Dheos By Anjell [Free E–pub]

Dheos By AnjellHow do i read this I cant read it Not bad Love is utting someone first knowing their flaws but loving them anyway One of the author that never make me think twice to buy her books This was a very interesting read I LOVED it This novel is easily my top favorite from Anjell When Dheo Han was first featured in Dr Alpha Male I was intrigued by his character because of how different he is from revious characters The author described him as cold intrigued by his character because of how different he is from revious characters The author described him as cold and mysterious Dheo Han AND NURISSA ROSE TRULY COMPLEMENT EACH OTHER THEIR LOVE Nurissa Rose truly complement each other Their love is beautiful yet tragic The storyline is gripping and exciting It s very well written I even couldn t imagine what will happen on the next age just keep reading until the very end However I agree with some reviewers here that there s a lot of filler and unnecessary scenes Reading this novel is like utting together a Different Escaping the Competitive Herd puzzle You need to collect the missingieces so you can see the whole Magic Toyshop picture The most shockingart is when Nurissa found out her status I kinda saw that coming but I did not expect it to be true The letter written by Nurissa s father is heartbreaking especially when he mentioned how much Dheo had sacrificed for her and he had to suppressed his feelings because he needed to rotect her I got teary eyed while reading because I felt sorry for Dheo It makes me wonder if there s still exist someone like him in this world But I feel like the conflicts were resolved way too soon I wish there s to Dheo s side of But I feel like the conflicts were resolved way too soon I wish there s to Dheo s side of story Overall I enjoyed it If you re a fan of romance suspense then this book is for you Best More n interesting than dr Alpha male I love dheos Thats it First time baca from Anjell Kinda reminds me of karya arwah kak Melur Jelita a bit Not bad and nice try I love the concept but I hope it will be detailed and action Dheo said not to curious tapi I still got a lot of uestions Now Where should I startFirst the characters Thankfully both the hero and heroine are not annoying stuck up and over the top characters I managed to connect with both of them especially Nurissa Honestly Nurissa may or may not be your favourite heroine among Anjell s other novels Her character was apparently likable She s uite mature independent and she s also able to handle things her own way As for Dheo he s uite aloof and a bit of a jackass towards Nurissa at first but trust me I think you guys will like him as you rogress through the novel He had his own reasons on why he did what he did The supporting characters were also likable and all of them had their own Three Brothers: Memories of My Family protective side to them Thelot however was a bit slow at first but I think the author did uite a decent job at Behind the Beautiful Forevers pacing it up along the way This. Siapa sangka di balik kepolosan wajahnya Nurissa Roseernah berperang dengan maut Kemalangan teruk yang berlaku bukan sahaja menyebabkan dia koma setahun malah sebaik sahaja dia membuka mata tiada langsung memori silamnyaTiga tahun berlalu kehidupannya kembali normal meskipun tanpa ingatan Hanya dikelilingi oleh orang orang kesayangannya Sehinggalah suatu hari kematian ayahnya membawa kepada erkenalannya dengan lelaki bernama Dheo HanDheo Han Punya aura enuh misteri Di balik wajah beku. ,

Novel is a mafia themed romance BUT it doesn t really focus that much on the mafia aspect As this novel is told in First Person POV Nurissa s you won t REALLY GET TO READ ABOUT DHEO S POV WHICH get to read about Dheo s POV which It would be better if it was in Third Person POV or dual POV Moving on I also want to oint out one Thing That Pissed Me Off When I Read One Of that 聖☆おにいさん 3 pissed me off when I read one of chapters in this novel To the author if you are reading this make sure you do their research on their alma mater in the UK OK so the both Nurissa and Dheo were students at the University of Nottingham England HOWEVER the author mentioned they studied at the so called London Campus of University of Nottingham rolls eyes PLEASE BEAR IN MIND THAT THE UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM HAS NO LONDON BRANCHCAMPUS Do not simply add on in your writing a fictionallace of an already existing University I don t know whether the author has done her research or sengaja letak London IDK Anyways if you really want them to study in London then you should ve just wrote that they studied at a learning institution in London instead of menokok tambah London Branch because that is just ridiculous Also there is a lot of unrealistic things going on in this novel If only you guys know that the Sicilian Mafia is even WORSE than the Italian American Mafia from the US Sicilian Mafia will robably kll you if you even married someone not from their heritage Apatah lagi masuk Islam They are brutal and ruthless They won t hesitate to eliminate you from this lanet The way the author wrote about the Sicilian Mafia family in this story macam ringan sangat in my opinion We need action come on It ain t a mafia story if there s no action and merciless fighting Overall this book was an easy read for me although I think the author did a decent job on writing a mafia romance novel which ended up not too great but not too bad either Read it if you guys like books with not too heavy conflicts 4 sweetest starsIn my 31 years of existence I can count the number of Malay books I ve read less than 10 I haven t use the Malay language in a Summerland proper conversation or in writing for 15 years If I try speaking the language it would caused further confusion for both me and the listener There will be ermm than actual words in the sentence Reading books in Malay would be even worse cause Irolly couldn t understand them hence I avoid it like the Goodbye Stranger plagueBut one fine day not too long ago I decided to order a Malay book Due to unforeseen circumstances I couldn t get the book sooner Not wanting to lose this unexpected motivation I decided to borrow something from the LibraryDheo s became the first Malay book I dicked up in YEARS And I have no regrets None. Dan mata dinginnya itu Nurissa tahu Plan Your WorkWork Your Plan pasti ada rahsia yang tersimpan Sesuatu yang gelap dan juga bahaya Bukan sembarangan orang kalau dah bekas samsengun tunduk hormat kepadanya Apatah lagi lelaki itu sendiri Birders Tales of a Tribe pernah memberi amaran kepadanya“You can’t have things for me I’m out of your league” – DHEO HANNamun bagaikan magnet dia tertarik jua dengan lelaki itu Setiap apa yang dilakukan Dheoasti rasa dekat dalam hati Bagaikan déjà vu Firasat ternyata betul Dheo merupakan seseor. .
At all In fact I m glad I icked this because it Spurred Me To Pick me to Reason and Revelation in the Middle Ages pick another book by the same author What I like about Dheo s is that it s different from other Malay romance books this is based on the assumption that all Malay books are like Malay dramas where thelot is overly dramatic with main characters going through tribulations after tribulations and only concluding with a happy ending in the last episode I mean reality itself is hard so why should I go through the same emotional turmoil in my fantasies too As it s a Malay book I took my time reading it because I need to rocess each and every sentence There were words that I have not heard before or used in years and I ll be like huh what But I still got the gist of it Maybe that s why I was so enthralled by the whole experience of reading a Malay book because every word is deeply appreciated What I like Warning Spoilers ahead1 An interracial relationship a Malay girl with an Italian Chinese hotstuff2 Mafia it Didn T Bore Me t bore me that s a lus 3 Every scene has a Buying a Bride purpose that helped move the story along4 Alot twist that was unexpected and I m uite impressed by it5 Dheo is so hot and sweet and dreamy and he sacrificed SO MUCH and like WHERE CAN I FIND MY OWN DHEO6 It introduced characters from another book and I like how the stories overlapped with each other just finished Dr Alpha Male7 No drama of mother in law Fuglane plotting some shit against the heroine or an ex lover trying to blackmail the hero causing the hero to distance himself from his one trueairing and delaying the much anticipated HEA I hate that sort of crap in dramasWhat I didn t likeThe terrible terrible English It s one of my Melowy peteeves It just spoils the whole experience for me when in the middle of a very intriguing chapter the author decides to add in an English dialogue that is incorrect It just cost this review a star He s strong He used to it The Layover pg 178 you ll be doing better job than me in that departmentg 321 Last nightEverything happened was not first time for me Play to the End pg 349I get it if English isn t the author s strong suit But the least that can be done is to get someone good in the language to check and edit the manuscript beforerinting Proper use of the language could also help improve the reader s command of English A wrong sentence structure would lead to Discovering Gilgamesh people using the words wrongly GAHHH As such I would like to offer my services to the authors out here who would like to get their manuscriptroofread by me I m not a linguist but I m very confident that I can help you edit short dialogues DM meReview of Dr Alpha MaleConclusion It means something if I read enjoyed and even wrote a review for this book. Ang yang mengenalinya dulu “Kenapa Crime and Horror in Victorian Literature and Culture Volume II puraura tak kenal saya” – NURISSA ROSE“Saya kenal awak Tapi tak bermaksud kita rapat Mungkin saya adalah seseorang yang awak benci” – DHEO HANJadi siapakah Dheo Han yang sebenarnya Seseorang yang tiba tiba muncul setelah empat tahun The Resisters pastiunya motif sendiri kan Dalam mencari kebenaran kejutan demi kejutan diterima Nurissa Rupanya hidupnya sebelum ini memang jauh dari normal Dan apabila semua kebenaran terbongkar mampukah Nurissa menerimanya.