowly and carefully If you take tiny bites your food "lasts longerAs an added bonus the book introduces little ones to big words like curmudgeon "longerAs an added bonus the book introduces little ones to big words like curmudgeon altruist buoyancy and Crenshaw is a touching book about a little boy with a good heart a giant cat who looks fantastic in a beard made of bubbles and a family held together with hope and love I read so many books to my children I love to read to them to watch them transformed by a story to listen to their brilliant assessments and fascinating uestions to see them fully engaged in the wonder of a book I have considered reviewing every book I read next year including all wonder of a book I have considered reviewing every book I read next year including all s literature picture books but I fear my small group of friends here might be bored to tears with me if I did I have read some pretty amazing books for children and unfortunately this is not one of them So my bewilderment of glowing reviews for books that I find subpar is now extending to children s literature This book with a truly lovely cover was about some terribly ugly truths hunger homelessness joblessness a parent with MS and a child assuming parental responsibilities for his very young sister while shouldering some serious anxiety Crenshaw the boy s imaginary friend came through in the end with a major lesson but otherwise Crenshaw was under developed largely absent from the story and pretty useless I expected he would be full of wisdom wit and warm fuzzy hugs Not so much I wanted so much from Crenshawand from Jackson s parents actuallyand from the ending This book tackles an important issue that demands to be discussed but I felt it needed to be a stronger story 25 stars. To Jackson's life to help him But is an imaginary friend enough to save this family from losing everythingBeloved author Katherine Applegate proves in unexpected ways that friends matter whether real or imaginar. If you want to move a student up a reading ladder that pairs the heartbreak and hope of Eve Bunting s YARD SALE with the emotion and imagination of THE ADVENTURES OF BEEKLE by Dan Santat look no further than Katherine Applegate s newest novel CRENSHAW I new nothing of this book before Santat look no further than Katherine Applegate s newest novel CRENSHAW I new nothing of this book before in but it was supposed to be good WOW Love It seems like this book will be about an imaginary friend and it is Then Katherine Applegate super ninja s you and she gives only hints about Crenshaw the imaginary cat and she shows you "the raw painful world of Jackson and the life he leads This book "raw painful world of Jackson and the life he leads This book about poverty The end does address the help Imaginary friends give What an amazing fantastic book It is so raw and real I am so affected by this book I think this is a masterpiece I think this could help anyone going through some real tough times Sometimes facts are not pleasant Fact this book is fantastic I can see my imaginary friend I can hear him I can talk to him He is using a towel Crenshaw is the type of book that should be read in school It reads simple but packs a punch and delivers a very important message Crenshaw is about a young boy going through a very difficult time with his family His family has hit a real low with their fiances and they find themselves having to sell their belongings just to be able to eat most nights They ve also been reduced to sleeping in their cars and endlessly moving due to failing to pay their rent It doesn t help that his father is uite ill and can t be reliable to eep employment due to his circumstances The young boy creates an imaginary friend Crenshaw to deal with everything that is going on in his life that just feels too overwhelming The large imaginary cat is there to talk him play with him and just plain be there for him The boy tries to fight the idea of needing this large cat i I began this book blind as a bat making this my 2nd children s book books for all ages by Katherine Apple Issues sensitive issues exploredthrough creative compassionate storytelling by a very skillful author Once I started it I could not put it downJackson our 11 year old narrator is a little too adult at times but oh sooo lovableHe s aware of his parents struggles the family problems and wishes to help Thank goodness Jackson has an imaginary friend that comes back for a re visit one he made up when he was 7 years oldWho better to share purple jelly beans with than with Crenshaw On a serious note this middle school age appropriate book is a great discussion pick with themes about family struggles getting the bills paid having enough food to eat making choices surviving poverty understanding homelessness as a family pride ego INVOLVING EYES EARS of children in a very delicate mannerA big topic isHow do parents deal with a curve ball unexpected life situation totally unplanned that affect their childrenHow much should young children Dsir ardent: Les Sducteurs, T2 (Historique) know about their parents problems How much is too much Is it wise to hide the truth to protect them Or include theids and what are best ways to go about it Things happen when living one s life that one has no control How does a father help support his family when disabled How can a wife mother be most supportive in the most challenging situationsGreat wisdom from this gem with a courageous young boy who will melt your heart There are some hard DARK DAYS but this is a priceless heartfelt bookLove connecting bonding call it what you want DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCEA great lesson reminder don t take ourselves away and hide out with our problems alone including family friends makes life struggles much tolerable even sweeter Thank you MISCHENKO I love you So this was a surprisingly fast read despite the very dark topic I took the book with me this morning but didn. In her first novel since winning the Newbery Medal Katherine Applegate delivers an unforgettable and magical story about family friendship and resilienceJackson and his family have fallen on hard times There's

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T actually start reading it until this afternoon on the trainThe book is clearly for children but I ll be damned if adults no matter if the trainThe book is clearly for children but I ll be damned if adults no matter if already have children of their own or not can t learn a lot "From It TooThe Story Is About The "it tooThe story is about the Jackson his parents and his little sister Robin The parents are failed musicians turned whatnots and they are in deep financial trouble also thanks to the fact that the father suffers from MS Already they had to live in their minivan for almost a year some time ago yes them AND the two children Oh and their dog that was a puppie back then And it s about to happen againJust like the last time or to be exact a bit Jackson gets help from his imaginary friend the titlular CrenshawIt was surprising how little Crenshaw was actually present throughout the story but that was in part due to the fact that one of the three parts of this book was a flashback and the other reason probably was that Jackson s loneliness could be illustrated better this wayAnyway the story is about homelessness heartship and how children see the world perceive these problems It s also about how adults underestimate and sadly exclude children The latter is often done out of a false sense of protection It s about the importance of openness even or especially regarding negative emotional states And it s about great friendships I loved MarisolWhat I liked was that there was no shaming done in this book The parents especially the father were ashamed of course but it was made clear that they didn t have to be What drove me up the walls however was the father s pride If I had been his wife I would have given him a slap across the face until he saw reason For if you have ids they need to come first not your pride But then again adults aren t perfect either and it couldn t have been easy for him But still Nevertheless every person was portrayed in a very realistic and sympathetic way although the story was pretty shortA powerful story and I m glad there are authors who address such difficult topics This is a book I read with my daughter she is ten She gave it 4 stars Her favorite character was Crenshaw She said it was a good book because it showed a family that had financial issues They sometimes lived in their van and couldn t find work They went from apartment to apartment The mother father Jackson the son the sister Abigail and the dog ArethaSome of their toys and stuff had to be sold in garage sales and once the father sat on a corner and had to ask for money Crens I was really surprised by Crenshaw Its off beat original story is enough to draw any reader in but it s the characters their family unity and support that really eeps everything interesting I m glad that this book didn t go for the clich imaginary friend mental illness plot the way so many books featuring imaginary friends often do Instead Crenshaw is just a wonderful story about friendship family and loyalty and it s a book I don t think I ll ever forget First off for a book titled Crenshaw the cover depicting the cat I expected him to have a much larger impact on the book than he actually did Crenshaw is Jackson s imaginary friend as mentioned IF s come into lives mostly during times of stress so Applegate had a massive opportunity to make Crenshaw a positive character aiding Jackson in a vulnerable time of need Instead she chooses to have Crenshaw make periodic appearances with ridiculously cliche lines completely ruining his character I didn t expect this book to be sunshine roses but when you add in the magic of an imaginary friend don t disregard the impact they can make on a childI also think the topic of homelessness was dealt with a bit rash unrealistic Jackson s parents on are opposite sides of asking for help his mothe. O money for rent And not much for food either His parents his little sister and their dog may have to live in their minivan AgainCrenshaw is a cat He's large he's outspoken and he's imaginary He has come back in. ,
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