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E story of Kao Reed and Fallon Reyes They have The Sweetest Of Beginnings Before It All Goes Downhill But sweetest of beginnings before it all goes downhill But get back together stronger than ever Synopsis Kao and Fallon want to take it slow They don t want to announce their feelings for each other in front of their group of friends yet even though they re always together together But an accident leaves Kao blind and Fallon scarred Feeling immensely guilty about putting her life in danger Kao an accident leaves Kao blind and Fallon scarred Feeling immensely guilty about putting her life in danger Kao to distance himself from Fallon How do they find their way back towards each other Review This one starts in much the same way as the first two books in the series When Kao is twenty three years old and Fallon nineteen The tables "HAVE TURNED IN THIS ONE AS "turned in this one as is Kao who s first person narration starts this one where he s in love with Fallon He s her plus one always accompanying her everywhere though they haven t made it officialSuch sweetness right at the beginning is worrisome though as to what unpleasantness is to come in the story There are talks of soulmates first kisses falling in love and taking it slow And then the inevitable happens a dark chapter starts in Kao and Fallon s ourney It was so heart breaking to see Kao transform from a soft spoken guy to one who constantly lashed outAt times the characters did feel vain though especially Fallon But then only someone who has gone through so many life changing instances in such a short period of time would know how everything feels Moreover there s so much heartache and tenderness in the story that it makes up for itIt was bittersweet to see them healing each other As the end came nearer it was a bit of a seesaw between liking and loving the story It is not my place to Kein Ort Nirgends judge especially since I haven t faced in life what Fallon went through All I can say is that while having scars across your face is scary but constantly speaking about it as if some people don t live with it have no choice but to live with it I mean they all are very rich and can afford the best doctors Why such vanity over good looks thenPS My reviews of the books in the series is as followsColdhearted Heir Arrogant Heir Defiant HeirThank you to Candi Kane PR for an e ARC of the bookOriginally posted onShaina s Musings DEFIANT HEIR is the third full length New Adult Friends to romance book in the series The Heirs by Michelle Heard Spoken in Dual Perspectives I want to enjoy every glance every touch every step closer to each other before I have to share it with the world Whoa this book put me through the paces I felt like I was expressing every emotion via emoji s Jumping into this I was pulled in straight away Loving the build up as they tried to find their way of moving from friends to maybe as Kao decides to take the bull by the horns and finally ask Fallon out on a date making those butterfly feelings come at me like a thunder bolt I wanted to stay in that moment But Nooooooo this author had to rip that safety blanket right out from under me Going from an all the feels moment to an emotional one without warning That twist landed me on my ass gasping in its wake my eyes from that point onwards were glued to the kindle racing to see how severely things were going to change and what impact it would place on them going forwards It s during this time when Kao drastically went from a reasonably highish mark to a zero god heust made me so angry he d not only hurt Fallon but I felt like he d ripped my heart out in the process But a slow burn restarted rekindling my heart opening up towards Kao again as he d stepped up to be the man Fallon deserved and one I always knew him to beThis authors strengths are in giving us the unexpected even though you think your prepared going into a book of hers think again because somehow she always pulls you into a false sense of security before she takes you unawares and plays with your emotions Her books are always uniue and no matter what she makes you dig deep to pull out those emotions that s why I keep coming back each and every time she makes me feel things that normally lay dormantHer characters and their struggles are always ones that we easily connect with and relate to their struggles become ours their lovers get claimed by us the readers each book written ust gets better and betterShe gave me a highly emotional romance she gave me the angst she gave me a boy who lived in the shadows to fall in love with she gave me all the feels This author has upped the anty and there is no holding her back Highly recommend. E My blind love my blind loveSee how he fights see how he fightsHe lost his sight he lost his willHe became defiant; he became heartlessDid you ever see such a thing in your lifeAs my blind love.

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Defiant Heir (The Heirs #3)35 starsEver since I finished the Trinity Academy series by Michelle I Have Been So Ready To Read The Spin I have been so ready to read the spin series starring their kids and the kids from the Enemies To Lovers series The crossover of these two worlds began in the final two books of the Trinity Academy series and I was excited to see all the kids grown up and ready to have their own HEAs Defiant Heir is book 3 in the Heirs series but can be read as a standaloneFallon Reyes and Kao Reed have been dancing round one another for a long time secret touches and chaste forehead kisses so cute omg i adored this book Fallon is for sure my favourite heroine of the series so far maybe even out of all of Heard s books she was so strong but loving and a total control freak that my OCD arse totally connected with and even tho Kao was an arsehole for a while I totally understood his actions I got where he was coming from and the fact his love for Fallon never wavered ust made me melt and this book has gotten me even excited to read about Hana she s the bestie every gal deserves excited for the next book which i think is a best friends to lovers with Aria and Forest can t wait DEFIANT HEIR The Heirs 3Michelle Heard Releases 21st DecPOVDual Kao Fallon Soulmates arc arcreader amreading currentlyreading reader reviewer romance TheHeirs 3Michelle Heard Releases 21st DecPOVDual Kao Fallon Soulmates arc arcreader amreading currentlyreading reader reviewer romance TheHeirs BillionaireRomance AllTheFeels bestfriends This is the third book of The Heirs interconnected standalones Kao and Fallon have been always been close and with growing up together as their parents are business partners Fallon is a planner likes things in order yes you could say she s a control freak outgoing next in line for Vice President of CRC Holdings her family is one of the founding families of Trinity Academy While Kao is an observer from the sidelines doesn t really mingle He s next up for taking over his father s position in Indie InkAll the kids are close now living together in the same space Kao and Fallon are getting closer When the time comes for them to become it s ripped away from themKao becomes cold and cruel towards Fallon this leaves her broken hearted She s never seen him like this Seeing the look of disgust on his face raising his voice to her shatters her heart even While she s suffering hiding in silence everyone s too busy attending to Kao s needs When they realise this they all feel terribleThey re both taking the blame for what happenedWill they come to their senses and get back on trackKao has alot of grovelling and alot to make up for realising he was wrong in pushing her awayWill Fallon give him the chanceArc received in exchange for an honest review ALL MY REVIEWS CAN BE FOUND ON MY BLOG ABSTRACT BOOKS Defiant Heir is the third book of The Heirs series by the best selling author Michelle Heard Told in dual Perspectives get ready to finally meet Kao and Fallon After reading the last book of this Series I knew that Kao and Fallon s book "was going to be downright explosive The way this author writes is addictive to me and there "going to be downright explosive The way this author writes is addictive to me and there no way I would ever miss a chance to read any of her books Kao and Fallon absolutely ripped apart my heart and Their painful ourney of love and redemption is something that I am going to cherish forever Kao and Fallon have been in love with each other for years Now they finally have their chance to be with each other That is until life plays them in the worst way Their story gets broken apart even before it started and now they have so many demons to overcome before they can be with each other I love the way these two completely sacrificed anything for each other Their love was amazing and the storyline of this book completely ripped me apart By the end I was in tears and never wanted this story to end This series is definitely an addiction of mine and there is no way I am stopping until I read all the damn books A definite recommendation to all the contemporary romance lovers out there Instagram Facebook Twitter Pinterest Bookbub My Blog Emotional read that had me wanting to shake some sense into KoaFallon and Kao have been friends for a long time they started getting cozy and it seemed as if they were dating already but they weren t but that was all about to change because Kao had finally asked Fallon out on a proper date a nice dinner at a beautiful restaurant I was sooooo excited to see the way things would play out because as I said it was as if they were already a couple already with the stolen glances slight touches forehead kisses and such but then in a blin. The man of my dreams is nothing short of perfect Kao Reed is a hermit who loves to live in the shadowsWith striking blue eyes and a gentle nature he won my heart years ago I’ve woven all my dr. K of an eye things changed so drasticallyYou can read my full review here I have voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book for my Blog Nadine s Obsessed with Books I also purchased a copyYou can find me here Same formula as the previous booksseries in this universe but "I keep coming back cause they re cute and safe reads with non manwhore herosThese two were so "keep coming back cause they re cute and safe reads with non manwhore herosThese two were so though lol for conditions that had a fix for them if they were ust patient for a couple months Safety view spoilerSafe Virgin heroine No info on H months Safety view spoilerSafe Virgin heroine No info on H past but i m assuming he wasn "past but I m assuming he wasn a virgin Appreciate that he wasn t a manwhore Pushing away from H for half the book hide spoiler Book 3 in The Heirs series sees recluse Kao Reed son of Marcus and Willow and the sociable Fallon Reyes daughter of Falcon and Layla get their story A friends to lovers that sees their Epistulae morales ad Lucilium journey into starting a relationship fraught with tragedy and emotion following an unlucky incident An incident that changed both their lives When Kao pushes Fallon away for all the wrong reasons she is heartbroken and when Kao finally sees the light is it too late to rebuild their friendship again I ve got to say I shed than a few tears whilst reading this book at points I didn t like Kao much his stupidity got the best of him I wasust as frustrated as Fallon They were both in a uniue and vulnerable situation and Kao s initial reaction did nothing to help assist with their rehab Great characters and another wonderful read I received an advanced copy of this book This is my honest review 4 A do over stars NOW AVAILABLE Those who mind don t matter and those who matter don t mind The truth is that in a way from the first book in the series we have realized who will be the couples that they will becoming an item and even though you will think that things will go smooth and this will be an easy ride Michelle Heard is making the unexpectedOMG I wasn t expected this turn of events in here and my heart was breaking for both Fallon and KaoMichelle Heard knows how to keep you on your toes and it shows My blind love my blind loveSee how he fights see how he fightsHe lost his sight he lost his willHe became defiant he became heartlessDid you ever see such a thing in your lifeAs my blind love For Kao and Fallon it was inevitable to not end up together There is a strong friendship between them but at the same time their feelings toward each other is than friendly and it really shows in the way that they re behaving toward each other So finally Kao is taking the decision that they have to make the next step and it was so effortless for them to be a couple She s become my every breath and I know I won t survive a minute without her Everything are so great no Unfortunately i m going to bust your happy bubble Something bad and unexpected happened something that broke them and they had to face many demons in order to find their way back to each otherTheir struggles and their heartache were unbareable even for me but I won t lie to you that I didn t enjoy this ride full of emotions He was my person My love Not being able to comfort him is the worst tortureI need to sow destruction I need to let out the anger the despair the fucking guilt Kao was the sweetest thing and the most caring man in the world but in a way his good boy act had failed when things got rough Yes he had his reasons but still He became another person and along with himself he hurt Fallon irreparableAs for Fallon If Kao hadn t take the cower s road and if she had him by her side in these difficult days that made her uestion everything she could survive everything that life had thrown into their way And still even with all this heartache that Kao caused her she never stopped being there for him You know I want you It s not a secret I try to hide But I can t have you We re bound to break and my hands are tiedIt s so frightening how much power you have You control my happiness Well this was not an easy ride but I loved that the author is surprising us like that even when she is breaking our hearts with her crazy decisions to turn her perfect heroes to imperfect creatures full of faults and wrong decisions that can cost themKao and Fallon were ust perfect for each other and after all this adventure they became perfectly imperfect Michelle tested their love and they managed to be the winners at the end even with scars Everything I am begins and ends with you I received an ARC for the exchange of an honest review Defiant Heir is th. Eams and future around himBut then the worst happensMy dreams crumble to dust and my future becomes a bleak wastelandAnd the man I love with all my heart becomes a stranger in the blink of an ey. ,

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