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On the edge of nowhere, kOf who and what I am eager to do the work I was born to do A real assassin as a heroine As you can guess I was able to care about Sybella because she s everything but perfect and much than our average female lead To be frank Iind of want to throw adjectives and call it a day flawed multi layered sarcastic loyal smart fierce tortured and straight on awesome Not to mention deadly I KNOW An assassin who actually KILLS Often But it wouldn t do her justice would it Sigh Someone is happy this morning he smirksSomeone is eager to feel the Etat de siège kiss of cold steel before he s even broken his fast Since her childhood Sybella had to rely on herself to survive and as it was the choice she was given didn t always let her the opportunity to be in harmony with herself She s no innocent and shenows it Does she regret some decisions Yes she does Has she doubts Oh many Does she whine or let her doubts eating at her Never On the contrary she nows where lie her strengths and how to use them to fulfill her uest yet she is seeking approval and the growth of her character was fascinating to follow realistic and gradual as it was An ugly and fascinating love interest partner in crime What can I say about Beast except that he s everything you don t expect from a male lead Well just that By Mortain I want men like him in my books What in the names of the Nine Saints was that Throwing your sword Is that some special trick of Saint CamulosHe grins and I am startled by how feral he looks all gleaming white teeth and pale eyes in a blood splattered face Indeed I do not believe he is uite human in that moment It slowed him down didn t it God I love him Did I say that Peril and feeeeeels Remember how Grave Mercy let me numb Don t worry Dark Triumph is nothing like his eldest Indeed whereas Ismae s book dragged on the underwhelming side nothing could have prepared me for the aleidoscope of emotions I felt while following Sybella and Beast in their battles Betrayal Anger Hope Despair Acceptance Hate Love A gradual very light romance which never overtakes the plot Anyway you just can t help but root for them because to see the growth of their relationship makes you remember why it s sometimes fucking great to insert a bit of romance in a book I glance up at Beast s face which is contorted with horror Despair I cannot guess what he is thinking or feeling He looks down at his enormous scarred hands How you must hate us all he said Nowadays it s and difficult to find a romance which can warm our heart without making us rage because sexism control stalkers Beast and Sybella s story is one of them and because it s believable smile inducing and adorable it reminds me if needed why I m a sucker for a good romance in the first place Now love is not blind people Although I m willing to give it 5 stars still I have to admit that this book isn t flawless Historical inaccuracies here we go The truth is if I m completely aware that it s a work of fiction I fail to understand why authors Mortelle Adle, Tome 14: Prout atomique keep choosing wellnown individuals as characters if they don t respect the historical facts Now the book was really good so I chose to blind myself but come on Please don t underestimate readers Lack of details in the settings I don t La Tnbreuse Escorte (Bien Belle Compagnie t. 3) know if I m aware of it because Inow the cities and the landscapes where the story takes place here but I was slighly disappointed by the lack of description of the background Indeed I would have loved to see Morlaix Nantes and the Breton country and it sadly wasn t the case Not enough anyway Can you believe it I can t blame this book for anything else This was just fucking awesome that s all For of my reviews please visit All the gifs cannot describe how awesome this book was Minor Spoiler Just one If you don t want to « Si je reviens un jour » - Les Lettres retrouvées de Louise Pikovsky (RDL.BD) (French Edition) know who thenight was don t read on But we were all expecting itI have to admit in the beginning I was a little unsure of how this was going to turn out One I forgot Mindplayers kind of what happened in Grave Mercy and two I was a little confused But 20 pages later I was sucked into the absolute insanity that was Dark TriumphLet s take a moment to appreciate what a total badass Sybella is He character was beyond amazing Her past was by far one of the most awful I ve ever read in a book Her character slowly did change into a warmer Sybella with 55 HOW F AMAZING WAS THIS stars I am in desperate need ofilling something Dark Triumph the second book from His Fair Assassin trilogy is to my surprise even better than Grave Mercy The story follows another very interesting character Sybella In the first book Sybella shows up at the doorstep of convent St Mortain full of grief and nearly on the verge of madness After Ismae convinces her to stay there she become Death s handmaiden and after years of training leaves for her first assignment to the only place Sybella so desperately wanted to avoid home Indeed I Am As Skilled As Any Alchemist But Instead Of am as skilled as any alchemist but instead of lead into gold I turn my fear into daring and assuredly that is a far greater trick While Grave Mercy was about political intrigue and court life Sybella s story is much fast paced and adventurous And there s also a lot fighting Sybella is very much different from Ismae bloodthirsty While both of them have had bad experience with men *and live through a lot Sybella s story is much darker vengeful and heartbreaking I loved how the author *live through a lot Sybella s story is much darker vengeful and heartbreaking I loved how the author t reveal Sybella s past right at the beginning but slowly so the full story is shown just to the end It is a good thing I no longer have a heart because if I did it would surely break The romance is also worth mentioning While I really loved Ismae and Duval the romance between Sybella and Beast was even compelling heartfelt and complex They were two broken people with horrible pasts but together they made each other stronger and complete It is a raw and uncomfortable realization that Beast is partly behind this newfound will to live Not for him but because he reminded me of what life has to offer He lives life so joyously it is impossible not to want that joy for oneself If you have read and loved Grave Mercy than I recommend to catch up on the rest of the series you most definitely won t regret it And if you thought that Grave Mercy was a little bit slow or missing some fight scenes then don t fear this book definitely delivers and so much I now possess something I never had before faith Faith in myself faith in Mortain But most of all faith in love It had been awhile since I had read the first book in this series Grave Mercy and I was a bit afraid I would be lost going into this book but the *Author Didn T Info Dump *didn t info dump into oblivion and I was able to step right into the story againAssassin nuns what a great story idea These nuns are bad ass They come across as real since the author gives them flaws and they admit they aren t perfect Gasp A main character that isn t perfect These nuns do their Cahiers du genre, N° 45 : Les fleurs du mâle : Masculinités sans hommes ? killing under their dark god Death Their abbess though She is the frigging most vile character She makes my hair stand on end I want the next book just so I can see why the heck this woman has such vile personalityI hope the girls go off on her hateful bum Then you have Beastanother gasp A main character who is not the most gorgeous hunk of man everI still fell head over heels for this guy Strong protectiveicks bad guys asses because it s funsign me up There are some excellent characters in this book though The villains are so bad that you feel their evil coming off the pages The good guys aren t all that and a bag of chips which made me love them even I think this is the better book of the two I ve read so far That could be just because I like these characters so much than the previous books main character I received an arc copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from Netgalley. Ality are terrifying and her brother's love is eually monstrous When she discovers an unexpected ally imprisoned in the dungeons will a a daughter of Death find something other than vengeance to live for. ,

Ain Her shaky beliefs were only natural with all the hurt and betrayal she s suffered it s hard for her to believe in anything least of all a powerful father who supposedly loves her Love Sybella nows no such thing No one ever truly loved her when she was a child not without ulterior motives and until she met Ismae and Annith the concept was completely strange to herAnd then she saves Beast the duchess s mighty hero and she finds compassion and tenderness in the most unlikely of places There are secrets between them but there s love and admiration too and they both have to decide which part is importantBeast as a hero made me think about all the other heroes I hold close to my heart which lead me to conclude that I ve matured somewhat as a romance reader Perfection no longer holds any appeal for me It s not all those rich gorgeous and successful male characters I remember to this day Instead it s Curran with his broken nose and his eyes filled with violence It s Terrible with mutton chops on his ugly scarred face It s March brutal determined and strong but nowhere near beautiful Duval a soldier above all both inside and out And finally it s the mighty Beast of Waroch uglier than you can imagine LaFevers took a lot of risks in Dark Triumph made a lot of choices that proved her worth although they might not sit well with some These days when packaged books have become the norm rather than an unwanted exception it s comforting to now there are authors like Robin LaFevers who are artists above all Some of us tend to forget that literature is art first and business second if at all but luckily there are those who remind us over and over againFinishing Dark Triumph wasn t easy at all LaFevers did a fabulous job of wrapping things up but I did not want to part with Sybella and Beast In fact the second I finished the final page I wanted to go back to the beginning and start all over again That s really not something I get to say very often In case you re wondering about the heroes I ve mentioned they are from the Kate Daniels series The Downside Ghosts series the Sirantha Jax series and of course the His Fair Assassin trilogy respectively Now this is the book Grave Mercy was supposed to be I was on the fence about Ismae s story basically when I discovered along with everyone else that the assassin nuns weren t so much espionage murder and mayhem as much as forbidden romance and courtesan intrigue but I ultimately came down on the pro side because the backdrop of Anne of Brittany s attempts to The Gutter Prayer keep her duchy independent and out of French hands resonated with this admitted historical junkie Still I think it s probably telling my favorite character in Grave Mercy wasn t Ismae but Anne and I really didn t have any expectations about Sybella s story or Dark TriumphWell what a difference one book makes Dark Triumph certainly surprised me by being a seuel that ultimately is not Grave Mercy Not at first I wasn t tooeen on the first few chapters because frankly nothing really happens as Sybella goes about her assignment in d Albret s household though her interactions with d Albret and her brother Julian do delve into her tragic past and answer many of Ismae s uestions about her character from the first book But beyond a poisoned glove here and an eavesdropped conversation there I was starting to get the distinct impression that plotwise at least Dark Triumph was goin 45 stars Hate cannot be fought with hate Evil cannot be conuered by darkness Only love has the power to conuer them both These books just eep getting better and better A daughter of Saint Mortain Sybella has been trained in the art of assassinry and death Now that she is a grown woman and fully prepared the nuns send Sybella to return to her childhood home to spy on her father and to endure the horrors within One evening Sybella is tasked with aiding the prisoner Beast in his escape from the dungeon From there I cannot say as it would give away much of the plot Jewels can be replaced Independence once lost cannot First off I d like to note that I rarely if ever read and enjoy historical fiction My undergraduate major was general history so I tend to find historical inaccuracies in many of the HF books I read and it bugs me I always find myself second guessing what s happening For example I end up asking myself uestions or making statements such as Why are you not pregnant already or They would never be unchaperoned in that time period or That is such a modern word phrasing they would never say that I never found myself doing these things when reading these books Since this series has an element of magic I pretty much have been able to overlook these Plus these books are just so good that I throw all *Of My History Pet Peeves Out Of *my history pet peeves out of window I liked this book so much better than the first one for many reasons For one I found the main characters to be incredibly interesting and way complex than the MC s in the first book Sybella she is cunning smart untrustworthy not uick to trust others haunted and abused Beast A man described as that ugly has never been attractive in the readers eyes Beast was a strong A man described as that ugly has never been attractive in the readers eyes Beast was a strong funny loyal and caring man and uite honestly the perfect man for Sybella The romance between Beast and Sybella while not at the forefront of the book contained some of the sweetest moments I love the two of them together It made sense that Sybella would look past Beast s not so handsome features and see him for the valuable man he was on the inside Beast was also huge so he could easily overcome her in a fight which not many can do These characters they just clicked right together The continuation of the themes from the first book was present in this book Do not use a higher power to justify your own actions Think for yourself and make your OWN conclusions specific to the book Just because someone is marked does not mean they need to be assassinated Basically I loved this book The only thing I don t really care for is the political plot as it doesn t interest me But it cannot be avoided as it is essential to the plot so I do my best not to skim it Truly we are the gods own children forged in the fire of our tortured pasts but also blessed with unimaginable gifts Note This book is the 2nd in a series and the 1st book must be read before this one in order to understand what is going on Reread 0312 Beast and Sybella still own the show LOVE THEM Book 1 Grave Mercy There s a fangirling Gremlins in me who s lurking to spread his love Picture the mohawk one Always been my favorite You ve been warned Possible side effects Irrepressible sueals Yes Like fucking mice You got it Overuse of the words lovelikeenjoyswoon I ll stop here otherwise I ll scare you away if that s not already too late anyway There is a wild frantic energy in this part of town that fits my mood perfectly I raise my head and dare any of the dangers lurking in the shadows to try to match its skill against mine Why all this love you re asking A fast paced plot Forget the tedious wanderings of Grave Mercy and get ready the story here starts on page one Indeed I was hooked from the beginning enthralled in Sybella s life like I never was in Ismae s Her ultimate goal To protect Anne de Bretagne from the multiple dangers that threaten her first of all the Count of Albret wicked and twisted as always In the city of Nantes which has been previously taken by him Sybella must use all her training skills sometimes at her own expense Nothing is blissful than revenge but she had yet to succeed without losing herselfThis book was dark oh so dark at times As it is I must warn you here that the story deals with difficult issues including sexual violence and incest and several ind of abuse But it is no holy light simply me whole and unafraid. L take you far far away I want to laugh at the exhilarating feeling I will catch you it whistles seductivelyThe convent has returned Sybella to a life that nearly drove her mad Her father's rage and brut. Dark Triumph His Fair Assassin #2