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Ychiatric community was valid The author s prejudice against the prosecutors was palpable although he offered no new information or speculation It was a painful read I won t rehash the crime here but I felt as though the author went into the writing of the book with the belief that this man had multiple personalities It s definitely not an investigative telling of the events merely a rehashing of court documents and transcripts of interviews In the end he writes that the neither the wife nor the convict would speak to him about any of it apparently The Wife Wanted Money wife wanted money be interviewed It seems to gloss over the childhood torture Bonn. Joy Of Her Father's to gloss over the childhood torture Bonn. Joy Of Her Father's of her father's ife his discovery of Kathy's diary detailing her dark sexual fantasies triggered in .
This true crime story became a Made For TV Movie With TV movie with Danza playing the father who was driven to murder his teenaged daughter by one of his multiple and playing a prominent part in the story was the wife who believed in her husband s innocence until she finally came into contact with harsh cold reality This book was so badly written it was ike watching one of those AE true crime specials the ones where they just kept repeating everything over and over between too freuent commercial breaks The author clearly had a Vested Interest In Convincing interest in convincing reader that multiple personalities not an accepted diagnosis in the ps. An electrifying true crime drama of multiple personalities and murder Pretty 19 year old Kathy Bonney was the.

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Deadly WhispersEy endured to ead to a possible disassociation repeating the same incidents a possible disassociation Repeating the Same Incidents Were Discussed incidents which were discussed court multiple times throughout the book In the end even though the author clearly believed it to be true I was not convinced that Bonney had MPD Interesting story of a uniue and uite appalling crime with a rare version of the insanity defense This isn t the best written book I ve ever seen but the story stands on its own because it s so weird The author gives you The Essentials Without Boring essentials without boring to death or being too melodramatic This is another example of the author missing the point of the story he s writing He seems to take the stan. Homas Bonney the release of a psychotic personality called Hitman who shot and drowned Kathy 8 page photo inse.