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CryptocurrencyGood book for a beginner If you are new to the Cryptoland This Book Will this book will you good introductionIt is inclined towards traders are from euity trading community Good bookStill unsure which way price breaks moving up or down Do you buysell as the chart moves up or down But over all good book full of useful info for beginners General infoIt s good information but very general It doesn t teach you any of the concepts it ighlights Good for the novice but for not an amateur More saving Than trading for me Bitcoin is eGold and Ethereum should increase in value Mining is How did I turn 400 into 100000 in Only 6 months Let's face the facts most people who *ATTEMPT TRADING WILL LOSE MONEY USUALLY *trading will lose money usually to lack of preparation Media eadlines similar to “Why Bitcoin’s Price will continue to Increase beyond 10000” convince people they can easily turn profit without any experience or preparation However when the market corrects and prices crash these ‘weekend investors’ get scared and uickly sell their shares for a discounted price losing money For well informe.

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Ot as profitable as buying Not one ard dollar or BTC example *Given Pure Fluff And *Pure fluff and 12 minute read Not worth the 12 minutes in my opinion No practical examples given just words of caution Good Read for begginersIf you are looking for a comprehensive begginers book ere it is to get you started general examples and basic info OutstandingA very well written and informative book about understanding the crypto market The author delves into candlesticks and charting so you aren t just gambling I recommend this read as an entry point to furthering your crypto investing and making a
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of. D prepared traders the story is very different In fact if you follow my strategies based on statistical analysis market indices an recurring predictable chart patterns you will discover That Most Crypto Price Swings Are Largely most crypto price swings are largely With practice making profitable trades is not too difficult However becoming a successful trader does not appen over night it reuires preparation and a carefully planned structured approach to every trade Otherwise you remain a weekend investor and will Cash Great InfoI m a pretty seasoned long term investor in crypto s but did not even consider trading them for income Looking forward to continuing in *the series that the author as provided and will update my review based on subseuent reviews *series that the author Free Sapce has provided and will update my review based on subseuent reviews the series It would be great if next time someone checked for typos Cause there were a whole lot of them A very poor example of the kind of book this couldave beenBarely a taste of the information that could ave been provided Also it was so full of typos that you
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tell it probably never even proofread before being posted for sale. Nevitably lose money I ave carefully structured this book to cover the strategies adn tools I personally use while trading and making massive profits You will learn Use a professional Exchange Platform Poloniex Analyse the Markets with Coinigy online charting tool Fundamentals of Technical MArket Analysis including the Dow Theory How to Track the Relevant Market Indices How Track Chart Patterns Theory How to Track the Relevant Market Indices How Track Chart Patterns Strategies ie when to buy Stop loss placement ie minimize risks Exit strategies ie when to sell. .