Dhampir Author Barb Hendee (PDF)

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A retty good new series A bit of a downer Sword sorcery setting with a half vamp as a hero Kind of an interesting world Certainly not a must read but if you come across a copy you Won T Be Wasting Your Time The t be wasting your time The books in the series are even a little better Her writing improves I think I am on age 162 and I have yet to get to the Millennium; Winners and Losers in the Coming Order part where I just can tut the book down I have been reading this book for two weeks I went on vacation and was on long lane rides and instead of reading which I always do I either slept or watched my Ipod I am not an electronic junkie I usually go through 3 books during a week vacation I couldn t get through this one I am guessing it is because I feel absolutely no attachment at all to the characters so I really don t care what happensThe logical uestion is Why are you still reading it I hate to not finish a book and I just got to the art where they explained how the bad characters became bad This is America page 126 156 and now I actually kind of like one of the bad guys The good guys eh whatever Oh really cool dog though To emphasize how the book doesn t draw you in the dog is super cool and seems to have specialowers yet by The ueen of the Night page 163 we still don t know what they are or why or if it is even a dog Intriguing for about 50ages after that lose interestAll I can say is Yeah I finished I am not even curious about what comes next Ahhhh A little bit conflicted about this one Overall I liked it enough to want to read the seuelsWhat I liked and didn t likeThe Plot Basically it s a book about one fake vampire hunter one fake vampire and one a book about one fake vampire hunter one fake vampire and one dog who end up hunting vampires for real Although the 101 Questions and Answers about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: What It Is, How to Prevent It, and Where to Turn for Treatment eBook: Steven J. McCabe: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EUS.à r.l. plot is ratherredictable there were uite a few surprises for me I really liked the fact that the main characters start up as crooks cheating villagers out of their money by If the Shoe Fits Whatever After pretending to vanuish imaginary vampires only to save up and legally open their own tavern somewhereeaceful and uiet It was uite refreshing to see characters who want to settle down and lead a normal and less eventful life Second I really enjoyed the Office Slave II El Exposed presence of elves in the story Books that include different cultures and races are my favorite If you are afraid of getting a Dungeons and Dragons copycats no worries It was the first time ever that I cared eually about the villains too We do get to experience some of the She hunts the realm's most dangerous game Her fees are exorbitant but she's worth every coin she receives Or is she Magiere has earned a reputation as the most formidable vampire slayer in the land Villagers far and wide welcome her with both awe and disdain grateful to her for ridding their towns of the undead menace but fi. They developed They still felt shallow even Brendan the blacksmithhellarticularly Brenden the blacksmith There were a lot of tropes throughout stew tunics the kindly old couple the Keine Angst protagonist with the hidden secret the otherrotagonist with the hidden secret etc I wish they would have reigned in the cultural color they Underground Unbelievers provided and the world ended up being a mix of Russian elements and Standard Fantasy Medieval Europe complete witheople running taverns and making stew The names got a little unwieldy In what land would eople named Beth rae Brendan Leesil and what land would eople named Beth rae Brendan Leesil and all coexist You definitely learn the most about Leesil and he was my favorite character out of the book On the other hand there are inventive things Traduku Angla Esperanta Tradukekzercaro present like how the vampires operate don t want to give too much away Chap the dog the character Welstiel Massing of who s motives you can t be clear I will read the next book because I feel that the authors have sprinkled enough throughout the first one for some really interesting developments The Fae were name dropped the two differentaths for vampires Ratboy s developments Chap s origins all of these can make for some interesting readingOverall the good outweighed the bad for me and I m glad I icked it up I m in a surly mood this morning and that explains my complaining Two con artistsadventurers try to settle down to life in a town but unbeknown to it holds a lair of vampires Oh yeah and everybody has a mysterious ast that haunts them as it forces them into confrontationActually I liked this book than has a mysterious ast that haunts them as it forces them into confrontationActually I liked this book than expected The authors seem to care about the characters including the bad guys and that is a rare gift in fantasy writingOn the other hand the writers have a number of minor weaknesses Sentences are awkward descriptions are bumbled a mysterious enigmatic stranger appears about 73 exaggeration times with mysterious enigmatic advice both good and bad guys regularly suffer mortal wounds and miraculously recover to fight the very next day etcPS The front cover blurb describes this as a mix of Lord of the Rings because it day etcPS The front cover blurb describes this as a mix of Lord of the Rings because it an elf and Buffy the Vampire Slayer because vampires are killed when in fact this book is nothing like either of those This superficial thoughtlessness bugs me Might as well call midget wrestling like Lord of the Rings because hey it has dwarfs and they fight in a rin. Tle down But their new found eace will not last For Magiere has come to the attention of a trio of Zelena šuma powerful and dangerous vampires who recognize her true identity even if she does not and who fear her birthright and theower that flows through her veins They will stop at nothing to revent Magiere from fulfilling her desti. Dhampir Author Barb Hendee