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Death in the Stars (Kate Shackleton Mysteries Book 9)Since Ms Brody seems to be hinting at a possible romantic relationship between him and Kate Of course the same is true of Marcus Charles yet not a peep about him this time around Maybe next time will be a different name I can t remember Who knows Also to me Kate seemed to just be going through the motions for large chunks of the book Maybe because Ms Brody was determined to write a book about the 1927 eclipse and a Kate Shackleton mystery was merely an afterthought or if you will just frill to decorate the historic event Good points about the book Kate still retains her wit which is honed with a sarcastic edge I laughed out loud a couple of times at her thoughts And always enjoy the banter between she Sykes and Mrs Sugden I was also glad Harriet made an appearance albeit too briefly I also enjoyed the scene where Kate and Mrs Compton searched the nderground tunnels I wish of the book conveyed the same sense of rgency and suspense I m hoping the next entry in the series hits the right notes because Death in the Stars fell flat for me I adore Frances Brody s Kate Shackleton series and am always looking toward the new release Death at the Stars is already the 9th book in the series however it can at the Stars is already the 9th book in the series however it can be read as a stand alone and it is also the perfect book to start the series if you haven t read the previous books yetThis book is written in the same gentle way that Frances Brody has got me sed to The narration is engaging and rich and the author tangled and muddled the facts in such a clever way adding tips but also complicating things and I found myself suspecting every single character in the book and I think it is a sign of a great author to be able to complicate the things not overdo them to throw red herrings at the right space and in the

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moments and result we got a very decent cosy murder mysteryThis time the fate takes Kate Shackleton to dressing rooms and theatre performances and guys I loved the descriptions of all of this The author has again brought the 1920 s London and Yorkshire to life and brilliantly captured the atmosphere of those times Those glimpses into the theatre life the different acts and performances into Tt disappears and is later found dead in the chapel grounds Kate can't help but dig deeper and soon learns that two other members of the theatre troupe died in similarly mysterious circumstances in the past year With the help of Jim Sykes and Mrs Sugden Kate sets about investigating the. ,

Kate Shackelton has a new mystery to Solve This Time In The Theatre World this time in the theatre world you may know there s always a lot of competitiveness in all the jobs but is it worth a killing Let Kate seduce you in this mysteryThis is a delightful read full of suspense and lovely characters that will keep you intrigued till the last page Kate Shackelton is one of those characters that you fall in love since the first page tenacious and brave whom could not resist to investigate a good case Kate will be contracted by a famous actress that suspects that someone is killing her friends in the theatre world but doesn t know how to confront it but who could have any reason to kill her loved ones And when the mysterious Selina s husband appears even the reader could feel a dark presence ready to kill the next prey Let me say something I know actors have a high pride of themselves but this killer doesn t cease to anything to murder the victims And we have so many suspects that I have enjoyed the previous books by this author but this one felt rushed And the part that seemed rushed was the editing Scenes seemed jumpy and the character seemed nlike she was in earlier books She seemed less thoughtful and intelligent The whole scene in the cellars was just plain odd and ended abruptly And I don t know in the cellars was just plain odd and ended abruptly And I don t know how to describe this part but I ll try The red herring character seemed like a pushpull situation Is this character guilty Or not Or yes But noMy main thought was this book wasn t nearly as smooth as the others in the series After waiting so long and so impatiently for the newest Kate Shackleton mystery I was a bit disappointed There was no build p to the story so I never felt fully invested nor did I really care about any of the characters in the theater company and those connected to them There were a few references to characters from past books whom I don t remember at all one being the man that recommended Kate to Selina Fellini The other character is Inspector Wallis Marcus Charles I remember But Wallis No Where did he come from I m actually considering rereading the series in order to refresh my memory Because his character is certainly Anyone But Nick unmemorable Which is a shame. Yorkshire 1927 Eclipse fever grips the nation and when beloved theatre star Selina Fellini approaches trusted sleuth Kate Shackleton to accompany her to a viewing party at Giggleswick School Chapel Kate suspects anlterior motiveDuring the eclipse Selina's friend and co star Billy Moffa. ,
He lives of the artists in the roaring 1920 s were brilliant Kate Shackleton is as always ahead of her times She s clever intelligent and she KNOWS WHAT UESTIONS TO ASK AND what 재미있는 한국어 읽기 2급 uestions to ask and to look Of course we couldn t have missed her helping hands Mrs Sugden and Jim Sykes and it was such a great comfortable feeling to be in their company again The way Kate investigates is adorable She s thorough she is able to see all the necessary details that can help her and it really wasn t justntil the very end that I realised who the villain is the author has really well played with my mindEven though this time this novel has missed on this Frances Brody s hallmark sparkle this lovely and hooking Kate Shackleton s feeling yup In my opinion it was a little on the flat side this time please don t get me wrong basically everything was fair enough with this story all the right estions were asked the Investigation Was Interesting And Full Of Surprises But There Was was interesting and full of surprises but there was that just didn t sit with me so much I still enjoyed it What bothered me a little was the great number of characters I was never sure if they re going to be significant very significant or not significant at allAltogether Death in the Stars was a charming story just as all the others in the series that I had pleasure to read It is glamorous it is cosy and it is clever and gentle The mystery is masterfully written and the story itself is full of surprises and turns and this is this kind of book that you can read anytime no matter what mood you re in or what s the weather I am already looking forward Kate s new adventuresCopy provided by the publisher in return for an honest review This one was slow SLOW From the first chapter I felt like I had been dropped in mid context with no back story to go on And again it almost seems as if Kate is a cardboard cut out or a Manny Piccolo as in the story without a life spark of her own I really wish Brody would relax her grip on Kate and let s see her emote a little bit She is extremely starched especially as compared to Sykes and Sugden The story is predictable in the extreme and just plodded along but I m a fan so what can I say I finished But I wasn t thrilled. Deaths and whether there is a murderer in the companyWhen Selina's elusive husband Jarrod injured in the war and subject to violent mood swings comes back on the scene Kate begins to imagine something far deadlier at play and wonders just who will be next to pay the ltimate price for fa. ,