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Viscosity But for me it s exactly what I was looking for Design Patterns With Explanations patterns with explanations concrete examples in one place And to be honest it was at the best price personally I wouldn t do it for this amountThank you again and congratulations for your work Good luck I m in love with this book It s my favorite book about design patterns so far I m recommending it to everybody I can The illustrations are great I love the writing style it s easy to read and comprehend for a non native English speaker The examples real world analogies relations between patterns pseudocodes everything is really really great Can t recommend it enough The most interesting and clear to understand interpretation of design patterns Beautiful pictures and grate examples Thanks. Of the pattern’s structure and its variations followed by a code example Then the books shows various applications of the pattern and teaches how to implement the pattern step by step even in an existing program Each chapter concludes with a discussion of pros and cons of the pattern and its relations similarities And Differences With Other differences with other The project in general and the book in particular are making the great impression It seems there are a lot of books on a subject but yours is really the best and it s uite funny Wonderful illustrations they are amusing and helpful for memorizingI ve started reading it ust after buying I ve learned already how to use couple of described patterns in practiceThe started reading it ust after buying I ve learned already how to use couple of described patterns in practiceThe can be improved by publishing it in print it would be I own three books on design patterns and this one is my favorite Each design pattern is discussed in multiple steps a problem to solve the solution a real world analogy the structure of the pattern with a UML diagram pseudocode where to apply it tips on implementing it pros and cons relations to other patternsThere is also an overview Of SO. Patterns Are Typical Solutions SO. Patterns are typical solutions commonly occurring problems in software design You can’t ust find a pattern and copy it into your program the way you can with off the shelf functions or libraries The pattern is not a specific piece of code but a general concept for solving a particular problem They are like pre made blueprints that you can customi. Dive Into Design PatternsLID design principles and for several of the pattern overviews it is described how the pattern relates to a specific SOLID principle One of the things the pattern relates to a specific SOLID principle One of the things like most about the book are the illustrations I really like the book It is very helpful for me and my ob as I am in this field software for many years15The Design Patterns are something I was not very familiar with I already learned a lot from the book and I hope I will be able soon to get a new role in my career and maybe to teach other people about the patternsEverything is explained very Well The Introductory Part Includes the introductory part includes and fundamentals of OOP Which Is Very Good I is very good I do examples if I could What I would put here is a brief of symptoms of a bad design like rigidity fragility immobility and. Ze to solve a recurring design problem in your codeThe book Dive Into Design Patterns illustrates 22 classic design patterns and 8 design principles that these patterns are based on Every chapter starts from a discussion of a real life software design problem which is then progressively solved by applying one of the patterns Then goes a detailed review.