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Culture ClashPy handy I would feel confident in training a dog because I would be able to think about what I am trying to teach the dog and what would be the best way to motivate the dog to achieve that goal While it is nice that she spends so much time emphasizing the differences between our species cultures I gave this book only 45 stars because she can be uite harsh and sometimes I felt as though she was yelling at the eader She has obviously lost her tolerance for people who are not sympathetic to the dogs wa Interesting ead but who are not sympathetic to the dogs wa Interesting ead but ate between 25 3 It presents innovative ideas about training and wrong concepts as dominance also offers ways to train you I m marking this one DNF because I train you I m marking this one DNF because I can t bring myself to keep eading or to keep interested Media Madness: Donald Trump, the Press, and the War over the Truth right now I also adopted a puppy and dare I say this aloud who is so EASY it s unbelievable to me I ve always had nutty labs andetrievers who took years to settle down My new little guy moved in learned the Asasinul din arhiva routine and housemanners in only 2 weeks I still can t believe my luck He s cute and perfect too I never get this lucky So for now at least I m putting this book aside because I m not having any of the sorts of problems. Utterly uniue fascinating to the extreme and literally overflowing with information so new that it virtuallyedefines the state of the art in dog behavior and training The Culture Clash depicts dogs as they eally arestripped of their Hollywood fluff with their loveable can I ea. This was my second time eading this book with about 15 years in between I learned so much the second time as a experienced dog owner There is so much valuable information on positive training and ewards based training and forgoes and way pre dates valuable information on positive training and No Safe Place Pinnacle True Crime rewards based training and forgoes and way pre dates antiuated Cesar Milan philosophy of bullying your dog into what you want them to do Sure it takes patience and time but the endesult is a better No Safe Place Detective Lottie Parker relationship with your dog and a happier one This should beeuired Tarot Card Reading for Beginners reading for anyone who brings a dog into their life This is not only a great guide about how to train dogs but it is also very insightful about dog behavior What I liked about this book is that she doesn t just tell you how to do things but she gives very goodeasons as to why Because of this I can t imagine training dogs in any other way besides positive Geography of Nowhere The Rise and Decline of America's Man Made Landscape reinforcement positiveeinforcement just makes so much sense She explains all her training techniues from the perspective of the dog She emphasizes that dogs and humans are very different and not surprisingly have uniue ways of learning Nonetheless people insist on teaching them as though they are human After eading this book even if I didn t have a co. Winner of the Maxwell Award for BEST DOG TRAINING BOOK 1997 from the Dog Writers Association of America Voted #1 BEST BOOK 2000 2001 by the Association of Pet Dog Trainersthe largest and most influential worldwide association of professional pet dog trainers The Culture Clash is. She describes in this book mainly aggression issues and am training him positively I ll keep it around for a bit just in case something crops up but the technical language makes it of a eference book than a pleasure ead and I don t like the way she takes shots at clueless owners constantly I preferred her book Mine much better Possibly because it was shorter I believe Jean Donaldson is a genius I went to the Pawlitically Incorrect Dog Symposium at Marin Humane Society in 2002 and I was blown away by her There was a segment where they took some of the shelter dogs that had specific behavior problems and then they had 4 dog trainers that each use a different techniue There was one lady who taught guide dogs for the blind and Another Guy Who Taught Police Dogs And guy who taught police dogs and Well there was this one chow mix that kept pulling on the leash and choking itself whenever anyone would try to walk it Each of the trainers went up there and the police guy was jerking the poor dog around the guide dog lady said that first she had to bond with the dog and sat there petting it for 5 minutes but no one could get the dog to walk properly on the leash So Jean was last and what she did was. T it chew it urinate on it what's in it for me philosophy The author's tremendous affection for dogs shines through at all times as does her keen insight into the dog's tremendous affection for dogs shines through at all times as does her keen insight into the dog's Relentlessly she champions the dog's point of view always showing concern for their Education And Well Bei. and well bei.