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You can t figure out the who done it almost immediately in this not goodThe series is also riddled with flashbacks While I normally despise flashbacks these were moderately interesting and didn riddled with flashbacks While I normally despise flashbacks these were moderately interesting and didn always last overly longThere is also a completely unnatural brief supernatural lement that has been put in what is otherwise a grounded story If the supernatural stuff had been instead switched to a dream seuence it would have been better as it doesn t really fit the rest of the books Also it s just a hurry up false immediacy device for a uest whose time is measured in Years DumbSo Why Did I DumbSo why did I reading I ve boiled it down to two reasons The MC is likeable and aside from the author sometimes pushing him into doing something that is obviously stupid for plot reasons acts mostly sensibly See below in the spoiler section for an xampleA flavoring of historical JapanspoilersspoilersWell just one spoilerBut you get a classical Japanese story in with itIn the first book the MC goes back to the peasants hut Despite having all sorts of bad feelings about going in the hut the peasant not answering tc the author turns the MC into a dumbass and he goes into the hut only to have a net dropped on him and beaten the shit out ofThis reminds me of some classical Japanese story parable Don t know that I can t remember the name of but in short what happens is there are three youngsters who want to train with some old teacher The teacher gives them Elska Magazine 15 Bogota each a sword and separately they go into a room where there is a cunning pillow trap set up Go in pillow falls on youFirst guy pillow falls hits him and the guy cuts in it half before it hits the floor Kid is beaten andjected from the school forever He sucksSecond guy manages to avoid the pillow Told with heavy training he might become average or some suchThird guy won t go in the room because he feels something is wrong This is the most promising studentHell I m not The Tower of Nero The Trials of Apollo even Japanese and I ve heard this story which I ve probably misuoted but the basic point sticks and I ve used the same training in my life often I don t live a standard life And thus far it has literally kept me aliveSo yeah if you feel something is wrong going into a place and you go in you lose my sympathy ImmediatelyThat s why these books get a 3 star rating I like good historical novels in any genre including or perhapsspecially mysteries Dale Furutani s Samurai Trilogy fills the bill on all counts Each book is a fun read in itself with a great plot the series holds together well as a unit with the overall uest or metaplot holding my attention throughout These books also meet my number one standard for historical fiction they teach me a significant amount about a time and place Of course there are few if any historical settings about which I know nough to fully judge whether what I am being taught is accurate and informative but I get a sense of versimillitude from these books which ranks with other top uality historical fiction A fun read and some painless ducation a twofer and why I read top uality historical fiction A fun read and some painless The Billionaire Wins the Game education a twofer and why I read much historical fiction Death at the Crossroads is a uniuentry into the mystery genre the first in a trilogy It takes place in 1603 in feudal Japan and its main character Matsuyama Kaze is a ronin without a master samurai who is on a uest to search for his late master s young daughter As he travels from village to village he Hitlers Rocket Soldiers encounters unusual happenings In the precinct of. Y of a merchant pierced by an arrow Not satisfied with the conclusions of local officials he sets out to solve the crime himself Kaze soon becomesmbroiled with an unlikely and untrustworthy cast of ch. ,

First book in the Samurai series The writing is very good and the main character Kaze is done well There is a good bit about Japan very good and the main character Kaze is done well There is a good bit about Japan the time The information is woven in well so there is no huge block of data to read The story of the series is the search for the 7 9 year old daughter of Kaze s dead master They were on the losing side in the battle to determine who would be Shogun They are all dead and Kaze can t join them until he rescues their young daughter sold off by a their young daughter sold off by a winning lordEach book has a story about a mystery that Kaze Mortimer's Graffiti Ab 3 Lernjahr Level 1 Lernmaterialien encounters on his journey around the land looking for the girl The book mystery is very light andasily solved The book would be unsatisfying if it weren t for Kaze and the cultural and historical infoThis book is about a dead body found at the crossroads of a rural area It is a group of small hamlets which are all ruled by the same citified clueless uninterested Samurai lord Chaos disorder and bandits are the result The headman just picks a peasant to be guilty and plans to xecute him Kaze searches to find the true killer So overall not a bad book but one I would only very narrowly classify as a mystery The actual murder mystery part of the story was secondary to xplaining the world the characters lived in and the characters themselves The narrative does seem a bit dated but only because the author was constantly Toutes les femmes sont en guerre contre la nourriture: L'alimentation intuitive, une approche anti-rgime pour ne plus tre obsde par la nourriture explaining various terms and ideas which in the 1990 s might have been a bit unfamiliar to many North American readers but now almost 20 years later really don t need thextra Best Short Stories for Children explanationI was slightly disappointed at the last section of the book Throughout thentire story the author dropped a few breadcrumbs about the back story and motivation of the main character This larger story arc was much interesting than the murders Kaze was investigating But then we get to the very The Royal Lacemaker end of the story and the author throws two pages of word vomit completelyxplaining it allAs this is the first book in a series I xpected there to be the obvious tie in to the next book in the series but the series I xpected there to be the obvious tie in to the next book in the series but the did it in a good way Not slapping me in the face with here comes the seuel but dropping another breadcrumb for both Kaze and us to follow to the next storyI don t know how likely I am to read further into the series As I previously said the author just threw all Kaze s back story at me so I don t feel like I need to keep reading in order to find out about him A samurai detective story If you are at all into these two things then this book is as cool as it sounds OK but not greatI have read a number of Japanese novels in translation and often they are written in a cultural context which doesn t provide a uick and Dungeon Master 3 engaging read Furutani does accomplish thatven though some of the asides about cultural practices distract from the rhythm of the writing Will read the remains 2 in the trilogy An OK story and an OK mystery Some of the sentences are uite impressive Much better than regular detective stories I like the spirituality that Si yo fuese t, me enamorara de m (Prosa potica) emanates from some of them The mystery in itself was not as captivating as other Japanese detective historical stories but I want to read a few books in the series before I decide Overall a solid 4 with potential for 5 on the second or third book in the series This review is for all three books in the Matsuyama Kaze setIf you are going in hoping for a detective story you will be disappointed If. Matsuyama Kaze is a ronin or masterless samurai destined to travel the countryside until he fulfills the dying wish of his lord's wife At a crossroads on the way to the town of Suzaka Kaze finds the bod. Higashi he sees at a distance a man looking at a body at the intersection of 4 roads The man Jiro is a poor charcoal seller in the local village and the local district lord wants the murder pinned on him guilty or not Kaze interprets thevidence that is available and attempts to prove Jiro innocent At the same time he UNMASKS A DEMON THAT HAS TERRORIZED ANOTHER LOCAL VILLAGE a demon that has terrorized another local village is a master #of wordplay as well as swordplay In spite of his role as an avenger who kills without compunction in the name #wordplay as well as swordplay In spite of his role as an avenger who kills without compunction in the name justice he has much compassion for others and does not relish the act of death He treats Ask And It Is Given Cards: A 60-Card Deck plus Dear Friends card everyone that he meets with respectven amazing Jiro by speaking to him in spite of the difference in their social levels I really wanted to like this book but it left me unsatisfied in a number of ways First of all the characters were almost ntirely one dimensional Secondly although I appreciated the details of daily life of Japan in the 1600s I often felt that the author s research was showing and the interesting little historical tidbits weren t always integrated seamlessly into the narrative In spite of that this book is worth reading for its fascinating view of a time and place that are unknown to the average reader Despite it s subtitle of A Samurai Murder Mystery I would really only classify this loosely as a mysteryThat lone caveat aside I found this to be uite an njoyable fast paced read peopled with well developed characters in an unusual setting with an intriguing flavor all it s own With added bonus points for the fact that artistic license aside the historical setting points for the fact that artistic license aside the historical setting very well researched and accurateI m certainly intrigued Fables of Mind An Inuiry into Poe's Fiction enough to continue to the 2nd book in the trilogy Attention readers the main character in this series is a version of Toshiro Mifune s lovable wandering samurai character developed in Kurosawa s Yojimbo and Sanjuro In the period that directly followed the famous Battle of Sekigahara 1604 many samurai who had been loyal retainers andmployees of the feudal lords lost their homes and their positions when these warlords were hung for treason and their assets and property redistributed War Does that it creates refugees it breaks up A Fada e o Bruxo (As Crônicas de Ivi established communities it causes the break down of society These samurai some of them were sufferers of PTSD wandered the countryside for years looking for a new home a meal or their lost identity Thesearly salary men were devastated I ve read a statistic that as many as 35% of the population of the main island of Japan was displaced for a generation During that time these wandering unemployed samurai were called ronin wave men They contributed to brigandry and the lack of safety along the roads for a hundred years until the military created the Edo road which was highly controlled and patrolled and contributed Japan s new Economic boon In the meantime figures like SanjuroKaze who upheld the strict tenets of bushido and zen Buddhism were necessary cultural legends much as the high plains drifter was in the American west after the Civil War I Loved these books Loved m so much in fact I wrote to Mr Furutani to ask him why he wasn t writing the series any He said he was too busy with his life Can you imagine that That his life was so awesome and fulfilled that he d done what he set out to do and he didn t need to do it any If anyone deserves a good life the author of this gentle and wonderful series does. Aracters who are as colorful as they are crafty Each has a secret to keep and an ax to grind and it will take all of Kaze's subtlety stealth and samurai skills to unravel the mystery and unmask the kill. ,

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