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Book in a series should be able to be read as a standalone like any police procedural you would watch on tv If people like the book well nough

They Will Seek Out 
will seek out rest of the series I now have the rest so I m reading them in order and will find out what happens when I pick up the next one Another serial killer storyBecause of the Boy Nobody ending lost of readers are upset but other than long chase pages it s good thriller During the writing andditing some things are overlooked like she has her blackberry in her hand and grips pistol like she has her blackberry in her hand and grips pistol both hands Cameras in the station papers with names and phone number left clothing and some I can list I will be reading his next book Karen Vail is strong woman I am honestly surprised to hear that this author s first novel won so many awardsI am not trying to be overtly critical but the level of detail that he includes about minor plot details really overwhelms and bogs down the story And reading the afterword he apparently names characters after Love Song (First Kiss, everyone he knows Not that is in and of itself a bad thing but also distracting it feels like he s trying too hard to develop the charactersOn the plus side I think the story would be good if the details could be subtle This was a Kindle freebie so at least I m not out any money Anxcellent read well written and fluid You know the identity of the serial killer from the get go you just don t really know who he is The story line takes place in Napa Valley California great scenery descriptions and wine too Nothing like having a romantic get away in wine valley and stumbling over a dead body Just the way I would want to vacation notMr Jacobson spins a great tale filled with suspicions about The Ten Thousand Doors of January everyone and then makes the book a cliff hanger ARRRRGHH Well done Alan Jacobson well doneHighly recommend this book and series to anyone that loves a good suspenseful mystery 2 thumbs up and 5 stars First of all I have a problem with so much detail The book seems to go on and on and on My second issue is with thending It seems like the author had a deadline to meet and was running out of time for a good conclusion so decided to carry it to the next book so he can drag it out These are my reasons for taking 2 stars away Now my reason for giving 3 stars The author gave a few good twist and turns in the story Some of the things were unexpected so for my surprise he Les P'tites Poules - Nom d'une poule, on a vol le soleil ! (4) earned 3 stars I don t want to keep reading this series but I may borrow the next book to read the beginning so I can finish thend of this book I liked the story line of this book but didn t find it as compelling as the first one in the series While I understand that. Dentity of the killer she senses that something isn’t right Will she figure it out before it’s too late In a rousing climax that has left readers breathless and which Publisher’s Weekly termed “a shockeroo” Sensibel kompetent Zart besaitet und erfolgreich im Beruf ending Vail must pick up the pieces and the carnage left behind by the Crush KillerNotelements of the Crush storyline continue in Velocity Karen Vail #3 A discounted bundled digital dition of both novels is availableWith the killer’s actions threatening the Napa Valle. .
I hated this book If I could give it negative stars "I would I don t believe I have ver said I hated a book before itherI mean who am I to "would I don t believe I have ver said I hated a book before itherI mean who am I to right I ve never tried to put pen to paper More power to ya if you can write a book and get it published If I didn t like a book I figured maybe it was just menot my cup of tea so to speak This booked sucked I tried to like the characters but I had a hard time suspending my disbelif from the get go A male author writing with a female protaganist is iffy for me but I figured I was just being sexist and kept pushing on through the pages But I found it and difficult to find any of the characters believableI finally get to page 262 and this paragraph made the whole book grind to a halt for me Wirth swung his head around then turned back a smile broadening his face Great grandfather Josef Wirth That photo was taken in Bialystok Poland sometime around 1725 OMG I don t know anyone who can swing their head around without hurting themselves unless possessed and hasn t yet had xorcism The punctuation WRONG A photograph in 1725 REALLY I mean REALLY I checked that at least 10 times before I could move on and had to keep coming back to make sure I read it rightGranted these are probably just typos but the man has at least five pages of credits at the Les Justes end of the book thanking about 100 people and apparently not one of them actually read the book And who thanks 100 people in their acknowlegements kiss assAnd DON T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE ENDING UGH UGH UGH I m not going to do any spoilers but suffice to say itnds with a note from the author ncouraging you to get the next Karen Vail novel to tie the loose threads together As if You couldn t pay me to read the next novel You couldn t pay me to read the next novel let me just say that as the story line went I was at the dge of my seat and the (رسائل الحكمة (الدروز ending left me there To me there was nonding and that left me very disappointed Unless you plan on purchasing books don t bother reading this one I don t like being forced to buy another book in the series just so I can get an nding to one I did feel that there was way book in the series just so I can get an nding to one I did feel that there was way much Dsir ardent: Les Sducteurs, T2 (Historique) explanation of what a profiler does and how I could have done with less of that and of the story This was a very good book in the Karen Vail series It s much better than the first one was This book moves along at a much smooth pace Vail doesn t go off in many different directions she s focused on the one case in front of her This made much sense The dialogue was better and overall a great book However I can t give it 5 stars because of the cliffhangernding I read this book years ago and it pissed me off how it Avoir raison avec Schopenhauer ended I feel any. In FBI Profiler Karen Vail’s second adventure after the standout bestseller The 7th Victim Vail finds herself in the Napa Valley where a serial killer has been crushing his victims’ windpipes and leaving their bodies in caves and vineyards But when the Crush Killer learns that an FBI profiler has joined the Major Crimes Task Force the newfound attentionmboldens him and he ngages Vail in a deadly game of cat and mouse Although a sudden break in the case helps her zero in on the ,
Jacobson needed to xplain certain terms used in the FBI police tc World That Most Ordinary that most ordinary wouldn t know the meaning to I felt like he sometimes overly xplained to the point where it felt unrealistic In the beginning of this and the last book he made it seem like Vail s job *is so out of the ordinary that the police forces she * so out of the ordinary that the police forces she with don t Le Maître du Temps even understand what she does I can t imagine actual cops thinking a Profiler is someone who touches a dead body and can see who the killer was like on drama tv series I found this concept so overstated and annoyingAlso I don t understand why 99% of the book is written in third person but then Jacobson would randomly throw in first person as Vail out of nowhere There were a few sentences that started with She did x y z and the very next sentence was I thought whatever where she and I were the same person From a writing perspective that makes absolutely no sense to me and I found itxtremely confusing La lgende des Immortels : la trilogie intgrale : Le gardien de l'ombre - Le visiteur de l'aube - La tour des amants (Nocturne) especially where there are multiple main characters in the storyAnd alas I can t not mention view spoilerthe to be continuednding because ordinarily I would be xtremely frustrated by this Knowing that it continues in the following book that I don t have to wait for though doesn t make me as upset by I don t have to wait for though doesn t make me as upset by hide spoiler Let me just say that this book left me going WTF No he didnt just do that The way Mr Jacobson nded the book made me glad I got this as a Free Friday selection It had a horrible cliffhanger One with You (Crossfire) ending I will only bother to find out howverything turns out if I get the next book free as well I refuse to pay for the next one Im normally not so angry about cliffhanger Dios habla a sus hijos endings but this one took the cake I thought the rest of the book was OKven though Karen did so many things that I think a normal human being ven an FBI agent wouldnt do Crush was a great thriller with lots of action a very twisted serial killer and an interesting although a bit abrasive at times female FBI profiler who is trying to help the local police while on vacation in Napa with her boyfriend She nds up giving most of her attention to catching the killer and her boyfriend is left on his own The action spirals to the last page of the book but in fact the story does not have an SABADOS DE SUPER ACCION ending You are left right in the middle and it was not very satisfyingI realize the author wants you to buy the seuel but he could have tied up a few things just bynding the book a few pages Snowed in with the Boss earlier Instead he left a bloody mess at thend with no resolution I can t complain about the price as I got the La mtamorphose (French Edition) ebook fairly cheap but the seuel is priced much higher and it feels a bit likextortion. Y’s multi billion dollar industry the stakes have never been greater and the race to find the killer never urgentAnd through it all a surprise lurksone that Karen Vail never sees comingMeticulously researched during years of work with the FBI profiling unit and Le deuxième sexe (Tome 1) - Les faits et les mythes eBook: Simone de Beauvoir: Amazon.fr: Boutique Kindle extensive interviews with wine industry professionals bestselling author Alan Jacobson delivers a high velocity thriller featuring the kind ofdge of your seat nding that inspired Nelson DeMille to call him a hell of a write.

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