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Dont Close Your Eyes DCYE #1

Summary ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ☆ Lynessa Layne

Ntensity and psychological thriller suspense I m running for my life as Kinsley when the hitman Klive chases and goes psychological on her Oh he s sharp and witty like a cat toying with a mouse but Kinsley s a mouse that piues his curiosityand attraction Not going to spoil anythingyou ve got to read it for yourself but if you re like me looking for something that totally shatters the commercial boring formula this is absolutely *worth the 99 cents I figured I d give it a try but Lynessa raised the bar for me and Now *the 99 cents I figured I d give it a try but Lynessa raised the bar for me and Now M Judging I m judging name authors by the new higher standard this writer setExcellent story Ms Layne Looking forward to round two I m sincerely hoping this is a series I see other books nder your name but they re not available on Whatever you do don t stop writing I NEED I ve read it twice through and I m picking خیام و آن دروغ دلاویز up on very subtle clues Didn t want to write a reviewntil I d read it once for content and again for style context and details For 99 cents you re not going to find a much better written or entertaining and original story Really enjoyed reading it the first time through and gave it 5 stars though the happy enjoyed reading it the first time through and gave it 5 stars though the happy now ending left me a little tenuous on whether or not to continue the series I ll stick with that rating and move on to book 2 just to see how the writer picks Leben im mittelalterlichen Wien up the story and if it holds my interest like book 1 Interested to see if Kinsley chooses Klive or Jase and why If you liked Lynessa s original version from 2014 you re gonna LOVE the long awaited pro reboot She s completelypped her game with this new edition edited by mainstream professional author TK Cassidy Klive is even alpha Jase is even edgy and Kinsley s even in troubleMake no mistake the new and improved DCYE grabs you and pulls you in from the first line to the last and leave you craving wi. Hoosing between an intriguing secret admirer or a crush with the voice of an angel and a devilish reputationWhen Kinsley finds herself the target of a notorious biker gan. ,

Started off good but this Klive dude is a wuss Wouldn T Last A Week t last a week the steel city Got bored of the girly stuff Couldn t finish I think I felt my gonads shrinkin from the estrogen overload More of a action an horror guy myself Ok so we wish there was a 4 12 star option on GoodreadsThe writing and flow were top notch The only thing that lingers is that the female protagonist obviously doesn t watch horror flicks or she d know not to corner herself in situations and she d have common sense than to get involved with the douchebags in the storyline That said we were skeptical but by the end of the book we have to admit we wanted the author really does do a good job of sucking you in The characters were engaging and the multiple POV really does show instead of tell a hard talent to find in writings of the 2020s Rather refreshing that there s no political angle in the storyjust a roller coaster ride through the development of characters and the stumbling blocks that plague s in our young adulthood On the other hand the two male protagonists take advantage at every turn though we
"ll be interested "
be interested see how things progress with them in book 2 Will they redeem themselves or continue in their competition to ruin a not so decisive and naive college student while sing her to their own dubious ends Remains to be seen but all in all a solid story very few grammatical errors or editing mistakes We rate it 4 12 buzzes and feed s Wow Who is this writer Her style is so different and refreshing I m hooked Didn t want it to end but fortunately there s a seuelreading Complicated Moonlight next The characters actually have character and you legit feel like you re in the story as each of them So vivid and beautifully written very well edited and from line one she hits you with foreboding action Handsome hit man vs sexy SEAL for the heart of one womanAll star athlete beach bunny and bartender shy of earning her Masters degree Kinsley's worst problem seems to be Th a book hangover that s already begging for book 2Lynessa has even set p the FIRST THREE CHAPTERS FREE ON Whaddaya have to lose Check it out Breaking The MoldUnlike the big publishing houses Lynessa doesn t write by a formula for mass sales She s akin to real life with a plethora of npredictable faux pas that crescendo to a series of missteps that coerce her main character Kinsley deeper and deeper into a battle for her affections between a criminal syndicate captain Klive and her mysterious high school crush Jase recently returned from war Add in an even enigmatic buddy of Jase s and the rabbit hole in an even enigmatic buddy of Jase s and the rabbit hole keeps getting deeper and deeper in trouble she goesThe Gasparilla pirate festival scene is one of my favoritesthe push pull back and forth is that oh so desired but elusive chemistry that we all wish for which starts the snowball effect that sucks Kinsley inand Klive But when her high school crush enters the picture all the old feelings she had for him rush back and torture her for how she wants him but is afraid to act just like in high school and yet she s torn Klive has that something she can t put her finger on that draws her in as well Little does sweet Kins know that she s about to find herself in the middle of an epic whodunnit and love Kins know that she s about to find herself in the middle of an epic whodunnit and love mainly in the Tampa Florida area the settings are dead on though the names have been changed to protect the innocentand not so innocentLynessa s writing is exceptional Even as a guy I was glued to the pages needing sleep for work but nwilling to lay the kindle down on my night stand A good mystery is a good mystery She draws you in from line one chapter one and doesn t take her hooks out Lover Man until the endbut wait there s The teaser for book two highly anticipating its September release revs you backp for Can t wait for Septembe. G the world at her feet is trampled by trouble at her doorstepAs a result both men are not only competing for her attention but battlng a common enemy to keep Kinsley saf.