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Antic feelings for one another is of Mike s cuckolding fantasy I needed time to understand if Mike was okay with felt like he gets run over by fantasy I needed time to understand if Mike was okay with this I felt like he gets run over by Smexy reviewer Sheena comments that Sam does the kink for Bern but then shrouds it in this self righteous wrapping like she did it for him and then she decided to add another dimension Poor Bern I say poor Mike Either way it was a kind of an icky feeling when I finished the bookGrade It s a hard book to grade B for the first half C for the way it nded So HotIt seems like McKenna keeps getting better at writing Nursing Delegation Setting Priorities and Making Patient Care Assignments erotica I first happened upon her with Willing Victim which was admittedly somewhat lacking in finesse and I still 5 starred it In part because it was that hot but also due to the boldness of the kink McKenna s willingness toxplore the fringe kinks is what sets her apart for me thereby making her special There aren t a whole lot of mf writers I can stomach reading any mostly because of their over reliance on cliches and their propensity to make their female protagonists idioticMcKenna doesn t do that Samira is another strong female lead who has a backbone a voice an intellect and still manages to be sexy and confident She s taken on the role of cuckholding wife to please her husband Mike But they ve sort of maxed out on the fantasies and decide to try adding an actual third party to the mix They luck out by finding an The Handmade Silver Gelatin Emulsion Print exhibitionist online that also happens to be attractive cocky game for just about anything and fits their Bull criteria to a T Sam as she s called discovers along the way that she rather likes being ravished by her husband and her crush on a regular basisNaturally this leads to some conflict which wasn t unexpected What I didn txpect was how bereft the Winter In Tokyo When Another Winter Comes ending left me In all honesty it couldn t havended differently but I still find myself wanting Aside from the bizarre feels my only other disappointment was that the guys didn t cross the streamsI really wanted some stream crossing Apparently crossing the streams in the cuckholding world uncommonIn all other respects it was a really good m nage read though definitely mfm McKenna s writing shows panache Le Guide galactique, tome 2 : Le dernier restaurant avant la fin du monde especially in how this situation is handle with mature communication between all parties for the most part The authenticity is what s most striking in Crosstown Crush I fully invested in all three characters largely due to how relatable they re all portrayed I do believe I ll continue with this series to see what fringe kink McKenna s got on tap next 375 starsThis was a different read for me from Cara s usual writing I love her work her describing a sex scene feels like I m watching it And wow it was HOT Bern stole the show for me he was almost perfect how could anyone not fall for the guy I did and that s where the story kinda fell short for me Mike s reaction was ridiculous it takes 2 to Tango I don t want reveal too much Its Still a very HOT read And I m looking forward to the next one in this series what can I say It ticked all my boxes I became a huge fan of Cara McKenna from the time I discovered her with her Shivaree Series which I absolutely loved and my fandom jumpedver higher when I read the Desert Dogs Series So it goes without saying that if I see a book by this author and if I read glorious reviews on that book I am going to get it right then Oohfor me Crushtown Crush the 1st in her new series Sins in the Cityjust did not do it for me I really wanted to like it but I guess this was one of those books that was not meant for meI didn t like the three main charactersI found nothing in them that was anything The Cat Encyclopedia: The Definitive Visual Guide endearing Sam was so irritating MikemehBernwhat the hell was he doing with these two twitsPlotreally was there one How did I miss it No I didn t miss itbecause there was no plotHowever what there was a lotand I m 4 Take my wifeplease stars Where did the kinknd and the actual adultery begin There s always a little Kao da me nema extra anxiety for me when a happily married couple decides to try something kinky I found myself totally nervous for all three of these characters when the pair decide to bring to life the cuckold fantasy Together for 5 years and married for 3 Samira and Mike have been doing a little game playing You see Mike has a kink that s a little different He gets off on the fact that his wife may be sleeping with other men So that s what she s been doing Staying out late on purpose hopping into department stores to spray on men s cologne and come home to an overworked husband who catches her after an imaginary tryst The results are scorching hot for the twoLately Samira has been getting into the fantasy and has convinced her husband to possibly try out the reality of his fetish An ad is placed to find a bull and after countless responses on. A different manntirely harboring appetites only his wife gets to glimpseWhen Samira first learned of her husband’s fantasies she was reluctant ven alarmed But after witnessing the way they set him on fire she yielded and happily indulged As their games have intensified so has the rush And now so has the risk they’re poised to take Mike’s indecent des. 45 stars Heated complex and intensely satisfying Erotic romance at its best Review to come Source I received a finished paperback copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks Little Brown Book Group I want to kill that cocksucker Mike thoughtBut I want to watch him fuck Sam about ten times worse This was a really sexy story about a couple with a cuckolding fetishOkay so first of all I have never heard of this sort of kinkiness before and it was uite shocking to me that a man would want his wife to have sex with other men to turn him on Kind of strange but the author made it make senseAnyway Samira was a really great wife to Mike in that she went along with this kink and ven went to xtremes to try and make their sex life good for him and Mike seemed to be really into the idea that his wife was cheating on him although I did worry over whether the introduction of a real life man into their sex life would shake things up maybe too muchThe storyline in this was mainly about Samira up maybe too muchThe storyline in this was mainly about Samira Mike inviting Bern to join them and to set up some cuckolding scenes so that Mike could walk in on Samira and Bern having sex and the sex scenes in this book were pretty steamy The nding to this was a little disappointing for me although things seemed to be working out okay for the characters I just didn t feel like the story was 100% finished7 out of 10 I don t think I ve Macninsola. Calibro 14. Ediz. illustrata ever read a true cuckolding fantasy romance before Mike loves needs cuckolding kink in his sex life with his wife Samira Sam While this becomes an issuearly in their marriage previous to the book starting once they communicated Sam started to understand what Mike needed Every so often Sam goes out with her girlfriends for drinks On her way home she spritzes herself with men s cologne and comes up with a naughty pretend story about what she had been doing that vening Mike likes to pretend to catch her being with another man He likes to feel like less of a man that Sam needs than he can give her although this is not the case in reality She ven goes to the The Burning God extent of putting lube inside her or rubbing a condom on her thighs to make it seem like she was with someonelse This gets Mike going Sam likes to provide this fantasy for Mike although she doesn t 100% understand it Mike is a detective so she assumes a lot of it comes from the stress of the job and the fact he was cheated on years beforeOne day Sam brings up the idea that maybe they should make their fantasy a reality That maybe they should look to bring a man to actually have sex with Sam and let Mike That maybe they should look to bring a man to actually have sex with Sam and let Mike them in the act Mike is on board with this and they set forth to find the perfect fit for themThey find Bern through a kink site and Sam meets him for a drink while Mike is seated not too far away They like ach other and have good chemistry and decide to go forward with a scenario in a few days They will meet again for a drink and as they leave Mike will hop in a cab and hide in their bathroom so he can watch the proceedings Then when he feels like it he will burst out of the bathroom catching them in the action Bern likes to be watched so helping Mike and Sam in the cuckolding fantasy also fulfills his voyeurism kink as well They have so much fun together they start to meet up regularlyAlthough I don t think I will actively go looking for cuckolding fantasy romance books I did njoy the first half of this book The set up and the Greenlights explanation is done well In the past Mike hadxperienced a girlfriend cheating on him This affected him greatly He also feels the loss of control in his job During the kink I never felt Mike was upset about another man touching his wife uite the opposite in fact and I felt like Bern and Mike respect Flirting with Forever each other and their boundariesWe get Bern s point of view as well He is a prettyasy going guy that loves to be part of Mike and Sam s kink I did feel like by the second half of the book the sex scenes became repetitive There were only so many ways Mike could catch them having sex and I got a tad bit boredBut then feelings get involved Which is logical in a sense If Mike Sam and Bern all participate in a VERY intimate act on a regular basis PI-Pin Up, Driben emotions are going to come out Sam and Bern start to feel something forach other and have a moment outside of role play where Sam realizes they ve crossed a lineI won t go into a lot of detail so I don t spoil the Existential Angst ending but I feel like this book crosses from anrotic well done cuckolding kink to dealing with cheating feelings and a permanent threesomeHad Sam and Mike broken up with Bern after Sam and Bern crossed a line and let him go his separate way at the The Wrong Twin end of the book I would have been totally fine with that But they reunite and it turns into something permanent A threesome where Sam and Bern have rom. The first in a new series from the “wicked hot” author of Hard Time and Give It Allxplores the fantasies of a daring married couple and those of a stranger invited to play along in their scandalous little games When he’s working Mike Heyer is all business very inch the alpha male with the hard capable body to back up his persona But at home he can be. .

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E looks promising Bern is the best candidate He fits into the uation uite well as his kink is to be watched during sex What better person to have be with Samira for Mike to watchEmotions and feelings are amped up for all I want to kill that cocksucker Mike thought But I want to watch him fuck Sam about ten times After a few months of playing their game which is Mike coming home to Sam cheating on him and Bern making him feel humiliated and less of a man both Sam and Bern are getting a little closer Can all participants come out unscathed As a fetish that I haven t read too much about in books I ve still been well aware of what about in books I ve still been well aware of what ntails It is definitely one of those mindfuck kinks The mental aspect is a little hard to wrap your head around at first But in the nd if all parties are aspect is a little hard to wrap your head around at first But in the The Merovingian Mythos and the Mystery of Rennes le Chateau end if all parties are the same page the results are fucking hot Trying to separate myself from what s happening was a tough one You can t help but put yourself in the shoes of all participants It s strange but I felt bad forach individual This isn t some Supernatural the Life of William Branham Book 4 easy fling and so many feelings and conflicting thoughts were had Having Mike watch his wife have sex with a stranger Sam being with a stranger in front of her true love and poor Bern being the unattached guest who is also falling for his sex partner I thought all of their feelings were true and justifiable Basically I like anything that is outside the box I thoroughlynjoyed reading this one It started out a little on the clinical side but I understand that s what made it real to life Much like The Ground Rules I was very much nervous and simultaneously turned on Some things may have been a little drawn out but overall it was awesome Cara McKenna is an Lear, Tolstoy and the Fool extremely talented author and I alwaysnjoy her three dimensional characters and uniue plot lines 4 Super Hot starsCrosstown Crush is a standalone and is part of the Sins in the City series Warning if you like super spicy taboo and hot reads then THIS IS FOR YOUI really needed Crosstown Crush I wanted to start something that was just different and I got that tenfoldIt s an unconventional story and it worked for me Samira loves her husband and she would do anything for him When they started dating Samira s relationship with her husband was normal He then asked her to marry him and she accepted and Intelligence and Spirit everything changed He became jealous and kept uestioning Samira if she was cheating on him She couldn t handle that and they broke upThen Samira found out her husband s dirty little secret Mike Samira s husband is a fan of cuckoldingCuckolding means a man married to an unfaithful wife Meaning Mike gets off of his wife cheating and attempting to cheat He also likes to be humiliated and debased because of it Did I get your attention now Samira indulges her husband and pretends to cheat She wears other s men cologne and stays out late with her girlfriends Sheven rubs condoms on her private parts so her husband can smell the deceit Her husband loves this and now Samira wants to up the gameWhy make it hypothetical cheating when maybe they can have real cheatingSamira and Mike decide to place a want ad and add a third party to the Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind euation Samira will pretend to cheat on her husband when in actuality she will sleep with another man while Mike hides in another room and watchesCrosstown Crush is very hot I didn t know what Cuckolding was and yes I did google it It s a very fascinating life style and very real Injoyed reading about Samira and Mike s uniue relationship I love how much they love Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiary 2 each other andspecially Samira s love for Mike she really does anything for her husband Bran is the third person that comes into play and the steam between Samira and Bran is addictive then you add Mike and it s like wow you get an MMF read but not the typical kind You will just have to read and find out all the stuff that comes to playIf you want something a bit taboo steamy and a page turner then this one is for you An Arc was provided 375 Starsmainly for BernWellthis was definitely differentI ve heard the term Cuckolding before but never fully understood what it meantA Cuckold is the husband of an adulterous wifebut there s a lot to itCuckoldingImagine hearing your wife whisper in your Head Citations eartelling you all the dirty things she did with another manInstead of getting jealousit turns you onMaybeYou want to watch while she cheats on youMaybeYou like the idea of your wife being desirable to other menMaybeYounjoy the whole humiliating The Black Dahlia Files The Mob the Mogul and the Murder That Transfixed Los Angeles experienceSam and Mike are a happily married couple in their late thirtiesBut Mike has a fe 35 stars rounded up coz Bern Full review posted August 28 2015 Without having articulated it to herself before she d always known Bern was here to act as Mike s sexual rival and though it was all just play he shouldn t cross th. Ires to the next level by opening their bed to a sexy brazen stranger A man seeming custom made to grantvery last one of Mike and Samira’s sinful wishesWelcoming someone new into their lives was always a dangerous proposition but the couple imagined if anything was at stake it was their privacynot their hearts  New York Times Bestselling Author Jaci Burto. Crosstown Crush Sins in the City #1