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LA Naturaleza En Disputa: Retorica Del Cuerpo Y El Paisaje En America Latina lFirst source As a matter of face don t purchase at all A DAM GOOD READ One of the best wartime books I ve had the pleasure to readYou are there being shot at wondering if you will make it back aliveIf youike war stories you will Filosofia do Direito love this book Get your copy today I am uite a fan of books on World War II but I have never read anything uiteike this I "ve read the 6 volumes of Churchill s The Second World War book series with much of the writing from one "read the 6 volumes of Churchill s The Second World War book series with much of the writing from one point of view This work is completely unlike that Firstly and most importantly this is an oral history with both German and Allied voices To me this makes it one of the most interesting books on a single event I ve read We hear voices from both sides Next this is an oral history and does jump from person to person as the events unfold What is told is often overlapping and on occasion contradictory Both of these are the greatest strength of this type of work I imagine this style of book wouldn t appeal to everyone Some may find it acks fluidity in the writing and narrative but these are voices and oral stories drawn into a single work Finally I found myself transfixed reading about an event which killed thousands Not In A Romantic in a romantic but as a factual and fascinating account of the terrible price of war and the damage to countless ife which is wrought If you are interested in this event its well worth reading this to go beyond the hype and glamour of other books on the subject I am really interested in anything to do with WWII era Britain and Germany and Cold War era Berlin and so "I Had To Pick This "had to pick this up when I saw it for sale in a Le Tapis de course local shop This is uite unlike anything else I ve ever read in that the author is mainly hands off in the re telling of the events of the Dam raids in Germany Instead heeaves it to the crews of the Lancasters to tell their stories There are also stories from some of the German people involved such as rectors artists and even a diary entry from Goebbels which I thought gave a fair perspective on things I already knew a Amadís de Gaula little about the Dambusters but I felt that I came away from this book havingearnt a Kein Ort Nirgends lot This will be something that Il be re reading in the future I thought this book was great and was different from anything I had read before To hear from so many different people who were involved in the build up and how they felt after was fascinating It also had the added extra of hearing about the attack from the other side which is rar. F and the sense of emptiness and I Spy Under the Sea loss at RAF Scampton when 52 men failed to return From RAF personnel and civilians to Germans who witnessed the raid thisandmark oral history collection paints a moving and personal picture of one of the most famous operations of the Second World Wa.

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This is an example of how oral histories should be compiled Various sources are interviewed and their excerpts are arranged chronologically to present the story of the famous raid on the Mohner and Eder Dams which powered the German Ruhr industrial area Various phases are covered from the conceptualization recruitment execution and aftermath of the "raid Interestingly also includes interviews with German victims of the raids to show the impact of the raid Recommended "Interestingly also includes interviews with German victims of the raids to show the impact of the raid Recommended 617 has been heralded since WWII for their mission against the Ruhr *Valley dams The mission included cutting edge technology great planning flawless timing *dams The mission included cutting edge technology great planning flawless timing bravery of the highest sort Many participants died What Max Arthur has done is cobble together accounts of the mission from the pilots and air crews the ground crews various support staff planners scientists and even German military and civilians who were THE VICTIMS OF THE ATTACK LIKE SOME ORAL HISTORIES victims of the attack Like some oral histories those that have a Biology: Understanding Life lot of participants there is a bit of repetition but in this case it can not be avoided because each retelling of tiny portions of events contained naturally shared experiences But each retelling adds aittle something extra It is a thorough examination of one of the benchmark events of the war and is a very enjoyable read A great book that weaves together the recollections of many of those involved in the Dambusters raid There s no attempt to editorialise or to smooth over differences in recollections and the book is better for that It probably ought not be the only book you read on the raid but it s certainly a fascinating account In just the Epistulae morales ad Lucilium last decade there has been no shortage of books published covering the Dambusters raid of 16 17 May 1943 Not surprising considering the technical wizardry alone A six ton bomb shapedike an oil drum set to be spun up at 500rpm anticlockwise before dropping a precise distance from the walls of the dams from a height of just 60 feet above water at night at a speed of some 230mph from a specially modified Lancaster bomber so the bomb would skip ike a stone across the water while being slightly distracted by the flak with tracer However before reaching the target the three separate waves of 617 suadron had to fly from Scampton all the way there and back again at around 150 feet The boffins the builders and the RAF crews had just six weeks to assemble the suadron perfect the flying skills and iron out the technical problems to be ready for a On the 17th May 1943 nineteen Lancaster bomber crews gathered at a remote RAF station in Lincolnshire for a mission of extraordinary daring and high risk a night raid on three crucial and heavily defended dams deep in the German industrial heartland The raiders would have to fly acro. Ission that couldn t be achieved at any other time than the planned Date The Casual Statement The casual statement one pilot "that while practicing ow flying at 150 feet another LANC FLEW UNDERNEATH HIMTHE AMAZING STORY flew underneath himThe amazing story practicing ow flying at 150 feet another Lanc flew underneath himThe amazing story been compiled by Max Arthur for the Oral History series The Dambusters published 2008 is told throughout by amazing testimony from flight crew ground crew RAF CO s Intelligence officers and down to the mess waitresses Also statements from Barnes Wallis Arthur Harris Goebbels and Speer as well as German civilians Altogether a very interesting format for such an epic storyStanding next to a Lancaster bomber with the replica bouncing bomb at RAF Duxford s museum is an experience I echo Stephen Fry s sentiments in the Foreword that this was a steady unblinking courage tenacity and will that is out of the ordinary so much out of the ordinary in our age that it might now be said to be extinct Arthur s oral histories are always well worth reading in the case of 617 Suadron he s done what few others have and sought out material from the ground crews and other nonflying personnel and the comparison of their reactions to the horrific osses of the Dams raid and those of the flying personnel are a Mrs Packletides Tiger little off putting the ground crews WAAFs and Barnes Wallis were weeping the air crew who d made it back were celebrating One thing that would have made the book a bit useful would have been to show the date of each piece for instance there are multiple interviews represented for some people and anything published during the war should have be taken with aarge grain of salt due to censorship Overall Arthur did a fine job of picking telling pieces and organizing them his attention to the ground crews and to the people in Germany who suffered the effects and witnessed a couple of the crashes are a bonus The book could have been An Evil Spirit Out of the West longer and ought to have had oral histories from theater war period when the Dambusters finally were The Folklore of Weddings and Marriage; The Traditional Beliefs Customs Superstitions Charms and Omens of Marriage and Marriage Ceremonies The Traditional Omens of Marriage and Marriage Ceremonies living up to the hype from Operation Chastise I can t believe I paid money for this book It is utterly unreadable It is composed inittle paragraphs of oral interviews The story of the raid is not told just LHistoire Vraie de la Guinée Conakry little bits of memories bouncing from person to person without any real continuity The raid itself is an incredible story but the only incredible thing about this book is that it was publishedI suppose this is a good add on to other books if you want deeper information on the bombing mission but don t purchase this book as Ss occupied Europe at a perilouslyow evel and drop their bombs at a mere 60 feet above the water to destroy the dam walls Eight planes never returnedBestselling author Max Arthur has collected together first hand accounts of the preparation practise organisation and the raid itsel.