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Hat the author who is actually in the story along with his family members has first hand knowledge of hospices There are two elements to the story one deals with hospice to the story One deals with hospice and the other with murder I found that the two did not seem to blend very well and at times I felt like I was reading two novels in one The fascinating part is that I was interested in both subjects so I did not mind switching from one subject to the other at all Usually I would be put off by a novel that does this but in this case it worked very well Death can be a very daunting and depressing subject so the intermission with the murder investigation was a welcome respite One things this novel has is a plot twist I love a good plot twist and I found the author pulled it off beautifully It actually ties the book together and I ended up giving a higher star I found the book well written and a very interesting read The content of my book I can not objectively evaluate Therefore my review is based on the translation of Steve Anderson He has the German text excellently translated into English Steve Anderson asked me with many things I was very happy about his love of detail and his suggestions for optimization The result is a book that is very close to the original Die Flockenleserin Many thanks from heart to Steve Anderson The journey of dyingFirst of all this book was translated from German into English by Steve Anderson I felt he did an exceptional jobSecond of all this was the most uniue book I ve read for a long time The setting is a hospice that sits in the red light district in Hamburg Germany Twelve patients plus staff reside at Holl House at a time with a high turnover rate as people shuffled off this mortal coilBut people are dying prematurely at the hospice facility and as people shuffled off this mortal coilBut people are dying prematurely at the hospice facility and of the residents andor their family take it upon themselves to investigateThe book definitely has an Agatha Christie feel to it and I enjoyed that I liked the in depth character studies of all the unusual and fl. E where dying is a foregone conclusion why would anyone bother to commit murder With a killer on her heels and time running out Minnie vows to solve the crime before she too says her last goodbyeTold with surprising humor and frankness Terminal is a murder mystery in an unlikely place as the dying approach the greatest mystery of al.

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Ut other patients Our nurses and volunteer were kind and available 24 hours a day were free to Go Back To The Hospital back to the hospital if we did our with Hospice ended As I have had metastasized cancer twice I may need Hospice also This novel would not get me there Difficult but important topic how to deal with terminally ill patients All packed into a want to be criminal plot Unfortunately totally spoilt by the esoterical touch that was added I received this as an arc from net galley in exchange for an honest review After the doctors tell her that she s losing her battle with cancer Minnie reluctantly takes the last bed at holl house a hospice in hamburg Germany to confront life s most answerable uestions Very good read I liked the story and the characters Minnie was my favourite character I loved how she stayed and fought so she can find the person I loved the ending too Such a moving read Highly recommended Life at the end is not for the faint hearted The setting of this book is a hospice where terminally ill patients are awaiting death The author does a great job introducing ou to each of the inhabitants even though they are steadily changing On top of that some are dying under suspicious circumstances Reminded me a little of Solschenyzyn s cancer ward Thank ou net galley for the free reading copy in exchange for an honest review I wanted to wait for awhile before I posted a review on this one There are so many elements and the novel is so very thought provoking that I needed to sort it out in my head The premise of the novel is uniue and interesting An elderly woman is told she has weeks or months left to live It is suggested that she live out her final days in a hospice for those needing end of life care The catch is that when she arrives she realizes that there is a killer loose so she decides to play Miss Marple to solve the mystery and save the day before she dies As I said the book is very uniue with the subject matter and I had the impression Time staff the hard drugs and the hearse parked outside Before long Minnie realizes that death isn’t the only mystery to be explored at Holl House each of her terminally ill roommates hides a secret and as her own departure nears she begins to suspect that three recent passings are not uite as natural as they appear But in a plac. What a wonderful story This amazing book blends fact and Fiction While Building A Beguiling Mystery Story In The Midst while building a beguiling mystery story In the midst it all it discusses important issues about dying and the setting for palliative care It unfortunately uses a bit of deus et machina at the end that leads to an abrupt and dissatisfying close And it does somewhat romanticize hospice settings But on the whole the rest of it is far worthwhile and powerful wonderfully well written Don t miss it and it s great characters Don t uite know what to it s great characters Don t uite know what to book was well written The translation was excellent Have read others and had to re read sentences to make sense out of what was written The characters I would say were interesting Just somewhat shall I say out there The story line is not what I ve read before I have had family members who had been in hospices but have not encountered people with the back stories given to the characters As ou can tell I really don t know if I would recommend this book Not my cup of tea Loved this bookIt has it all Life death love mystery tears and laughter My mom passed away just before Christmas 2015 This book would ve been impossible to read before she passed but it came into my life at a good time a couple weeks ago in the kindle daily deals listing It s a must read for anyone who has lost a loved one For those of us that lost loved ones by degrees and had to follow a loved ones edict to let them go even though by going against their will we could ve had them with us longer it helps explain how they can be at peace and ready to go Thank ou Mike Powelz For Writing This Book My ReactionI Appreciate The Powelz for writing this book My ReactionI appreciate the s need to educate people about Hospice however a murder mystery with a protagonist and eleven uirky patients does not interest me Frankly I don t care who the murderer is Neither does the novel reflect my experience with Hospice when my husband and my son were patients Both died at home We were treated with loving care There was no gossip or information abo. After the doctors tell her that she’s losing her battle with cancer Minnie reluctantly takes the last bed at Holl House a hospice in Hamburg Germany to confront life’s most unanswerable uestions To her surprise her new and last home could almost pass for a hotel no white coats and plenty of champagne if it weren’t for the full. Die Flockenleserin